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A Mini Review of Water-soluble Aminoplastic for Electron Microscopy: The Story Behind the World's First Color Electron Micrograph By Johnson Gao
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The author is a Cell Biologist. Thirty-three years ago in 1982, he began to study the origin of life related project - the biosynthesis of membrane, because he wanted to join a fundamental discussion... More > - “If the human being was created by the God, or, through the long course of evolution?” That is an unsolved long debating even for today. And each party is actually contradictory one to another in the philosophical battlefield in human history. Four steps of the silylated aminoplastic embedding method to preserve lipid and membrane structure for electron microscopy are included, with which he produced the world’s first pseudocolor EM photograph in 1982. (The third version was printed on or after 8/6/2015.)< Less
Theory of Everything By Filarit Teregulov
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Новая картина эволюции... More > Вселенной основана на представлении её в виде топологической среды. Базовым свойством среды является стремление её составных частей одновременно занять во Вселенной бесконечное большое и бесконечное малое места. Различные соотношения этих устремлений проявляются в обширной пограничной зоне, пребывающей в двух крайних формах (свернутой и развернутой), а своеобразные топологические качели как бы способствуют организации их срединного состояния и обеспечивают круговорот среды в целом. Выявленная логика топологических преобразований охватывает все области и уровни мироздания, и поэтому она может быть квалифицирована как Теория Всего Сущего. Адресовано всем интересующимся ответом на вопрос о происхождении Вселенной и жизни в ней, что определяет наш взгляд на самих себя и наше место в мироздании.< Less
Smart Object, not Smart Environment: Cooperative Augmentation of Smart Objects Using Projector-Camera Systems By David Molyneaux
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This thesis presents the concept of Cooperative Augmentation, a new approach to adding output capability to smart objects through cooperation with projector-camera systems. Projector-camera systems... More > provide a generic display service, available for spontaneous use by any smart object. We embed the knowledge required for visual detection, tracking and projection of non-invasive and interactive projected displays on object surfaces within the smart object itself and use embedded sensing to constrain the visual detection process. Cooperative Augmentation allows smart objects to deliver visual feedback to users from implicit and explicit interaction with information represented or sensed by the physical object, supporting objects as both input and output medium simultaneously. This contributes to the central vision of Ubiquitous Computing by enabling users to address tasks in physical space with direct manipulation and have feedback on the objects themselves, where it belongs in the real world.< Less
Kaleidoscope of Life By Sunita Sharma
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This Coffee Table version pocket book of this maiden poetic collection contains glimpses and perceptions of numerous colorful projections just like images seen through the lens of a... More > Kaleidoscope. That is the very reason I named it as “Kaleidoscope of Life” A manifestation in scribbled form of little things that inspired and touched my heart at every little step along this amazing journey called life. I have tried to delve into numerous realms of awareness and consciousness through this powerful poetic medium of creative writing that I seemed to acquire much later in my life. It’s an honest work of art that introduces my deeply embedded thoughts being inspired by Nature, People, Humanity, Love, Women Empowerment Issues and other vital elements related to our day to day lives while in the journey. It is somewhat pertaining to expressions of many worthwhile and infinite kind of Life Elements that are our silent Mentors, Teachers and wisdom Gurus.< Less
Creative Flow By Alan Peter Garfoot
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Once we have control of the will and over the core dispositions within the self so as that we have cultivated a virtuous character and nature then we realize that as enlightened people generally... More > speaking we can become either agents of destruction or beings of creation. Through the powers of destruction we seek to protect that which we love and consider valuable and through the powers of creation we seek for that which we love and value to multiply, prosper and flourish. Through the control of the will at its most fundamental form as dispositions of self embedded in the subconscious then the flow of will through the constructs of the self and spirit can be channelled so as to produce a desired effect. As such when creative will flows through the self we find ourselves, through our chosen artistic medium, to become the introspective artists, thinkers and poets transforming ourselves through the creation of the art-form, crafting within ourselves our freedom, autonomy and future form.< Less
Patterns of Consciousness: Part III Soul Mechanics By Alan Peter Garfoot
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Once the transcendent self has been established and the creative powers of channeling and visualization have become embedded as everyday abilities in the psychology of the individual then it can be... More > said that in the quest up the mountain to the summit of enlightenment we have come part way and have reached a level plateau of refined understanding. As we have successfully attained a degree of perfection in our framework of understanding having reached this plateau, then the next phase of personal self development and spiritual refinement comes into view; the task of channeling and integrating the soul and higher self with the subconscious and the transcendent self. This book Soul Mechanics is the third of five books which through the medium of abstract psychedelic line art explores the nature of the mind and the subconscious alongside the self and the soul.< Less

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