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An Odyssey: From Ebbw Vale to Tyneside By Raymond Hicks
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Born into the poverty of the Welsh valleys in the early 20th Century, the young Ray Hicks was faced with the prospect of working in the coal mines or steel works. His mother hoped for greater things... More > for him — a job serving behind the counter in the local shop! But Ray had a different ambition: to go to sea. Too young for the British Merchant Navy, he joined the Dutch Merchant Navy and served with them through some of the most harrowing years of World War II. This is Ray’s story: of his journey from a background so poor as a young boy his home had no electricity, running water or toilet. From this lowly start by studying, life-experience and seizing opportunities, he became Managing Director of a major engineering company. Ray reveals what life was like from his boyhood days in the 1920s, through adolescence and into adulthood. His aims: to inspire you that no matter what background you are from it is possible to achieve and, above all, to highlight the value of a good education.< Less
Strumming 101 By Jack Davis
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Strumming 101 - The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Strumming Patterns For Your Acoustic And Electric Guitar! (BONUS INCLUDED) You’ve learned a few chords, and maybe how to run a scale on your... More > guitar. You’ve gotten down the basics of Sweet Molly Malone, and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, but you know that there is something more to playing guitar than just holding down a chord and sweeping a pick across your guitar strings. And you are right! The secret is strum patterns. Learn more about strum patterns and how they can make your music livelier and more memorable. This book will guide you through five basic strums, and point you toward learning more. It will point you toward various helpers, such as the metronome (please use one) as well as some basics about holding onto your pick. So pick up this book and your guitar – and get ready for some toe-tapping, foot-stomping music.< Less
606609: Volume Two the Self Tattooing of Nick Armbrister By Nick Armbrister
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Book 2. I like tattoos. Over the years I’ve added to my collection till I’m now 75% covered. Only my face and neck, hands and feet aren’t inked. I’m filling in the remaining... More > gaps with varied artwork. This includes doing my own tattoos either by electric gun or by hand. I thought doing it by hand would be easy; how wrong I was! I learned by trial and error. I got advice from some of my artists. My first series of tattoos were done by hand and using ball point pen ink. This works for some people but not me! Ink went all over the bed sheets. More dangerously, my body reacted against the ink and it all lifted out leaving bad scars. There’s a lesson there: DO NOT USE PEN INK! I got proper ink from my artist and tattooed a way. I did two sessions a week for months. Dozens of small tattoos filled in the gaps on my legs and other places. I slowly got better. Being good at art, I found drawing out the designs no problem. The quality of my hand done tats improved. See for yourself... Did I succeed or fail or...?< Less
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MGT 301 PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT FULL COURSE LATEST-TRIDENT Visit Below Link, To Download This... More > Course: Or Email us on SUPPORT@TUTORIALSSERVICE.NET MGT 301 Principles of Management Full Course Latest-Trident MGT301 Principles of Management MGT 301 Module 1 Case Latest-Trident Module 1 – Case PLANNING Case Assignment Tesla Motors, a unique company that manufactures automobiles that run 100 percent on electricity, has received a lot of attention in the media. In spite of loans from the federal government and various tax advantages given to alternative fuel vehicle manufacturers, the company has had huge ups and downs and has come close to bankruptcy at least once. However, they have recently had enough success to repay a large loan from the government.< Less
Guitarmann Method By Stephen Mann
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This book is a complete guide to learning everything you need to know to be able to play the songs you love. This method has been developed over 10 years by a professional guitarist who has led... More > worship for several years, played in hundreds of live settings and taught thousands of lessons to students just like you. Learn all about: basic chords, strum patterns, using a capo, how to read Nashville Number charts, chord families, alternate tunings, cut capo chords, how to play any chord, pentatonic scales, the 5 major scales, how to solo all over the neck and electric guitar complement chords.Author, Stephen Mann, has played with artists such as Jason Roy (Building 429--Dove artist of the year and Grammy-nominated), Everlife (in an opener for Sonicflood), Adam Cunningham (Dove award winner), Matthew Smith (of Indelible Grace), and many more. Visit for song examples and more info.< Less
Third Eye By Barbara Hall
Paperback: $14.99
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We got away at 2 a.m./ I wanted to begin with the shore/ A blinding glory towards the hills/ White electric light/ Bursting from the seams/ Fifty dollars an acre where/ The body curls with... More > enjoyment/ Chimneys raining down sparks/ Clothed in silken/ Golden/ Paris-made/ Colorless in comparison/ Crippled though/ No one is killed/ In Europe they were gods/ Grandeurs in long vanished societies/ Its first exhibition/ Would fall upon and make merciless/ Its last/ Kept alive in the South/ We find it filled with wordy, windy/ Eloquent romantics/ Grieved from their lips/ Of an ancient past/ At the end of twenty-one years/ We are still only thirty-five/ Given a sense of frailness/ Sticking about in magnolias and live oaks/ They bare a wildness/ Compressed between walls/ A peculiarly violent/ And unusual way/ Like a ship at sea/ A machine-made laugh/ Spilling from its river bondage/< Less
Part of Earth - Dream By Robert Skyler
eBook (ePub): $24.99
Part of Earth - Dream   (Simple English Edition)   History, write by the win rare record the event describe as they true took place. Clean and simple is their lesson loss to protect or... More > damn us? ~~~ Know alone hold no truth with-in it-self, until part of it whole is over-look, ignore or remove, where-after even the clear can be under-stood, accept or deny. After this slow city, inside a plain building, on a only file under a new remove, where stand an not important letter between a small time of agree and the freedom only war can bring, go that letter, and with this remove it all begin again. Fail stand as the not skip result of a work without give, for in the heart of every greed act of give, lie the not deny need for the also not get. Break know force trust, small make rely, and in not each one has an not excuse hurt been do.     Part of Earth Key-word: simple english change, simple english book, simple english ebook, simple english e-book, simple english electric book, simple english...< Less
Master the Fretboard - Rhythm and Solo Guitar Learning Method By Glenn Dochtermann
eBook (PDF): $12.50
So, you've found this guitar method, yet ANOTHER offer for online guitar lessons. Now you ask, "Do tell, what makes "Master the Fretboard" different?" Online guitar lessons are... More > typically either the hard sell: "You will be a Rock God in 24 Hours!" "Learn all the Notes of the Neck Overnight!... In Your Sleep!... While Being Massaged by Swedish Royalty!" Or they are "Free Lessons!" loaded with ads, forcing you to sign up for newsletter spamming. By going back to the well of electric guitar music - blues and jazz of the 30's and 40's - I created the "Charlie Christian Method", which was a grass-roots success. Players dug the fresh perspective on the guitar, and were able to 'see' the fretboard in a new way. Applying the same concepts to players from the 1960's on up with a comprehensive view of the notes on the guitar, and applying these ideas to known examples led to the "Master the Fretboard" lessons. Due to limited space, see our Q&A at joedocmusic dot com!< Less
The Stage Guide to Working Backstage – Introduction By Susan Elkin
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Good at working with your hands, leaving school soon and like the idea of an exciting job where your skills are in demand? From the Olympics ceremony to Glastonbury, Hollywood to the West End,... More > there's no event that doesn't rely on an army of highly skilled backstage people. Britain's reputation in this field is second to none. With opportunities increasing around the world, the UK needs to train thousands more. If you have a knack for building things, design, electrics, computers, or a flair for costume, hair and make-up, then you’re the sort of person the industry wants. Produced by experts writing for the world-renowned publication for the performing arts and entertainment, The Stage Guide to Working Backstage series consists of five essential books. Our introduction provides you with an overview of what's on offer, how to find funding and what area of work suits you best. The other four volumes focus on key areas - stage management, craft and construction, lighting and sound, plus costume and make-up.< Less
Autobiography of a Hippie By Christopher Totten
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This book is mainly about my teenage years as a runaway "flower-child", between the years of 1964 and 1969. I'd become one of the many "Ken Kesey Electric Cool-Aid Acid Test... More > Hippies", experiencing the "turn on, tune in and drop out" culture of the 1960s. Memories of those most amazing times are still quite vivid for me, and I've often felt compelled to write about them over the years. It all began when I ran away from home at the age of 14, leaving a terrifyingly dysfunctional situation; where an insane and violent alcoholic father; almost murdered me! By age 16, I'd become one of the "hardened street youths" who were all experimenting with various powerful "mind altering substances" available back in those days. The crazy and often absurd "misadventures" that I describe in this book, range from wildly ecstatic; to insanely mind bending!< Less

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