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The Building Technology Educators' Society Conference Proceedings 2011- Convergence and Confluence By Building Technology Educators Society
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Building Technology Educators' Society 2011 Conference Proceedings under the theme Convergence + Confluence. The event was hosted by Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Please visit the BTES... More > website:< Less
Educational Technology By Manichander Thammishetty
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Educational technology is concerned with the disciplined and systematic approach to education and training. It is a sort of investment in national development. Employment structures can be neatly... More > geared to make the best need of development. The entire educational system is educational technology adapting itself to the changing environmental conditions. Thus the scope of educational technology has become very vast.< Less
Technology in Education By Jacob Walder
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Thesis Research Book.......................................................................................................
Trends and Issues in Educational Technology By Jody Bowie et al.
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The chapters presented in this handbook reflect the discussions that took place in EDTC 6423: Trends and Issues in Educational Technology, a graduate course in the Educational Technology program at... More > Oklahoma State University in the Spring 2012 semester. Students explored the current trends and issues in educational technology, such as the use of smart surfaces, Web 2.0 applications, touch mobile devices, and games as informal learning environments. We also discussed the historical, psychological, and philosophical foundations of educational technology and seminal results in empirical research that support or challenge the predominant theories. Technology was discussed as an agent of change, enabling learners to assume different roles in the educational process – creator, explorer, apprentice, tutee, problem solver, or information processor.< Less
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Inclusive education is a pairing of philosophy and pedagogical practices that allow each student to feel respected, confident and safe so he or she can learn and develop to his or her full potential.... More > It is based on a system of values and beliefs centered on the best interests of the student, which promotes social cohesion, belonging, active participation in learning, a complete school experience, and positive interactions with peers and others in the school community. These values and beliefs will be shared by schools and communities. Inclusive education is put into practice within school communities that value diversity and nurture the well-being and quality of learning of each of their members. Inclusive education is carried out through a range of public and community programs and services available to all students.< Less
Educational Technology Integration Foundations By Mark Page-Botelho
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Educational Technology is a field that can be complex with many facets that need to be taken into consideration to successfully integrate into classrooms. This book is a accumulation of many years... More > work in the field, and covers every aspect of integration. The book is intended as a resource to skip through to help guide those looking for ideas, especially for those new to technology. For those who have a solid foundation can find information about often overlooked topics, or topics not often thought about that can improve a pre-existing program.< Less
Computer Technology for Chemical Educators By Daniel Tofan
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This book is a collection of tutorials for a number of software programs that I find useful for teaching chemistry. The idea for this book came from teaching a graduate level course, titled... More > “Computers in Chemical Education”. Its purpose was to increase the level of computer literacy of chemistry graduate students, as well as preservice (or inservice) high school chemistry teachers. The choice of topics covers several major areas: the web, office productivity programs, drawing chemistry structures and equipment, mapping tools, and programming tools. There is of course a lot of other material that could have made it into this book, but in order to keep it to a reasonable size, I chose only a few representative programs and techniques. Each tutorial is designed to offer insights into how one can use technology in teaching chemistry. These are not comprehensive tutorials for the software covered. Whenever appropriate, I provided links to places on the Internet where more detailed information can be found.< Less
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In the era of information explosion, the demand of an effective processing system has given the momentum to the advancement of the technological innovations. Information technology is an age old term... More > right from the evolution of mankind who had to exchange ideas in different verbal non-verbal forms to be a social member of the community Hence we can say that information existed even before the writing skill was developed. Though Information Technology today is used mostly in connection with Computer technology, it in true sense implies anything that deals with the information.< Less
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In recent years there has been a groundswell of interest in how computers and the internet can best be harnessed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of education at all levels and in both... More > formal and non-formal settings. But ICTs are more than just these technologies; older technologies such as the telephone, radio and television, although now given less attention, have a longer and richer history as instructional tools. For instance, radio and television have for over forty years been used for open and distance learning, although print remains the cheapest, most accessible and therefore most dominant delivery mechanism in both developed and developing countries. The use of computers and the internet is still in its infancy in developing countries, if these are used at all, due to limited infrastructure and the attendant high costs of access.< Less
Incorporating Telecommunication Technology and the Internet into Technology Education By Michael Staton
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The time has come for technology education, to introduce the computer network known as the Internet, as well as a need to learn how the Internet can help students learn about other topics. This book... More > introduces concepts of printed text, and interactive, hypertext document that can be accessed by technology teachers and students by way of the Internet. As well as, provide an operational definition of the Internet and related terms, options for connecting to the Internet, and point to a variety of computer networks that may be of interest to people involved in technology education.< Less

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