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It's My Life! I Can Change If I Want To By Richard Walker
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Make changes that stick! Do you want to change yourself but don't know how? Using the four-step method in this book you will change faster and with less effort. Learn how your beliefs form your... More > reality and how to change them to become your best version of yourself. Discover how to stop being a victim, modify or eliminate habits with ease, unlock your beliefs and design your reality.< Less
The Witches Cave By Floyd Collins
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In 1692, in a dark cave the five witches of Salem assembled. Their goal was to select one of the people of the town to cast their spell on. In front of the witches were the faces of five townsfolk... More > who were responsible for condemning their craft and putting them on trial. Each witch used the power of mother earth and their earth stones to pick their victim and cast the spell, but only one witch possessed the power for the ritual to be completed. The witches cave is one of those effects that can be played very dark if you wish. It is a parlor effect and not one for stage. You take your spectators back in time to 1692 where they play the role of one of the witches, to their surprise the power of the craft is strong with them as they divine what townsfolk was eliminated from the town. A great effect for when you need that creepy mental game to play with your guests.< Less
Type 4 Diabetes: Elevated Insulin. Lower Blood Sugar. 24/7 Pain. By Bob Ranson
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Millions of people suffer from neuropathy — a degenerative nerve disease that can cripple its victims with 24/7 pain and loss of nerve sensation along with sexual, digestive and mental... More > problems. If you have diabetes, your chances are 7 out of 10 of developing the disease. But, is it a separate disease or could it be the "flip side" of elevated blood sugar and Type 2 diabetes? Until now, the various forms of neuropathy have been treated with an expensive array of medications that, at best, work only some of the time. Is it possible, just possible, that the pain and misery of neuropathy can be eliminated by RAISING blood sugar levels at critical moments? Type 4 Diabetes explores the potentially critical link between blood sugar levels and neuropathy, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, hypoglycemia and fibromyalgia.< Less
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