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Systems Engineering Processes and Practice By Jeffrey Strickland
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Many graduates of formal educational programs do not enter the work force ready to approach or solve the complex problems faced by Systems Engineers (SE). This book describes the processes and... More > practices commonly employed for Systems Engineering which provide a greater depth of understanding for Systems Engineers and Systems Engineering Managers. Earlier chapters present an overview of the Systems Engineering Processes; the Technical processes, Project processes, and Organizational (Enterprise) processes; Life-Cycle Stages; Enabling Systems Engineering processes; Systems Engineering Support Activities; Specialty Engineering Activities; and SE processes Tailoring. Later chapters describe the Systems Engineering Processes and Practice including Standard SE processes; the Stakeholder Requirements Definition Process; the Requirements Definition Process; the Logical Decomposition Process and Functional Analysis and Allocation; the Systems Architecture Process; and the Trade Study Process.< Less
Design: Petroleum Fuel Facilities - Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) By Naval Facilities Engineering Command et al.
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This guidance is for individual project planning and for preparing engineering and construction documentation. Basic guidance is provided to professional facility planners, engineers, and architects... More > for use in designing liquid fueling and dispensing facilities, liquefied petroleum gas facilities, and compressed natural gas facilities. Included are basic requirements for the design of fueling systems; the design of receiving, dispensing, and storage facilities; ballast treatment and sludge removal; corrosion and fire protection; and environmental requirements.< Less
Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook By Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division
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CONTENTS Mathematical Notation . Frequency Spectrum. Decibel (dB). Duty Cycle . Doppler Shift . Electronic Formulas . Missile and Electronic Equipment Designations. Radar Horizon / Line of Sight .... More > Propagation Time / Resolution . Modulation. Transforms / Wavelets. ANTENNAS- Antenna Introduction / Basics . Polarization. Radiation Patterns. Frequency / Phase Effects of Antennas . Antenna Near Field. Radiation Hazards. Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA) . RADAR EQUATIONS Field Intensity and Power Density. Power Density . One-Way Radar Equation / RF Propagation. Two-Way Radar Equation (Monostatic) . Alternate Two-Way Radar Equation . Two-Way Radar Equation (Bistatic) . Jamming to Signal (J/S) Ratio - Constant Power [Saturated] Jamming. Burn-Through / Crossover Range. Support Jamming . Jamming to Signal (J/S) Ratio - Constant Gain [Linear] Jamming . Radar Cross Section (RCS) . Emission Control (EMCON) . EW Jamming Techniques . RADAR AND RECEIVER CHARACTERISTICS & TEST- RF Atmospheric Absorption...< Less
Facilitation of Technology Supported Collaboration By Robert Briggs & Gert-Jan de Vreede
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When should your team engage in collaboration? Who can benefit from it? How can collaboration technologies increase productivity in more effective ways? A decade ago, the authors combined their many... More > years of experience as professional facilitators and collaboration engineers to create a design approach that would provide more useful results in half the time. The result: facilitation of technology supported collaboration has surpassed expectations by delivering 3-times the results in a quarter of the time. This book introduces and illustrates their field-tested guidelines to handle organizational collaboration challenges, such as: - Setting team goals - Defining team processes - Selecting and applying best facilitation practices - Using appropriate collaboration tools. Learn from the experts. Dr. de Vreede and Dr. Briggs share how their proven Collaboration Engineering and facilitation principles can be used to create lasting collaboration benefits in organizations.< Less
An Introduction to Retaining Walls and Excavation Support Structures By J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A. - Editor
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This publication provides an introduction to retaining walls and excavation support systems.
Electric Railway Engineering By Francis H. Doane
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When Electric Railway Engineering was originally published in 1915, the electric railroad was rapidly transforming the nation’s cities and suburbs. How trolley cars, interurban cars, and... More > electric freight locomotives operate, and how a railroad must be constructed and maintained to support them, is the subject of this wonderful historic book. In its pages you'll find chapters about power systems, including overhead and third-rail, and topics such as operation of traction motors, controllers, resistor grids, and other hardware. Long considered a classic, this book has been out of print for nearly 100 years. This new printing is an exact replica of the original, and features nearly 400 pages of text and numerous diagrams.< Less
Artificial Intelligence: Rules Engines for Mobile Platforms By Chinmoy Mukherjee
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Mobile applications are becoming increasingly complex. This is making ground for rules engine in mobile platform. Rules engine can help keeping business logic separate from application logic. At... More > this point of time, not many rules engines are known to work in mobile platforms. We have ported and evaluated nines rules engines CLIPS, openerules, JXBRE, JEOPS, Roolie, Termware, Jruleengine, Zilonis, DTRules in Android. This book provides detailed description, step by step porting guides, sample working code for each of the rules engine. We also discuss the issues faced while attempting to port other popular rules engines like Drools, JLisa, “Take” and Jess. We compared the rules engines based on Licensing, language used to develop, rules syntax, reasoning method, multi threading support, scalability, etc in Android . If you are trying to use a rules engine in a mobility project, this book can save more than 4 staff weeks of effort.< Less
The Gasoline Automobile: The Classic 1915 Car Engineering Book By George W. Hobbs & Ben G. Elliot
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Henry Ford introduced his Model T in 1908, and changed the face of America. The arrival of the “Tin Lizzie” on city streets also signaled the beginning of the end for a debate that had... More > raged since the beginning of the motor car era. Namely, “What is the best propulsion system for autos: steam, electric, or gasoline?” Originally published in 1915 as an engineering text, The Gasoline Automobile is a classic book that provides rare insights into the early days of the automobile revolution. Within its pages you will find descriptive text supported by numerous rare photos and illustrations. Chapters include: general construction, engines, power plant groups and transmission systems, fuels and carburetting systems, lubrication and cooling, batteries and ignition, magnetos, starting and lighting systems, troubles and remedies, and operation and care. This softcover reprint of the first edition has been slightly reformatted for readability, but care has been taken to preserve the integrity of the text.< Less
Navy Aviation Support Equipment Technician (AS) - NAVEDTRA 14329 - (Nonresident Training Course) By Naval Education & Training Center
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COURSE OVERVIEW: Provides basic information on support equipment mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and cryogenic systems. CHAPTER 1. The Aviation Support Equipment (As) Rating..1-1 2.... More > Chassis And Attaching Systems... 2-1 3. Principles Of Internal Combustion Engines... 3-1 4. Internal Combustion Engine Fuel Systems .4-1 5. Internal Combustion Engine Cooling And Lubricating Systems.5-1 6. Automotive Electrical Systems And Equipment.6-1 7. Power Generating Systems . 7-1 8. Hydraulic Systems And Equipment .. 8-1 9. Pneumatics .. 9-1 10. Liquid And Gaseous Oxygen Systems And Equipment . 10-1 11. Mobile Air-Conditioners.. 11-1 12. Gas Turbine Compressors . 12-1 13. Shipboard Flight deck Equipment. 13-1< Less
Self-Organising Locally Interpolating Maps in Control Engineering By Helge Hülsen
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The work is motivated by problems during automated motion control of mobile microrobots. For a high positioning accuracy a data-based learning controller model is required since a microrobot's motion... More > behaviour is difficult to model and since the model parameters even change with time. The approach of the Self-Organising Locally Interpolating Map (SOLIM) includes a new method that continuously and interpretably maps from a grid of input support vectors, e.g. a robot's velocity, to a grid of output support vectors, e.g. corresponding control commands. Moreover, a learning algorithm has been developed, which iteratively adapts the output support vectors such that the SOLIM map represents an inverse model of the unknown system to be controlled. The most important properties of the SOLIM approach have been proven in simulations and during position control of mobile micro-robots.< Less

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