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Tales from an American Soldier’s Diary. By EM EM Genesis
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Giovanni Giordano McDonnell is the son of Italian immigrants with ties to the Mafia but he was determined not to follow in his father’s footsteps. He joined the military to serve his country... More > but the horrors he witnessed at war will nearly destroy him. Besides the tragedies of war, he also suffered tremendous personal betrayal by those very close him. He lost everything that mattered in his life and was about to lose his own life! Read the story of this American soldier’s determination to live, love and forgive!< Less
Words of Wisdom for Warriors By EM.EM Genesis
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Over 340 original Quotes to Inspire, Encourage and Motivate the Reader Although life is filled with twists and turns, only you have the ability to make positive changes to your life. You can do it.... More > One day at a time!< Less
ANANIA GOES TO..... By EM EM Genesis
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This is a story of a young girl’s adventure and travels to places she never imagined she would travel to! She shared the joys and excitement of these adventures and travels with her family.... More > Each day was filled with different surprises and Anania didn’t know what would come next. Readers will travel along with Anania and be immersed in all the places she visited with her family! Readers will also enjoy, learn about different cultures, history and traditions of these places. This book is recommended for all ages. We guarantee that children as well as adults will enjoy going on these journeys with Anania and her family!< Less
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What the Church needs to-day is not more machinery or better, not new organizations or more and novel methods, but men whom the Holy Ghost can use -- men of prayer, men mighty in prayer. The Holy... More > Ghost does not flow through methods, but through men. He does not come on machinery, but on men. He does not anoint plans, but men -- men of prayer. An eminent historian has said that the accidents of personal character have more to do with the revolutions of nations than either philosophic historians or democratic politicians will allow. This truth has its application in full to the gospel of Christ, the character and conduct of the followers of Christ -- Christianize the world, transfigure nations and individuals. Of the preachers of the gospel it is eminently true.< Less
Along the Way: Homecoming By Em Brooks
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Childhood best friends Chris Enright, Greg Powell, and Ryan Carson have always been as close as brothers. It's been ten years since high school and the trio find themselves at different points in... More > their lives -- Chris is managing a ballroom dance studio and is months from his wedding. Greg is newly single and enjoying his career in the financial industry. Ryan has been gone the last ten years, pursuing a career in the Army. When Ryan's father gets a grim diagnosis with cancer and the family sends for their only child to come home, Chris sees it as the perfect opportunity to catch up on lost times -- just the three of them -- and makes plans for how Ryan's homecoming is going to be spent. However, over the past year Ryan had struck up an unintended friendship with one of Chris's employees, college student and dance instructor Angelina Sutton, and has plans of his own for his homecoming. Ryan's return sets into motion a series of events that will change their lives forever.< Less
Tag 'em By Santo Ciaravino
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Tag 'em is a tabletop strategy game for the creative gamer. You can make your own maps and objectives however you want, and play with as many friends as you want, with all the fun and strategy there... More > is to a game of backyard tag.< Less
The Series Em By Aubrey Masters
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The collaboration of the three part Series EM. Fate, blood demons and a little bad luck bring together seven children into the depths and turmoil of the past as they learn about an extinct cult and... More > their beliefs.< Less
EM wave By Louis Jasper Jr.
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The book is meant to be read and studied by those interested in understanding an electromagnetic (EM) model of our galaxy. The model shows that an EM wave originates at the center of our galaxy and... More > travels outward with a half wavelength periodicity of about 32 million years. Coulomb and Hankel Wave Functions characterize the central and outer region of the galaxy respectively. It is interesting that at the center of the galaxy, a current flows perpendicular to the plane of the spiral, and that Coulomb Wave Functions are necessary to solve the boundary value problem. These functions are used in quantum physics. It is most fascinating that our galaxy can be modeled using functions that are used in quantum physics. Also of interest is that the EM wave will concentrate ionic particles in spatial distributions around the wave maxima. The ionic particles will blanket the space occupied by the earth as the EM wave maxima reach the earth at intervals of about 32 million years.< Less
bang on em By G Funk
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First Degree of Separation By Em Tran
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This autobiographical short story of a sexually abused preschool aged girl is instructive for parents, social workers and criminal justice professionals. In this short excerpt of her life, the writer... More > takes her freedom to roam the neighborhood for granted, until she finds herself in a surreal and fluid bondage. Unaware of the need to escape at first, she does exactly what she comes to understand is expected of her. This book is made available to inspire the people who work diligently to protect children from kidnapping and sexual abuse. All profits from the sale of this book support the Parents for Megan's Law Crime Victims Center, a 501 (c)(3)organization.< Less