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Juggernaut: Alpha - The Complete Drum Transcription By Matt Halpern
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Juggernaut: Alpha - The Complete Drum Transcription takes you on a journey through the drum parts written and performed by Matt Halpern on Periphery's concept record, Juggernaut: Alpha. Not only... More > does the book feature the in-depth drum transcription of every song on the album, it also includes insightful song introductions where Matt walks us through his writing, recording and performance process for each track. Matt's motivational attitude and words of encouragement throughout the book will leave readers feeling energized and ready to take on the drumming world. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, you'll find your particular skill set being reinforced and ultimately strengthened by Matt's approach.< Less
The Cache_Spring 2018 By Herrmann Williams
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This journal of professional learning was seeded during an impassioned conversation about how to spread expertise across our large district. In our work as Professional Development Coordinators, we... More > partner with teachers and teams all over Poudre School District (PSD). We constantly leave schools and trainings energized by the window through which we see learning and teacher work occurring; this journal is a vehicle to share these experiences with readers. Kelly had previously published a reflective article with a journal of adult learning and believed we might be able to mimic that platform with our own homegrown journal. We were instantly excited about bringing this vehicle for learning to PSD because we knew we had an eager audience and expert contributors. We are humbled by the enthusiasm for learning, flexibility, creativity, and energy of the teachers in PSD.< Less
Discovery of the D's Poetry By David Christensen
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Words from the heart after Healing Touch and Reiki experiences. The relaxation of energy work has allowed David's mind to see the world in a refreshing and delightful way. David found the other... More > "D's" that exist in us all and through poetry attempts to share them with the reader.In this collection of over 30 poems, he opens his heart for all to see. The path to this release of creative talent was seeded by David's work while he receives and gives energy. All the poems originated during his heightened senses after Healing Touch and Reiki sessions. Rediscovery of love for his wife Donna is truly evident in many of the poems. It is his sincere hope that your life will be energized, as his has been.< Less
Color White Gray Other By Jens Haas
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“Color White Grey Other” is about life between Berlin, New York City, and beyond, about the experiences of leaving one's home, and exploring the new. The book brings together many of Jens... More > Haas' images from the past ten years. Haas started his photographic journey in Berlin, where he moved shortly after the reunification, fascinated by the pre-war marks that were still the face of the city, and the exhilarating mood of change that ruled in these days. From there, he began to explore Manhattan, a place that he finds similarly energized, ugly, and beautiful. If you at all relate to the experiences of dislocation, adventure, nostalgia, and nomadism, this book is for you. It includes an essay by Stephen Mayes, Director of VII Photo Agency. More info, including a full preview of the book, at Jens Haas' blog, Notes From Nowhere.< Less
ART:TWENTY-ELEVEN By Open Studio Artists, Ventura
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This book contains examples of the work of thirty-eight artists from all across the United States, Canada, and England. Each year the artists gather in Ventura, California, to work in... More > an Open Studio environment for two weeks. The synergy that builds during this time and the friendships that have developed among the group create an energizing atmosphere. Each artist is supported and challenged to develop a unique voice, and the result is this amazing body of work. The individuality of the work represented clearly celebrates the vision of each artist. Here is a collection of art work, five images and a personal statement of intent from each of thirty-eight artists. It is like a gallery exhibit, but you can hold it in your hands and go back as often as you like. Enjoy! It is the second in a series from the Open Studio Artists.< Less
Dancer's Palette By Barbi Leifert
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Dance is a universal language in every culture, crossing all borders; therefore, in some of the paintings in the series, I focus on the figurative of people who dance for fun. I have experimented... More > with different ways of doing the paintings–some are more abstract than others. What started out as a series of paintings of dancers celebrating their athleticism and beauty, turned into a spiritual experience for me after I painted the fiftieth painting in the series I ‘ve always heard it said that dance is a metaphor for life, but I actually experienced it and the paintings evolved into much more than an appreciation of an aesthetic. I’m a seeker of the truth and have been since I was very young. There are many more paintings to be made in this series. It is my intent that paintings in the Dancer’s Palette series energize you and create harmony in the spaces where they live. This book is dedicated to all the dancers.< Less
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The Augmented Reality (AR) program features 3D models which illustrate principle geometric shapes. Children can directly interact with the shapes which further improves their visualization of... More > geometric models, both inside and outside the classroom. Furthermore, this method of innovative and immersive learning with strongly benefit children who are visual learners or who require additional learning modalities. The primary aim of implementing the supplimental AR tool in the math curriculum and the teaching process is to help educators to individualize class lessons according to each child’s capabilities and engage them in learning more independently using the key senses: Seeing, hearing and doing. The Geometry App will bring figures to life going beyond pictures of geometrical shapes in textbooks and elevating children’s learning experiences which will energize everyday lessons.< Less
Being Spiritual By Minister Paul E Jones
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All humans are beings of energy, vibrating at unique and beautiful frequencies. As such, each of us possesses the ability to affect the world in a positive way, simply by using focused meditation to... More > connect with our own environments, our fellow humans, and the Earth. Because it is intention that creates the connection, we all have the potential to act as and to create beacons of light - centers of positive, healing energy that radiates outward, dispelling negativity and spreading joy and well-being. It is more than choosing to maintain a positive attitude. Rather, becoming a beacon of light means embodying qualities of energy that can open up the potential of others and becoming a center of positive change by meditating outward. The process begins by creating environments that are supportive and energizing, but also a sanctuary where those who enter your space can find renewal.< Less
The Great "I AM" or the Great "I WAS?" By Jason Wells
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How is it that when we come away from reading the Bible we come away worse than when we started? I know why! We have been deceived into believing that all God done was only for the children of... More > Israel. And all that Jesus done was for the people of his time. Also that all the apostles of the Lord done such as miracles, signs, and wonders died out with them. No wonder we leave our Bibles drained instead of energized ready to enter the promise land. Either God is the Great "I AM" or the Great "I WAS." The God we serve is alive and well still moving on behalf of his children empowering them through the precious Holy Spirit to go out and take the land. Children of God will you believe it? Or has God to you become "I WAS" instead of the Great' "I AM?" You choose!< Less
My Ever-Present Help By Aaron Robinson Jr.
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My Ever-Present Help... Your GOD 911! This book presents to you a collection of 28 powerful 'EMERGENCY' PRAYERS along with their 'CONFIRMING' SCRIPTURES that cover the different circumstances a... More > believer may experience; all in one handy guide! Pick a prayer that fits your situation, pray and then meditate on the confirming scripture! Also included are DECLARATIONS OF FAITH: A collection of 30 Powerful faith statements to Validate & Encourage Yourself with the word of God. So when your spirit needs a lift - Talk to the Mirror! Give yourself a boost with these powerful declarations of faith to strengthen, energize you and help you cope with the day to day challenges and tasks you may encounter; feel great about yourself each and every day!< Less

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