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The Roller Coaster of Emotions By Shaaranki Naga
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Poems about young teens and mostly everything they are going through. These poems range from love, sex, drugs to addictions and other major themes.
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Emotional Escape By Hally Rhiannon-Nammu
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A beautifully written book covering the many layers and expressive forms of emotion...Explore the passionate challenges, the intimate struggles, the emotional roller coaster that many experience to... More > the in depth, revealing tales of the harsher parts to life’s journey.... All are embraced within these powerful pages, delivered in prose poetry, poetry and creative short story....Discover the hidden secrets of personal reflections exposed within this remarkable book.< Less
A Collection of Emotions, Words, and Wisdom By Tiara Harper
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This book is a collection of several poems describing the moods of a teenager in high school, and people in general that are going through a roller coaster of problems, constantly searching for the... More > solutions that are waiting to be discovered at the end of the ride.< Less
Masquerade of Emotions Vol.1 By Anonymously Yours
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We all have so many emotions every second it can change and for some we cant seem to deal Here is my roller-coaster of emotions its just the tip of the tip of a huge iceberg buckle up lets go!
Life Is an Emotional Rollercoaster By Glitter Ndyaluvane Moyo
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Truth is its very painful to be abused emotionally because those wounds are not visible. There is one thing about trust, once you break it, you can never really fix it, yes darling I have learnt that... More > it’s a tough universe only tigers survive but even they find it hard sometimes, even they find it hard to remain in control. That is life, one big emotional roller coaster. My name is Tendai; I was once a good faithful wife with intentions of having a big family. I will take through the journey before I decided to forgive, my emotions and regrets. It is said that don’t let the world change the good person you are. I tried hard but I failed. I wanted revenge; I wanted everyone to feel the pain I felt and the betrayal”. I felt justified to hurt people as they have hurt me too. My emotions were just all over the place.< Less
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Journey of Emotions: Even in our darkest moments, light surrounds us, for without light, no shadows can form! By Eloy Garza Jr. III
eBook (ePub): $11.99
Poetry written from the heart, centering on the emotional roller coaster of everyday life, is what can be found within these pages. We all have light and dark moments in life but we often forget that... More > we are surrounded by the beauty of nature, friends, and family that can help us brighten the lights in our more dim of moments. With this poetry there are no holds barred. Thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, longings, dreams, faith, and realizations of life being more than any single moment will make you think and rethink the way you view life!< Less
Secrets By Frances Anderson
Paperback: $15.99
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A psychological thrill ride like no other. Secrets explores the minds and hearts of its subjects in a way you would never have thought possible. Captor is the spider that spins the web that entraps... More > his victims. Captor researches therapy methodology, but his methods fall more across the line of torture. Join him as he weaves a web of intrigue, using his unique methods to help his clientele overcome the secrets that have ruined their lives in the past. Are these people his experimental subjects, or are they really the intended victims of a madman/serial killer who masquerades as a PhD? Enter into the minds of his subjects as he experiments with new treatments. Unravel their secrets as they come face to face with themselves in a way no one should ever have to experience. Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster ride as you read this novel.< Less
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Heroes and/or vigilantes come in all shapes and sizes … literally. Some you love. Some you love to hate. Dr. Hugh M. Weathers, a professional businessman, writer, educator, media specialist,... More > producer, etc. introduces C.A.N. Never has there been a character like this one. C.A.N. is a unique, quiet yet explosive man. Join him on this journey of intrigue where he will keep you mentally challenged and physically exhausted. Go along for the ride of his lifetime and enjoy the many experiences that help make him the complex character that will keep you riveted to this page turner. Dr. Weathers has woven such an engaging story that will only leave you wanting and waiting for the sequel. His talent has allowed him to deliver a fascinating novel that will captivate all that have the opportunity to pick it up. C.A.N … PULP COLORED … THE MILKMAN is a masterpiece written by Dr. Weathers that will help encourage those that think they can’t and support those that know they can.< Less

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