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Increase Your Energy In 7 Days By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Have You Lost Your "Get Up and Go?" Is Fatigue Costing You Relationships, Job Opportunities and Your Social Life? Do you want to do something about it ...but are wary of taking the... More > antidepressants or caffeinated remedies that are usually prescribed for people who have lost all of their energy? That is why in Vastly Increase Your Energy Levels In 7 Days I give you a crash course in just exactly what can cause this problem including -- A lack of sleep and how the cumulative lack of it can contribute to fatigue and performance problems The role that stress place in making you feel very tired all the time How going to bed angry or upset can make wrack your body and make you feel tired the next day How a "hot wired" brain can make you lose sleep and feel tired the next day How being stressed can physically make your body less efficient and cause stress How being meddlesome and uptight can contribute to the creation of feeling chronically tired ...< Less
The Success Makers’ Guide To Declutter Your Life By The Success Makers
Paperback: $12.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
The overwhelming demands of today’s modern society are stressing many of us out - The days of getting our daily “to-do” list all crossed out, and then spending the rest of our time... More > relaxing and pursuing our dreams seems like mission impossible. The good news is, you can break free of the overload, reduce your stress, work more efficiently and effectively, and best of all, lead a better life with step-by-step action plans you’ll find in this book, where you'll learn about: - How to reduce decision fatigue (the #1 thing that results in your reduced productivity everyday); - Ways to declutter your home so you’ll have a calming place to relax, restore your energy level and prep yourself for the challenges the following day; - Various ways to organize your social life and stay on top of all the things you need to do; - Over-worked and over-stressed at work? Discover what makes you so stressed up and what you need to put a stop to all that; - and much more!< Less
Super Charge Your Self Confidence 7 Exercises to Ignite Your Success By Traci Anderson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
What is self-confidence? Is there a way to acquire an unlimited supply of self-confidence when you need it? This book provides the tools to super-charge your self-confidence on demand. Have you ever... More > looked at yourself in a mirror...really looked at yourself? How do you feel? Do you feel disappointed or embarrassed? Does the reflection of your image make you feel awkward? Do you wish you could see pride in yourself and carry yourself better? If these resonate with you, then this book will help you: • Increase your Self-Esteem • Identify and appreciate your uniqueness and strengths • Overcome fear in any situation • Identify and stop the most common self-confidence blockers • Stop Procrastination • Overcome any failure or obstacle • Change your belief system • Become more effective and efficient in everything you do • Create and maintain high trust personal and business relationships< Less Long Term Planner By J.R. Maroney
Paperback: $10.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Based on proven techniques utilized by the world’s most efficient manufacturer, Toyota, this planner gives new meaning to the word “focus.” Ditch your calendar and use this tool to... More > assess the truly “value-added” activities in your world. By focusing on value added tasks you should be able to achieve more, quicker, thereby freeing up time for fun fun fun! Why not kill your forty hour work week? If you are ahead on your goals, why should you work? Each week you'll evaluate the tasks needed to reach goals. You'll be surprised at which tasks are actually needed. Order customized planners to market your business, welcome new customers, and appreciate existing customers. Or you may choose not to customize and place your own company label on your planners. Put your planners in your waiting area, customer counter, or on your desk for your customers to take with them. What better way to remind your customers daily of the value you add to their personal life or business.< Less
Procurement & Innovation By Nicolas Passaquin
eBook (PDF): $19.13
So many companies who were once leaders in their industries have disappeared. The average lifespan of a successful S&P 500 company today is 15 years. The largest company in the world today and... More > acquired or bankrupt in 15 years from now… What's the difference in between the one who failed and the one who survived? Long-standing companies have in common their ability to adapt to an ever -changing world. They can drive innovation, to develop a new business model and keep reinventing themselves. One group of important players in all those companies ecosystem are suppliers. When we talk about suppliers comes to mind the Procurement department. Procurement people are talking to suppliers every day, they know the market, they negotiate on prices, mitigate risks, ensure availability … but could they do more and drive supplier innovation? Could they be a catalyst for sourcing the best ideas? What Procurement would need to be able to efficiently play that role and impact more than the bottom line?< Less
The GNU Java Training Wheels programming language for making it easier to learn Java By Davin Pearson
Paperback: $21.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is about how to add a preprocessor to the Java language to turbo-charge its performance and to create a new programming language called GNU Java Training Wheels or J.T.W. for short. Both... More > expressiveness and efficiency can be improved using preprocessor languages. J.T.W. has been created specifically for novice Java programmers who want to learn Java. In particular Pascal-style BEGIN ... END constructs are supported instead of Java's { ... } construct, which makes J.T.W. code much more readable than the equivalent Java code. J.T.W. translates to Java in a natural and straightforward manner so it is easy for J.T.W. programmers to learn Java. J.T.W. is supported by easy to understand error messages so it is easy to debug J.T.W. code. For many reasons you might prefer to code in J.T.W. rather than Java.< Less
The Persistent Burden: Ministry with a Prophetic Consciousness By Bishop J. Faraja Kafela
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
There are burdens we can’t bear. They have us staggering around overwhelmed and unable to handle what we see. If you are like me, you often overestimate your ability and underestimate your... More > tasks. Giving ourselves too much credit, we bite off more than we can reasonably chew. In time this pattern can not only hurt our productivity and efficiency, but it begins to weigh us down. If this is true with projects, it’s also true with the burdens that make up our day to day life. And if we’re honest, we encounter many weights that prove too heavy. It’s like we walk through life with a magnet in our pocket and every burden is coated with metal. Difficulty is nearly synonymous with life. In general categories, we face physical, economic, professional, personal, and spiritual challenges. And, let’s remember that not only do we have this magnet in our pockets, but so does every other person living around us. We are carrying a myriad of problems amid a world of kindred strugglers.< Less
How To Frame Someone For Murder By Notorious Insolence
Paperback: $14.09
Prints in 3-5 business days
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Have you ever wanted to choke some prick until they turn  blue like a Smurf, bash someone’s skull in or push some  ass wipe into an oncoming train... More > but don’t have the  stones?  Then help is at hand! In today’s fast paced world, planning revenge can be a daunting  task. That’s ok, because How To Frame Someone simply lays out the methods of murder, robbery and other crimes one by one. So whether you’re looking to exact revenge on a  cheating spouse, send that priest to hell whom touched your kid  or to just simply turn down the volume on a noisy neighbour. This book can help. It is both efficient and budget friendly.  So instead of getting petty revenge like slashing some dick wads tires, slash their throats instead and pin it onto some other asshole so double the fun! Crimes/Evidence Manipulation Include: Fabricating DNA Evidence. Deep Fake Videos. Holographic Technology. ID Theft. Business Fraud.Cyber Crimes. And More!< Less
The Murderers Handbook: How To Dispose Of Your Enemies Without Getting Caught! By Notorious Insolence
Paperback: $14.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
Have you ever wanted to choke some dumb shit until they turn blue like a Smurf, bash thier skull in or push them into an oncoming train but don’t have the stones? Then help is at hand! In... More > today’s fast paced world planning the murder of a friend or family member can be a daunting task, that’s ok, because The Handbook simply lays out the methods of murder one by one and analyses each of them in detail. The Pros, The Cons, Disposing Of The Body & How To Get Away With It. The book provides explicit descriptions on a variety of murders such as hangings, stabbings, hit/runs, shootings, poisonings and more. The book provides assessments of each method in terms of the pain it causes, effort of preparation required, the appearance of the body and lethality. So whether you’re looking to exact revenge on a cheating spouse, or to turn down the volume on a noisy neighbour. This book can help. It is both efficient and budget friendly. Don’t slash that asshole’s tires, slash their throats instead.< Less
Aan de slag met sneltoetsen By Tilbert Schulte
eBook (PDF): $9.03
(5 Ratings)
Sneltoetsen zijn onmisbaar voor iedereen die met de computer werkt: je voorkomt RSI klachten en werkt aanzienlijk efficiënter. Dit boek is gebaseerd op onze succesvolle trainingsmethode,... More > waarmee deelnemers leren hoe je programma’s als Word, Excel en Outlook vrijwel volledig bedient met sneltoetsen. Deze methode is geschikt voor iedereen, of je nu wel of geen ervaring hebt met sneltoetsen. In DEEL 1 van dit boek maak je kennis met de basisprincipes van sneltoetsen. Deze principes zijn eenvoudig aan te leren en je kunt ze in bijna alle programma’s toepassen. Ik adviseer je dan ook om dit deel goed door te nemen. DEEL 2 geeft overzichten van sneltoetsen in Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint en Internet. Met dit handige naslagwerk vind je makkelijk sneltoetsen voor je favoriete functies.< Less

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