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Navy Basic Music - NAVEDTRA 10244 - (SPECIAL PUBLICATION) By Naval Education & Training Center
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CHAPTER 1-Nature of Sound . Characteristics of a Musical Sound. CHAPTER 2- Fundamental Notation . Notation of Pitch, Notation of Duration. CHAPTER 3-Meter . The Beat, Meter or Time Signature,... More > Composite Meter, Metrical Stress Exceptions. CHAPTER 4-Rhythm . Regular Rhythm, Irregular Rhythm, Rhythmic Phrase Initiation and Completion, Related Meters, Equivalent Meters. CHAPTER 5-Scales and Tetrachords . Scales, Tetrachords, Scale Construction Using Tetrachords. CHAPTER 6-Major Scales . Sharp Scales, Flat Scales, Keys and Major Key Signatures, Circle of Major Keys, Enharmonic Keys, Names of Scale Degrees, Scale Degree Activity in Major. CHAPTER 7-Minor Scales . Natural Minor Scale, Harmonic Minor Scales and Keys, Melodic Minor Scales and Keys, Circle of Minor Keys, Relative and Parallel Keys. CHAPTER 8-Modal Scales . Lydian, Ionian, Mixolydian, Dorian, Aeolian, Phrygian, Locrian, Comparison of Modal Scale Degrees to Major Scale Degrees...< Less
Early Childhood Education By V. T.
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Perhaps, the number 1 priority for you is to teach your newborn, and watch it grows up healthily. That's what all parents aim to do. Teaching kids to be smart and bright isn't so easy. You have to... More > start early, in fact, very early. Infant starts to learn the moment they are born. They will follow what parents do, say what they hear and so on. Therefore, you need to guide your infant with the right habits, such as reading, music, sports, etc ... This ebook will show you the exact ways to bring up smarter kids. It's now or never! Get this ebook and watch your kids turn into a genius of your family!< Less
Financial Education for Teenagers By Ravindran Krishnan
eBook (ePub): $4.99
In addition to the scholastic education, gaining financial literacy in elementary and high school can help prevent younger people from making poor financial decision that may take years to overcome. ... More > Parents believe in teaching their children as many skills as possible from learning maths through Abacus, dance, music to karate, but actually when their children grow up and enter the real world, the first thing they will confront with is “money”. Majority of them enter the real world with excellent earnings, but unfortunately, without the knowledge and skills to manage their earnings prudently. In today’s fast-paced consumer society, financial literacy is an essential everyday life skill. It means being able to understand how the money works, how someone earns it, how that person manages it, how he invests it to multiply and how that person donates it to help others.< Less
The "People Power" Music & Dance Superbook Book 2. Musician for Fun & Profit (Music Jobs-Career-Industry-Education) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Every musician has to be a business person. If you don’t you’ll end up like all those musicians who were swindled by their managers. You’re not just selling music. You’re... More > selling an image. If you’re like the dude I know, John M., who sat in a basement and created music but had no social game, be ready for a hard life because you have to sell yourself. It’s so competitive. You need CDs because you have to have something to hand out to prospecticve fans and music producers. Nowadays you can go straight to itunes, amazon and youtube then work on promoting yourself. Put your music up. They sell it for about a 20% cut while you play live. I noticed that seems to be a big promotional community for musicians. The new money is playing live and selling paraphenalia at the live gig. People will download your music for free. That’s the way it works. Most young people who want to get into music see the finished product but don't realize the hard work involved and many other people on< Less
The Music Alphabet By William Parker
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Do you want to be a Mini Musicians? The first thing you need to learn is the music alphabet! This book will help you on your journey to learning music. It all begins with A, B, C!
Music Mart By JC Publishing
eBook (PDF): $8.00
Teach students the value of rhythms by sending them shopping with their own Music Money. This game teaches note and rest equivalents as kids "pay" for rhythm values on their shopping lists.... More > Music Mart comes with Music Money and different Shopping List levels which focus on Basic Values, Eighth Values, Dotted Quarters, Sixteenth Values, 6/8 Time and More Dots. Reproducible for student use. 12 pages.< Less
Window to Music By Raymond Vazquez
Paperback: $15.00
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Develop the discipline of music study and get good musical results.Enjoy music experience and share the knowledge gained with others. We want you to succeed goal and achieve your dreams to learn... More > basic musical concepts and rules already established,to be a beneficial outcome in present and future. "you learn when you enjoy and you enjoy when you learn" Raymond Vazquez< Less
Music City By Milton Sesma Piñera & Maria P. MacDonald
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Music City is a funny story about the origen of musical notes. Dedicated to children, parents and teachers to introduce them to reading music with a beautiful pictures in color. A nice story with... More > some practical exercises for the child to practice what he learned during of the reading of the book. The basic sounds of the musical scale will be known and of the keys of G and F (SOL & Fa).< Less
Music is Fun By Mari Vazquez
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Music Theory book targeted towards children using basic fundamentals of music. Can be incorporated in public, private, or home school systems. Also, can be used as a recreational tool for learning.... More > Comes in English and Spanish. Libro de teoria musical enfocado a edades tempranas usando fundamentos musicales.Util para incorporar a escuelas publicas,privadas,en el sistema del hogar o para recreacion educacional en la musica esta abcesible en espanol he ingles.< Less
The Music Diary By Jennifer Watts
Paperback: $10.00
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This book is a practice log book made to help students practice right on whatever instrument they are learning. This book is a great book to us when taken music lessons or if you are in band, choir... More > or orchestra.< Less

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