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ECS I 2009 Winter Case Study Book By Alison Kwok
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Students enrolled in ARCH 491 Environmental Control Systems 1 at the University of Oregon examine design intent and physical performance as part of a 5-week case study final project. Collaborative... More > teams select a setting for investigation: a building, space, or phenomenon that holds architectural inspiration or curiosity. Teams make observations, develop hypotheses, and appropriate methodology and analysis. Each case study offers insights on the success or failure of various strategies. Topics selected are related to those covered during the term: energy use, occupant well-being, comfort, thermal bridging, passive and active solar design, energy-efficiency. Case studies are presented in a poster session and in an in-depth paper. This year, the class had the option of entering the ASHRAE Design Competition and 5 teams participated in that competition. Each project goes through a peer-review process, and case studies are selected for the Case Study Hall of Fame:< Less
The Life,Times & Labours of Robert Owen By Lloyd Jones
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Born in 1771, in Newtown, Wales, Robert Owen moved to Manchester and became a highly successful capitalist. Appalled by the divisions industrial capitalism wrought on society and children in... More > particular, he fought for legislation to improve the health, education, and rights of working people, and strived to put his own ideas into practice. He encountered much opposition, not least from the Church of England. However he influenced many social reformers. Frederick Engels was a friendly critic and great admirer. On the occasion of Owen’s death he played tribute to him as the first man “to place socialism on a practical basis.” Above all Owen inspired the founders of the modern International Co-operative Movement, which now embraces one-billion members world-wide. Its tremendous success, especially in the form of workers’ co-operatives, remains a living testament to his foresight, as well as providing living proof there are viable and more efficient alternatives to global capitalism.< Less
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GCU ADM 632 ALL WEEKS ASSIGNMENTS Just Click on Below Link To Download This Course: URL= Or Email... More > us HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.US GCU ADM 632 All Weeks Assignments GCU ADM-632 Intergovernmental Relations All Assignments GCU ADM 632 Benchmark-Relationships between Levels of Government Details: Read “International Comparison on Great Britain and the United States: Unitary and Federal Governments” in chapter 3 of the textbook. Write an essay (1,000-1,250 words) that discusses the unique advantages and disadvantages of the U.S. federal system. Include a discussion of political accountability, efficient administration, and cultural identity. Provide a minimum of three to five scholarly sources to support your analysis. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.< Less
Blueprint for English By James Ross McBride
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Blueprint to English is a 96 page cheat sheet with English grammar rules, practices, procedures and examples. The practice word cards will provide you with enough variety to practice writing millions... More > of English sentences. The Blueprint to English language grammar summary with practice word cards is designed for modern adult men and women who are working, studying or living in the new global economy. Writing is now more important than ever before. The Internet has enabled millions of people to communicate in writing via email, BBS forums and text messaging. Having the ability to communicate correctly and efficiently is now more important than ever. The old formula of 90% oral and 10% writing has morphed to about 60% oral and 40% writing for most professions. To succeed in the professional digital age correct writing in English is mandatory. The Blueprint to English will help you learn the English language grammar procedures and the practice words cards will help you perfect your English writing.< Less
P4 Total Body System By Mitchell Hunt
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The P4 Total Body System is a comprehensive exercise plan delivered in a week-by-week plan spanning more than 6 months to achieve complete balance, strength and power. 4 body-weight moves, 3 days a... More > week. This is fitness as it should be: efficient, effective and essential. No gym, no gadgets, no gimmicks. The program is designed for all ability levels and your progress through the system will see you graduate to higher ability levels (perhaps even the two secret levels). Written, in collaboration with Valeo Coaching UK, by PT and screen-actor Mitchell Hunt, the P4 system has been developed to achieve real, lasting results despite hectic schedules and chaotic lifestyles and without breaking the bank. Mitchell conceived the plan whilst on an ever-changing filming schedule as a way to not just maintain but increase strength and fitness without access to a gym and with only small pockets of free time in his day. Now he wants to share it with you. The P4 Total Body System is all you need to get fit and strong.< Less
Dial Email Technical Support Number 1-877-336-9533 For Online Support By Brooklyn Taylor
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If you are thinking to resolve the kind of issues and errors that you are commonly facing in your Email account then you can contact us at Email Technical Support Number 1-877-336-9533 which offer... More > the finest support to the users. If failed to achieve the goal, then contact to our technical specialists for the assistance. Our Email Customer Care Number 1-877-336-9533 is open for 24*7 hr and our technicians will help you to fix all issue, and their effort and skills will help you to access your Email account smoothly. Our Technicians will solve your problem of Email if you are not able to resolve these issues. Users can contact to our technicians who are very talented and efficient. Call at our Email Support Number 1-877-336-9533 for more details and talk our expert technicians. We are one of the best email customer services provider and used by almost all USA people. Visit Here:< Less
Nika n Lakota By David Lakota
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This book is being published as a result of my preparing to embark deeper into this wild, crazy journey called Love. She made it clear she never wants to see or talk to me again, yet Akua HerSelf is... More > telling me that it is best I go to her. Only with such a great force as the Creator backing me do I dare embark upon this epic adventure. Even so it is terrifying. "She's in danger." says the Creator, and I have seen from the ruthlessness of her efficiency that Nature often leaves it up to us to help each other. If we don't, we die, or get sick and die, or get injured. Sometimes the worst thing is boredom. Beyond that is despair. I am going to this woman now out of love- even more than duty to God and World. Shanaya Nika... "on my way". Stay tuned for on-the-fly updates as I prepare to cross the great ocean landing upon the mainland in the middle of winter. Cav out. FROM: Capt. David Lakota New Earth Army Cavalry Cmdr.< Less
The Agile Secret: Lead A Revolution By Jonna Sercombe
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How is it that certain people are able to drive results and be responsive to change? Can be firm, yet open? People-people and task-people? What’s their secret?  It’s... More > simple. They are deploying agile strategies. Agile is the fastest and best way to get stuff done. That’s a fact. And agile can work for anybody. So, dive into this book if you want to:   Improve speed and efficiency to get work done Supercharge the way teams work collaboratively Become a leader that creates dynamic, productive, adaptable, self-motivated and self-organizing teams All it takes is a slim amount of knowledge, some belief and a pinch of bravery. That’s enough to lead a revolution. About the author Entrepreneur, philosopher, logician, psychologist, Jonna Sercombe has worked on every habitable continent in the world with over 10,000 business people from more than 50 global organizations. He is the founder and CEO of Interactive Workshops, a best-in-class L&D agency.< Less
Captain Murdoch By Fred McCulloch
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I was signed on as fourth engineer of the SS Arafura which was only a few months old. Everything about the ship was first class and to top it off the crew were Hong Kong Chinese who went about their... More > duties without fuss and with the utmost efficiency. I settled down to a very enjoyable experience over the next twelve months eventually signing off in Sydney on 12 November 1956. This book is the result of the many events and incidents that happened aboard. During my service with E & A, Jim Murdoch was serving as second officer on one or more of the other three ships owned by the company and while I was aware of his impeccable reputation, we had never met face to face. Many years later when I decided to write this story, I contacted Jim who very willingly corresponded with me for five years while the story was put together on a part time basis. Credit for the success of this project must be directed to Jim and Joan Murdoch for allowing me to take up so much of their time over those years.< Less
Super Charge Your Self Confidence 7 Exercises to Ignite Your Success By Traci Anderson
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What is self-confidence? Is there a way to acquire an unlimited supply of self-confidence when you need it? This book provides the tools to super-charge your self-confidence on demand. Have you ever... More > looked at yourself in a mirror...really looked at yourself? How do you feel? Do you feel disappointed or embarrassed? Does the reflection of your image make you feel awkward? Do you wish you could see pride in yourself and carry yourself better? If these resonate with you, then this book will help you: • Increase your Self-Esteem • Identify and appreciate your uniqueness and strengths • Overcome fear in any situation • Identify and stop the most common self-confidence blockers • Stop Procrastination • Overcome any failure or obstacle • Change your belief system • Become more effective and efficient in everything you do • Create and maintain high trust personal and business relationships< Less

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