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Alaskan Steller Sea Lion Population Decline: An Economic Analysis By Meredith Stanley
Paperback: $4.90
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This paper examines market solutions to stem the decline of Alaskan Steller sea lion populations, reviewing the possibility of taxation and quota systems.
If I Were a Manatee By John L. Brooks
Paperback: $14.00
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Your child's 3rd Grade class has taken on a project! Tell us what it would be like, to be a particular animal. How about a Manatee??
Mubu & Mu- Mu The Little Animal Doctor By Peter Alexander & Paulo Sergio
Paperback: $19.00
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In an enchanting story set in Thailand, a little girl nurses a wounded baby gibbon. What makes this story so delightful is that the story is true. Mubu & Mu-Mu: The Little Animal Doctor, written... More > by Peter Alexander and illustrated by Paulo Sergio, is the story of a young girl whose grandfather entrusts her with the care of the gibbon. The grandfather made three important rules: “No name for the gibbon,” “No cuddling the gibbon,” and “No gibbon sleeping in your bed.” Grandfather was not being mean; he knew that Mubu became attached to the animals she nursed, and that the animals would be returned to the wild and, therefore, must not be domesticated. Of course we know where this is heading…Mubu becomes attached to the little gibbon, names her Mu-Mu, and is broken-hearted when it’s time to release her in her natural habitat. Mubu and Mu-Mu become fast friends and adventure out into the forest where they experience the wonders around them. When Mu-Mu is returned to her home in the forest, will she remember Mubu?< Less
God Lives In a Tree and other poems By Robert Costa
Paperback: $11.95
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The author of two previous collections of poetry, Robert Costa is a full time teacher, residing in southeastern Pennsylvania. In his latest book, the social commentator climbs out on a limb,... More > observing the troubled world below. From his vantage point, he writes about the many social injustices that plague modern society. There is war, famine and poverty, destruction of the environment and political unrest. Between the branches he sees how man has become estranged from family, friends, God and a world that had always seemed safe and secure. Yet, in the distance there is hope, as seen from the highest bough. Rather than surrendering to the gloom and doom, the author finds encouragement and the determination to live each day to its fullest.< Less
The Positive Zoo II By Lewis Robinson
Hardcover: $36.99
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The Positive Zoo II 'Love and Gratitude' Positive Vibes, Wonderful Creatures, and $1 Donated to The Rare Animal Conservation Center Located at the Philadelphia Zoo! Feel Free to stop by... More > to purchase the digital version for only 5.99 ($1 still donated for every copy sold)!< Less
Lucy and the Oil Disaster By Lucy Leatherback
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Lucy Leatherback is a giant sea turtle who lives peacefully in the ocean. Then one day an oil spill from a human's ship fills her home with terrible black sludge. Can she and her friends survive?
The Global Situation By Quinton Crawford
eBook (ePub): $5.99
This book entails the wrongs done by human to humans, and humans to our world. Several explanations and leads to how we can reverse and heal from the damages done for a better future.
Multilingual Perspectives in Geolinguistics: 2nd Edition By Hikaru Kitabayashi
Hardcover: $48.95
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Multilingual Perspectives in Geolinguistics: 2nd Edition is a publication of the American Society of Geolinguistics, created with the active participation of its Japanese membership. The 2nd edition... More > is a significantly expanded version with new chapters contributed by special request of the editorial staff. The editors-in-chief are Professor Wayne Finke of Baruch College (City University of New York) and Professor Hikaru Kitabayashi of Daito Bunka University. The object was to offer potential readers a more complete introduction to current literature dealing with geolinguistic themes than was the case with the first edition with Geolinguistics being defined as the study of languages and varieties of language in contact and/or conflict. This 2nd edition also contains many small corrections to the original text and it is to be hoped that it will offer a more satisfying experience than was possible with the first edition, which due to its historical interest is being kept in print for the time being.< Less
Poultry and Ratites By Dr. Ross Gordon Cooper
Paperback: $21.91
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There has been a steadily growing interest in poultry and ratite farming and husbandry worldwide. Ostriches provide a good return on investment and the versatility of valuable products like meat,... More > skin, feathers and eggs are important. Due to the incidence of dioxine problems in 1999 (Belgium), a second outbreak of Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis (B.S.E.) in 2000 (Europe) and foot-and-mouth disease in 2001 (U.K.), the demand for ostrich meat has increased. The consumption of beef in Europe at that time declined and consumers started to look for alternative kinds of red meat, particularly the healthier varieties (low in salt and saturated fatty acids, yet high in protein and iron). Alternative meat imports include those from duck, turkey, guinea fowl and quail. This booklet attempted to explore the Biology of various birds and the important factors surrounding their care domestically and in the wild. Encompassed in the discussion is chick behaviour in the wild and domestically.< Less
PaperBack By Carl Paul Henneman
Paperback: $15.00
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A poetic dissertation on the endangered existence of the individual in a modern society.

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