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I have recently encountered seven Elohims that usually materialize. They effectively blend in with both teenagers and adults, encourage them, socialize with them and do all those things that... More > teenagers and adults do. Their presence among the teens is to guide them and protect them. The Elohim usually take on teen appearances because they are sons and daughters of archangels who usually take on the appearance of adults. If one were to see an archangel and an Elohim, the Elohim is the younger one. In this book is a step by step instructions to summon seven Elohims of the elements that can materialize to assist you in this life.< Less
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There are three plains and three types of beings, existing on three different levels. The ancients have always thought that there is heaven and then earth. They have also thought that God and... More > angels are in heaven and human beings are on earth. To better understand the structure of living beings across the plains of existence we will draw our parallel from the Kabbalah tree of life.< Less
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The GODS of the Elohim, are the SPIRITS OF CREATION, that created our universe, planets, human beings, animals, suns, stars, plants, flowers, fish, and everything we see in nature. These four spirits... More > whose names I will later give in this book are the true GODS OF CREATION. If everything in our entire universe is destroyed and absolutely nothing is left, all matter both organic and inorganic matter will dissolve into MIND MATTER, and there will be total darkness all around. The only type of creature that can survive the destruction of our entire universe is a SPIRIT, for a spirit can attach its body to anything including even the darkness.< Less
ELOHIM They Are God By Ben Shlomo & Dr Al Garza
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NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David, did they encounter the 3 powers in heaven known as the trinity? Does the Old Testament really teach such a doctrine? This book will give... More > you an introduction and understanding to the belief of Poly-Monotheism, three persons one God, directly from the Hebrew Bible known as the TaNaKh. Never before has a book been published that goes through the Torah and the Prophets revealing the plural nature of YHWH Elohim until now. Before the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit there was YHWH, Word YHWH and Messenger YHWH working as one through Moses and the Prophets. Learn the foundation of the New Testament for three who are one in YHWH Elohim.< Less
Elohim Initiation By Silviu Suliță
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“Elohim Initiation” gives you few glimpses of how a true initiation process should be. This inspired book covers the following topics: - The Elohim’s Orders; - The battles for the... More > souls; - The astral-plane and its dwelling beings; - The initiation process; - Astral gifts and their significance; - Astral powers and their significance; - Astral titles and their significance; - Astral religious titles and their significance; - Astral travels and their significance; - Warnings and their significance; - Conclusion. This is an invitation to meditate on the mission of your life.< Less
Elohim Resurgence By Doug Wentz & Doug Wentz
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Old Testament traditions dissolved as a New Testament people fullfilled them in Spirit. In the Present Truth, the same pattern continues as people fulfill the New Testament. Paradigm walls will... More > fall as we see and experience the return of the Christ nature in our consciousness and character. Nineteen essays of rich, deep esoteric wisdom will cause the readers to become one with truths previously idealized, but will now be enfleshed in daily life! The Book of Revelation is being fulfilled inside of us. The opened seals, trumpets, and vials are progressive actions of the Christ within, which overcomes our beast.< Less
The Book of the ELOHIM By Daniel Deleanu
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An existentialist promenade in the garden of Nietzsche and Cioran.
The Book of the ELOHIM By Daniel Deleanu
Paperback: $7.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
An existentialist echo of the howl of Nietzsche and Cioran.
Elohim Is a Plural By Albireo Svyatoslav
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The far future. Firokami - a diamond City-State, it is not a city of equality - the law of the jungle, which the tiny capitalists of the world liked to whine about, works here ruthlessly, just as it... More > should be in the jungle. But this City is very rich and progressive. The science here is very developed. On international science conference was started scientific argue about theology. Then the City gave to Science Reseach Institute to find the High Reason. Scientists do an experiment and get a response. But from whom?< Less
The True Love Of Elohim By Eytan Ben-Gideon
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The world that we live in follows many laws and principles that most people are not aware of. While most of us strive for peace, happines, good and easy life there are forces that are manipulating... More > world events according to their own agenda. Does it appear to you that things are spinning out of control? Have you wondered for the reasons that even as hard as civilization is trying to build peaceful and safe life there are always obstacles - either other people or nature disasters? In this book you will learn about the forces that rule our world and about what they are trying to achieve and at what cost for us. New: 5 Books in One! - This book includes the following 5 Books: * The True Love OF Elohim * Creation and Evolution – The True Story * The Pursuit After The Truth * Are Elohim and Yeshua The Same One? * The Use of Hebrew in Scripture< Less

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