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Alcohol and Its Health Effects By George Kariuki
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Is alcohol really good to your health? Taking alcohol is a good past-time hobby, where you can have friends and family to share ideas with. Taken in small quantities, alcohol is not bad. But... More > overuse, mostly beyond a glass, is both poisonous and causes more misunderstandings than usual. Alcohol is overall protoplasmic poison and should always be taken with utmost care. This book has all the best, of the best, recommendations on use of alcohol, to enable you uphold your integrity, sensitivity, discipline, and appreciate your family, friends and general community.< Less
Alcohol and Its Health Effects By George Kariuki
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Alcohol is a systematic protoplasmic poison that kills 2-million “drinkers” every year. According to the World Health Organization statistics, alcohol accounts for approximately 1.8... More > million worldwide deaths annually [which is 3.2% of total deaths], and causes 58.3 million disability-adjusted life years [which is 4% of the total disability cases], and accounts for 20-30% of worldwide deaths from cirrhosis of the liver, epilepsy, homicide, oesophageal cancer, road accidents and liver cancer. But alcohol is not new in the world. More than in any other liquor, wine is the oldest euphoric in humankind’s history.< Less
Alcohol Withdrawals By Rodney Tupweod
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Just a story about my experience when abstaining, from Alcohol, for a period of time. I'd consumed Alcohol for nearly every day of my life for over forty years, some of the effects of the withdrawals... More > on my Body were frightening to say the least, pains all over my body, but the realization was that some aliments, and my continuously suffering, throughout the years, taking medication for all-sorts, were due mainly from Alcohol. I noticed marketable improvement in my health, and some of us may be treated unnecessarily, having tests etc, when just a number of weeks alone abstaining may solve many complaints, I went through many episodes, as a test, changing, the spirits, and mixers to see if any combination, caused different results.< Less
Taking Control of Alcohol By Claire Nash
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Taking Control Of Alcohol We see and hear the statistics on television all the time. More and more people are "self medicating" with illegal drugs. The number one drug of choice is still... More > alcohol and it remains the leading cause of broken marriages and broken homes. Changes are very high that if you are reading this message you have a friend or loved one who is abusing alcohol. Maybe you've been accused of being an alcoholic and vehemently denied that accusation. If you have questioned whether or not your own drinking pattern might be a problem, here's your chance. Take Control of Alcohol is a comprehensive guide to detecting alcohol abuse and taking control of it once and for all.< Less
But I'm not the Alcoholic By Heidi E. Addy
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This is a true story about co-dependency and the effects of alcoholism on the person who doesn't drink.
Give Up Alcohol Guidebook By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
You've realized that drinking alcohol is damaging your life, and you know you have to stop drinking immediately. But how to do it? This ebook compiles tons of tips from REAL alcohol quitters around... More > the world, sharing tips on how to effective quit drinking. Read through the ebook, make notes and start planning your day one! Get this ebook right now!< Less
Reduce Your Alcohol Craving By Doug Setter
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Wouldn’t you like to stop the: Lost weekends, Loss of control, Nausea, Helpless feelings, Regrets? Learn how you can: 1. Protect yourself against alcohol poisoning. 2. Repair your health... More > after years of drinking. 3. Enjoy alcohol with less harmful side effects. 4. Improve your sleep and concentration 5. Protect your health After stumbling across this biochemistry secret, I: Gained more muscle, Improved my confidence, Changed careers, Earned a degree, Enjoyed more free time WARNING: Making these kind of bio-chemical and life changes will help gain better: employment, relationships and health.< Less
Reduce Your Alcohol Craving By Doug Setter
eBook (PDF): $6.99
Fact: You can enjoy moderate amounts of alcohol without damaging your health, if you take precautions. Fact: "Alcohol addiction is not due to weak will or moral depravity; it is a genetic... More > metabolic defect,..(like gout)” Pearson and Shaw (1982) Fact: You do not have to pay for expensive therapy or attend embarrassing meetings to lessen your craving for alcohol. This book can teach you how-to: 1.Protect yourself against alcohol poisoning. 2. Repair your health after years of drinking. 3. Enjoy alcohol with less harmful side effects. 4. Improve your sleep & concentration 5. Increase your health WARNING: Making these kind of bio-chemical and life changes will very likely cause you to change your life, leave dead end jobs and relationships, feel better about yourself.< Less
Drugs and Their Effects By E. M. Kim
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Drugs and Their Effects teaches you about the withdrawal symptoms and symptoms that develop as a result of using the following addictive substances: 1. Alcohol 2. Cigarettes 3. Cannabinoids 4.... More > Inhalants like glue and gasoline 5. Stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine 6. Depressants like barbiturates and benzodiazepines 7. Opiates like morphine and hydrocodone 8. Hallucinogens like lysergic acid diethylamide LSD 9. Dissociative anesthetics like Phencyclidine PCP 10. Club drugs like ecstasy 11. Anabolic steroids like testosterone and androstenedione (Andro)< Less
The Snowball Effect By Randolph Mark Casey Snowball
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According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the "Snowball Effect is a figurative term for a process that starts from an initial state of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming... More > larger (graver, more serious), and perhaps potentially dangerous or distastrous (a vicious circle, a "spiral of decline"), though it might be beneficial instead (a virtuous circle)." The process in this case is a young man's journey (coincidentially named Snowball),through the first twenty years of his life, describing his earliest memories of his birth family, his separation from them and introduction into the foster care system, to his eventual adoption at age 8. Drugs, alcohol and problems with the law puntuate his life while experiences and daily challenges force him to re-examine old mind sets and endure the agonizing pain of growth.< Less

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