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Effective Communication By Julian C. Arhire
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Effective Communication - Literally Brainwash Others To Act The Way You Want Through Powerful Communication Techniques. Effective communication is a very important skill which you must learn if you... More > want to move ahead in your career. No matter what you do and what your intentions are but if you cannot communicate effectively then, your whole idea of progressing will fail. You cannot tell your plans and goals without an effective communication technique. You would have seen around that there are some people with a very confident and alert tone and these people always tend to be more successful and managed in their lives than those who lack selfconfidence and effective communication skills. There are certain techniques which can help you out in enhancing your effective communication skills and these techniques will tell you exactly what you lack in being a good speaker as well as a very good listener.< Less
Effective Communication ! By Brenice FireAngel
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Learn "How TO" and Practice Effective Communication Skill in Ministry !
Effective Communication ! By Brenice FireAngel
Paperback: $10.17
Prints in 3-5 business days
Learn "How TO" and Practice Effective Communication Skill in Ministry !
Effective Communication By Paul J Spencer
Paperback: $31.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
Have you ever wondered why some people are so easy to speak too? Within minutes of meeting them you feel like you can tell them anything and everything, then they start telling you personal... More > information that only the closest of friends would normally tell you. This book will provide you with the insight as to why some people instantly connect, whilst others just don’t seem to get along at all, regardless as to how hard they try!< Less
Effective Communications By Dr James Seligman
Paperback: $10.73
Prints in 3-5 business days
* The art of effective communication is described. * What is the theory and practice of effective communication. * Barriers and belief systems that create our opinions and how we express them. *... More > Practical advice and examples. * Practice examples provided.< Less
Effective Communication By Dr James Seligman
Paperback: $15.41
Prints in 3-5 business days
The book explores how we as humans communicate and considers the "Placements' of : how we see things, how we hear things, who we smell things, how we taste things and how we feel things that... More > allow us to understand our environment and respond to messages. Messages get distorted, misunderstood our challenge is to make our messages clear and precise. Effective communication is a skill, some have it naturally, some of us learn it through life experience, however in the chapters of this book we explore the theory and practice of effective communication. There are practical examples and ways to coach yourself become a more effective communicator.< Less
Communication By Salma Stockdale
Hardcover: List Price: $38.51 $26.96 | You Save: 30%
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Do you wish you had more friends? Is your love life as good as it could be? Do you wish you had a better job? Could you family relationships be better? In Salma Stockdale’s latest work... More > Communication Skills - The Definitive Guide to Effectively Improving Your Social Skills, Boundaries, Mind Control and Public Speaking, You not only learn what communication skills are, but how to apply it in your life to better your relationships with everyone.: • The Essence of Communication Skills • Mindfulness • Emotional Intelligence • Social Intelligence • Mind Control • Boundaries • Public speaking First, Mrs. Stockdale explains what communication skills are. True, all of us have at least a little of this sense, but some of us have a great deal of it. These people are popular, enjoying many friendships and usually dating quite a bit. Mrs. Stockdale explains why this is, so we have a framework to improve our own social intelligence score.< Less
Effective Communication Training Manual By Clive Harman
Hardcover: List Price: $27.82 $23.65 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
They say that communication is the most important source of power. Many businesses and organisations almost collapsed because of many failures due of the poor communication between business... More > executives and employers. To increase personal mastery would mean change in attitude and perspective. It is important for leaders and organisations to maintain openness to engage their colleagues, employees and customers. Of course, some people will tell you that effective communication skills are just about talking WRONG! Effective communication skills is the passing of information and confirming it has been received and understood correctly. Whether we are writing or speaking, trying to persuade, inform entertain, explain, convince or educate or any other objective behind the particular communication task we are engaged in, we always have four general objectives. To be received – heard or read To be understood To be accepted To get action Link to handouts and 44 PowerPoint Slides< Less
Effective Communication Skills By Peter Chimento
eBook (PDF): $6.00
This is a 6 part e-course that is designed to improve your communications skills enabling you to express yourself more clearly and to talk with confidence and assurance. Part 1: Understanding the... More > communications process – how does miscommunication occur? Part 2: How to understand someone else’s view of the world Part 3: How to communicate with different types of people Part 4: What do you need to do to be an outstanding communicator? Part 5: How to make small talk with people you have never met before – It’s easy when you know how! Part 6: Giving and receiving feedback< Less
Effective Management Communication By Aaron Gray
eBook (PDF): $12.50
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