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The Care and Feeding of 25 Popular Exotic Animals & Exotic Pets – Animal Facts On Chinchillas to Crocodiles and the Tortoise to the Tiger, and Every Exotic Pet in Between By Rebecca Greenwood, Malibu Publishing
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Owning an exotic pet is a big decision for anybody and should be given a deep thought before it's taken. Firstly, what species of exotic animals you want to adopt as pet should be decided upon.... More > Then, understand the qualities, needs, and problems related to the particular animal like humans are different from the other, so are animals. But only when an in-depth study of the individual animal is done its true personality can be determined. The owner should also understand that some animals even after perfect training grow up to be more aggressive and undisciplined and on the other hand sometimes abused animals grow up to be perfect pets.< Less
The Royal Bengal Tiger of the Sundarbans By Hasan
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It's a book on the Royal Bengal tiger of the Sundarbans Mangrove forest - The world's largest mangrove forest. The forest is the largest home, in the world, to tigers as well. Bengal tiger of this... More > forest is the most ferocious animal. Usually it keeps distance from the human being; but sometimes some of them may become man-eaters. Bengal tiger is an endangered animal listed in the Red Book of the IUCN.< Less
Extinct 2014 By Nicholas Monsour
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This directory contains the most complete list of identified extinct species currently available. Edited and printed by Nicholas Monsour, 2014. Data provided by Encyclopedia of Life.
Joseph Gregory Rossano: Vanity By Joseph Rossano, Sandra Berrios-Torres
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In 2013, numerous animal species were declared extinct. Man’s destruction of natural habitat, introduction of invasive species, and over harvest pushed them into memory. Joseph Gregory Rossano:... More > Vanity is an installation, an expandable exhibition, and a detailed publication created by Rossano and a team of scholars and artists. Eleven extinct species are represented in various ways: sculpturally in specimen jars; drawings in the Naturalist’s tradition; historically in scientific descriptions and a scholarly catalog; and obscured by man’s DNA sequences. It is as if we could reconstruct each species with all the information provided, but Rossano complicates this act of mental remediation—his clear glass sculptures submerged in water are almost imperceptible, and we are only given a clouded glimpse of the portraits of these species. What we can best see is ourselves reflected in the mirrored glass sculpture below the cabinets reminding us that this is our vanity, literally and figuratively.< Less

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