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Lumina - Optica Fenomenologică By Nicolae Sfetcu
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O introducere în fenomenologia opticii geometrice (reflexia, refracția, principiul lui Fermat, oglinzi, miraje, dispersia, lentile), opticii fizice (undele luminoase, principiul... More > Huygens–Fresnel, difracția, interferența, polarizarea, vederea tridimensională, holografia), opticii cuantice (fotoni, efectul fotoelectric, dualitatea undă-particulă, principiul incertitudinii, complementaritatea) și culorilor (transparența, translucența, amestecul culorilor, culori complementare, pigmenți), în conexiune cu teoriile fundamentale ale luminii. Despre proprietățile luminii (unde electromagnetice, spectrul electromagnetic, materiale transparente și opace, umbra, sistemul vizual uman, lumina Soarelui) și emisia luminii (stări excitate, spectrele de emisie și absorbție, incandescența, fluorescența, fosforescența, LED, laser). Cartea explică bazele fizice pentru înțelegerea fenomenelor optice, cu accent pe fenomenele naturale și aplicațiile specifice.< Less
Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit - In Slave Ships From Africa Into The Islands Of The Gentiles By John Martin
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Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit is mind inquiry by the Qnoma, The Set-Apart Spirit of the letters of He, Wow and Yowud to reveal the Hebrew Yisraelites who rejected the Spirit of the Torah... More > from The King Yahuwashe The Lesser Yahuweh their Elohiyem that was given to them by Moshe at Mount Sinai and as result of not listening to the voice of Abba Yahuweh and not doing His Torah, Yahuweh cursed them and sent them into captivity in slave ships from Africa into the isles of the gentiles and specifically into America where they have been oppressed and have been slain for over 400 years under the rule of Ashkenaz of Gomer whose governments have ruled under the authority of Azazel the satan and have polluted the whole earth by the sorceries of the electromagnetism of baphomet. These are the curses when Yisrael disobeys the Torah of Yahuweh.< Less
Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit - The Homosexuality By John Martin
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Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit is spiritual investigation by the vowel letters He, Wow and Yowud, the spiritual substratum of the creation, to reveal the origin of Homosexuality which is born... More > from the kundalini of the electromagnetic force of Baphomet, the sons of god, from Babylon of Shinar who committed the abomination of beastly corruptible sexual intercourse against the Mind of Yahuweh. Yahuweh from the beginning by His Living Words spoke that men shall not lie down with other men as with women. It is an abomination which brings the destroyer that has come in this final jubilee just as in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah to destroy Babylon the Great with fire in great judgment. The Watchers committed this witchcraft of rebellion against Yahuweh in order to see by the sorceries of their looking glasses into the time lines of jubilees to alter their destruction at the end, but the histories of their final destruction has already been written by Yahuweh in His Living Words.< Less

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