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Tragic Incident (Short Story) By Emmaus Rubio
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What if a fun and exciting night suddenly turn to a tragic incident? How can a single dad accept the changes with his two kids. A vacation suddenly turn to a very tremendous happening how can a dad... More > handle it?< Less
The Strength In My Weaknesses By Emmaus Rubio
eBook (PDF): $0.00
What is a dream became true? What if you find love with others? Lyn is a girl who live with her parents but don't even take care of her because her parents is very busy in their work. Lyn found care... More > and love with others. Lyn dream about an eagle but she was very shock when it became a....< Less
The Emmaus Road By chris bobblett
Paperback: $11.98
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The earth is a square. Women shouldn't wear pants. The end is hear. The reality is without basic hermeneutics we can make the bible say anything we want it too which is what many have done. In this... More > book Pastor Chris sets forth basic hermeneutical guidelines to help you discover and study for yourself the truth of God's word.< Less
The Emmaus Road By Chris Bobblett
Paperback: $13.97
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This is a book on how to interpret scripture correctly by using the principles and process of hermeneutics.
Hardcover: $34.00
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At last! I had always wished that one day Uncle P's reflections would be as immortalized as possible. Such divinely inspired material as Uncle P's should not be allowed to depart when the mouth that... More > shared it checks out of the scene, for come what may, it will one day do so. Peter Essoka is not just a veteran journalist but a devoted man whose Christ-centered heart dishes out gracious and healing truths for a society plagued by corruption. He is truly a "pastor to the nation". Surely, the thousands who are nourished by the fruits of his commitment to divinely inspired nation building are being transformed. At last, here comes written, "the reflections of Uncle Peter Essoka". Meditate on them and pass them to the generations after you, so that you and our nation may continue to be transformed and grow by it to generations beyond our imagination!< Less
EMMAUS and the Christian Journey Pocket Size By Bill Kassler
Paperback: $5.99
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The Biblical account of the walk to Emmaus is a story of two men who leave the disciples in Jerusalem to walk seven miles to Emmaus. On the way they meet a stranger they eventually come to recognize... More > as Jesus. Why was Jesus unknown to them? Why did Jesus suddenly disappear at the moment they recognized Him? Good questions. Deacon William Kassler opens up the scriptures and examines why this day was different from all other days in history. Emmaus and the Christian Journey reveals the pathway of every believer as they move into a full revelation of Jesus Christ.< Less
Il fit route avec eux By Aimé BONIFAS
Paperback: $16.78
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Jeune résistant, Aimé Bonifas sera arrêté et déporté à 23 ans à Buchenwald, Dora, Mackenrode et Osterhagen. Il survivra à la barbarie des... More > Kommandos de travail forcé de Laura et réussira une évasion miraculeuse. Son livre "Détenu 20801" en a fait un des auteurs protestants français les plus lus. Pasteur, engagé pour les droits de l'homme, contre le négationnisme et la torture, il est aussi l'auteur d'autres ouvrages historiques sur les protestants nîmois sous l'occupation, les Huguenots à Berlin et la Réforme en Espagne. Dans ce recueil, il nous emmène à la rencontre de Jésus, parabole par parabole, situation par situation. Pas d’exégèse obscure dans ce volume, juste une réflexion actualisant l’Evangile par une lecture proche du quotidien mais incluse ouverte sur les nouvelles réalités d’un monde globalisé.< Less
Religion is a choice; Christ is a decision By Willie Jester
Paperback: $12.99
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Have the conversation. Step out in faith. You have the Trump Card in Christ. There is no argument to win. You first won when Christ made the decision; now you have won because you have made the... More > decision. There is no third party requirement needed. “It is finished.” The work is done. Now have the conversation about it.< Less
Travelling Light By James Archer
Paperback: $8.80
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A childrens musical depicting the conversion of Saul on the road to Emmaus
eBook (PDF): $2.50
This book looks at the greatest morning in human history, and looks at the minor and major aspect of what happened, and how they effect all of mankind.