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CYBERSAFE, what you need to know to safely navigate the internet By Frank Mosco
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TEXT BOOK FOR YOUNG COMPUTER USERS. The Internet is vast, confusing, dangerous and can cost the cyber surfer dearly in terms of time, money, and personal safety. "CYBERSAFE" is a guide to... More > safe, knowledgable traveling through the vast and often intimidating World Wide Web. It offers the newly introduced Internet user critical information on; - Getting on line safely - Learning the language of the PC/Internet world - Traveling & exploring the Internet safely - Privacy & Security on the Internet - Avoiding Fraud & Scams - Safely using the Internet for Investing - Dealing with Spam, the dangers of social networking, & other threats Be you 6 or 60, CYBERSAFE is the must-have book to sit next to your computer! (Material for this book was contributed and/or reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission, National Consumers League, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, Federal Citizen Information Center, National Cyber Security Alliance, and Microsoft Corporation.)< Less
La posta elettronica e l'insicurezza informatica By Ruggero Lecce
eBook (PDF): $7.85
Come usare correttamente la posta elettronica! Il segreto per combattere lo spamming senza spendere un euro! In questa breve guida sono riportate anche alcune tra le regole più utili a... More > prevenire infezioni da virus, worm, spamming ed anche violazioni della privacy. Troverai alcuni consigli che tutti gli utenti di Internet dovrebbero rispettare per aderire al "Galateo della Rete", ovvero "Netiquette". Spiegati molto semplicemente anche alcuni termini ed argomenti oramai di uso comune. 26 pagine piene di consigli e spiegazioni. Dovrebbe essere fatto leggere a chiunque usi Internet e la posta elettronica< Less
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COM 301 UNIT 8 DISCUSSIONS LATEST Visit Below Link, To Download This Course: Or Email us... More > on SUPPORT@TUTORIALSSERVICE.NET COM 301 Unit 8 Discussions Latest COM301 COM 301 Unit 8 Discussion 1 Latest After watching the Frontline clip “The End of Privacy,” speculate on how the Internet and mobile media have changed our idea of privacy. Are there spaces and places that are still “private” or have the Internet and mobile media shifted our once private spaces into public ones? How does this impact our social lives?< Less
Earthlink Account. By Jack Smith
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Earthlink is a Internet service provider which was founded in 1994 by Sky Dayton and Reed Slatkin. Earthlink is a private industry and the headquarters of Earthlink is in Atlanta, Ga. Earthlink... More > helps to provide internet access to its users, premium email, web hosting, and privacy and data security products and provides services to users throughout the United States. It also has a key partner relationship with several of the nation’s largest provider and enabling Earthlink to provide products and connectivity services available to millions of households nationwide.< Less
CIS 512 Week 2 Case Study 1 STR By jon kelly
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CIS 512 Week 2 Case Study 1 STR Click the link above to submit your assignment. Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center. Instructors,... More > training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center. Case Study 1: The Brazilian Federal Data Processing Service Due Week 2 and worth 130 points Read the case study titled, “Brazil to fortify government email system following NSA snooping revelations,” located here and at Use the Internet to research the architectures that other government organizations and intelligence agencies use for email privacy, if any.< Less
Love Him Today, Love Her Tomorrow By Christina McGriff
Paperback: $19.99
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Love Him Today, Love Her Tomorrow is the story that defines a thought that has entered the minds of many. While some may say it is freaky and unthinkable, it merely puts a thought into prospective... More > that no relationship can entirely fulfill ones every need. Veronica Lee and her husband Michael are well respected throughout their entire state. They are known because of their chain of car dealerships. Because of their lavish lifestyle and generous contributions to numerous communities,Veronica finds it hard to find privacy. After a year of separation Veronica begins to believe that her marriage is finally coming back together.But when the man that was supposed to be her husbands best friend emails her to proclaim his love for her husband, Veronica leaves town and opens up a new world for herself. Find out what makes her new world so different from her old world.< Less
Your Roadmap to Fitness By Max Hany Mikhaiel
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Max Hany Mikhaiel is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on fitness training. Max’s whole-health approach to fitness empowers individuals to gain control over their lives. This can... More > be adapted to everyone from soccer moms to elite athletes. Incorporating his knowledge of training techniques and for the everyday person, Max developed the innovative Drive To Be Fit™ system. It includes this 70-page nutrition and lifestyle fully illustrated color book which teaches Max's essential Five Roads to Fitness, and also offers web-based interactive personal fitness training! provides users with customized meal plans and workouts as well as the ability to track their fitness and weight loss progress utilizing state-of-the art technology combined with live video and email coaching in the privacy of your own home! With the purchase of the this book or the download, we are offering you one month free online training!< Less
ACCT 451 WEEK 3 QUIZ – DEVRY By Jon Snow
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ACCT 451 WEEK 3 QUIZ – DEVRY Visit Below Link, To Download This Course: Or Email us on SUPPORT@TUTORIALSSERVICE.NET ACCT... More > 451 WEEK 3 QUIZ – DEVRY 1.(TCO 3) This creates logs of network traffic that was permitted to pass the firewall. 2.(TCO 3) Multi-factor authentication 3.(TCO 3) Restricting access of users to specific portions of the system as well as specific tasks, is 4.(TCO 3) Which of the following is not one of the 10 internationally recognized best practices for protecting the privacy of customers’ personal information? 5.(TCO 3) With which stage in the auditing process are the consideration of risk factors and materiality most associated?< Less
DNA: A Thriller By Gary Brahl
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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They know who you are. Let me help you. When Chicago advertising executive Michael Janaseck reads the unsettling email on his computer, and learns of the menacing visitor to his office, he is... More > disturbed, mystified and angered by the assault on his privacy. Days later, a stranger is murdered before his eyes in his own back yard, and Michael's anger turns to panic as his safe and sane suburban life spirals out of control. Hunted because of "who he is' by relentless pursuers that kill everyone trying to protect him, searching for a mother he never knew existed, wanted by the police, Michael finds himself adapting to a world of violence and terror at a pace he never imagined possible. DNA is the story of an average man coping with unaccustomed violence and danger. It is also the tale of a search for hidden ancestry. In the end, genetic imprinting reveals how each of us may be nothing like who we think we are.< Less
Paid Surveys for Money: How to Really Make Money Online With Surveys, Plus Reviews of Over 20 Online Survey Companies By Marisa Harper, Malibu Publishing
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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There are approximately 500 different Online Survey Companies advertised on the Internet. I've participated in several online surveys for cash and researched hundreds of them. I've found that, just... More > like everything else in life, there are the good, the bad, and the really, really ugly. The good survey companies consist of those that actually pay you a little bit of money for your time, don't sell your information to telemarketers, don't send you thousands of e-mails, most of which end up in your bulk mailbox, and tell you exactly what each survey you're taking is worth in terms of dollars. The good survey companies are an excellent way to bring in a few extra dollars from the privacy of your home. This book will introduce you to the top 20 survey companies and the pros and cons of each one so you can pick and choose and save alot of time and effort doing it yourself. It will also introduce you to a very effective method to cash in on online surveys! Shall we get started?< Less

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