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Creature Counting: a journal of animals By Karen Broemmelsick
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Creature Counting is meant to raise awareness of the various animals that share our world and some of the issues they face today, while encouraging young readers to learn to count. Not all of the... More > animals included in the book are endangered - some have recovered, while other populations remain abundant. Many, however, are threatened to varying degrees without strong conservation efforts. The illustrations follow an "old journal" theme and include a map and glossary of key terms.< Less
Corporal Ron's Borneo Warrior Rescue (eBook/PDF) By Sandra S C Arthur
eBook (PDF): $4.71
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Corporal Ron’s Borneo Warrior Rescue is an adventure story that should appeal to kids aged 10+ especially boys. It is a unique, fast-paced story about a fascinating country and a long forgotten... More > “secret” war. Featuring Ron, a Royal Air Force radio operator, working amongst the Dayaks of Borneo, the story follows the perilous mission that Ron and two young warriors undertake through the rainforest. Along the way they must each face challenges while learning about the others cultures and the ways of the jungle. This story is also a great introduction to one of our rare rainforests: Borneo and its people, flora and fauna. This well-researched war-time story has drama, wit and fun. Information panels, at the end of each section, highlight the plight of the endangered species. The story is a work of fiction, but was written as a tribute to the author's father. Readers of all ages will find this a vivid, informative and enjoyable book. Supporting Help for Heroes< Less
The Honeyeaters' Tree By Andy Gibb
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Suddenly homeless and beyond mid-life, a British birdwatcher takes off for the Antipodes. He's looking for the 73 species of honeyeater. In the process he uncovers the tree of life and the landscapes... More > of Australia and New Zealand. He learns how the tree of life connects all the planet's species and how one of them threatens it like rarely before. The author flies via Singapore to a week around Perth. As 2008 turns into 2009, he drives two months in a campervan from Adelaide to Cairns, Queensland. The route skirts floods and cyclones. A fortnight in Tasmania and Victoria, with its fatal fires, concludes the Australian leg. New Zealand then offers a coda with its own branch of the family. Railways, cities and culture shock play cameo roles throughout. Not just about birds, the trip is a last chance to witness other survivors from the Triassic as they struggle against the latest mass extinction.< Less
Gir National Park - Gujarat By Ajay Jain
eBook (PDF): $1.99
If you believe the true king of the jungle is the lion and would like to meet one, you can only do so at the Gir National Park in Gujarat. This is the home to the last of the Asiatic lions on the... More > planet. Of course, Gir has much more to offer than just lions. Allow your wishlist to expand beyond just lion sightings, and you will be impressed with the rich flora and fauna of the forest. Join the author in his safari to see for yourself.< Less
Bardia National Park - Postcards from Nepal By Ajay Jain
eBook (PDF): $1.99
No sooner had I checked into my lodge at Bardia National Park when the manager showed me a picture of a tigress with four cubs - clicked by a guest the day before. I purposefully went about my... More > safaris on the following days hoping to meet this family, only to draw a blank. But there was no room for disappointment - the park had lots more to offer.< Less
The Big Lost By R R Carroll
Paperback: $16.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
T hey have been called the wolf wars. And indeed, for those arrayed on either side of the bitter controversy, it is an apt descriptor. But for the sheriff of rural Custer County, Idaho the abstract... More > polemics of the rightness or wrongness of wolves in the wild would have to take a back seat to the reality of a horrendously scavenged body discovered on the snow covered western slope of the Big Lost Mountain Range. The long time lawman, Chester A. Tilghman, had a first class mystery on his hands. All he knew for sure was that the coroner had collected a bloody mess that once had been a sportsman seeking to take his first wild wolf. How he died, be it by the hand of man or the tooth and claw of a vicious beast, was beyond the evidence. It was to be a grand puzzle. But puzzle or not, a resolution had to be found and the sheriff had to find it. The opposing sides in the wolf wars would have it no other way.< Less
Turtle Facts Hard Cover By Joette Murray
Hardcover: $26.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
If you love turtles this is the book for you. Colorful illustrations and fascinating facts make this a fun and educational read. If you don't love turtles you will by the end of this book.
Turtle Facts Soft Cover By Joette Murray
Paperback: $13.78
Prints in 3-5 business days
If you love turtles this is the book for you. Colorful illustrations and fascinating facts make this a fun and educational read. If you don't love turtles you will by the end of this book.
Mubu & Goldie_ Her First Elephant By Peter Alexander & Paulo Sergio
Paperback: $19.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this Mubu The Little Animal Doctor adventure, Mubu gets her first elephant. Mubu tells you about her newest animal friend, the biggest friend a kid could ever want. She never dreamed that she... More > would have a friend as big as a small mountain, but that is exactly what happened early one spring morning.< Less
TEO: Thief Executive Officer: A Dizzy Gillespie Mystery By D. S. Kaplan
eBook (ePub): $7.99
The healthcare industry can be lucrative and dangerous. When a powerful and charismatic magnate employs unethical and harmful tactics to dominate the market, a young employee considers becoming a... More > whistle blower to obtain justice. Opioids, murders, counterfeit drugs, assault, and kidnapping intimidate and threaten her resolve and her life. Will Detective Dahlia “Dizzy” Gillespie and her investigative team be able to thwart the Thief Executive Officer? Will a mysterious bodyguard protect the employee or will his interference merely increase the danger for her?< Less

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