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Jeffu Warmouth: NO MORE FUNNY STUFF By Fitchburg Art Museum
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Exhibition Catalogue for Jeffu Warmouth: NO MORE FUNNY STUFF solo exhibition at Fitchburg Art Museum, Feb 9 - June 1, 2014. Jeffu Warmouth: NO MORE FUNNY STUFF is a mid-career retrospective... More > featuring the puns, parody, and absurdist humor of a beloved New England contemporary artist. Whether riffing on fast-food courts, Spaghetti Western cinema, or concepts of monotony and ennui in our tech and media-savvy society, Warmouth's photographs, videos, and installations wittily demonstrate the transformative nature of the mundane in our everyday lives. The exhibition and accompanying catalogue were organized by Associate Curator Mary M. Tinti, with major contributions by the students of Rob Carr's Document Design courses, part of a pilot collaboration between the Fitchburg Art Museum and Fitchburg State University.< Less
Adventures In the Philippine Islands: Illustrated By Paul P. de La Gironière
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Adventures in the Philippine Islands. Translated from the French of Paul P. de La Gironière. On hearing a recital of some adventures which had occurred to me during my long voyages, many of... More > my friends have frequently begged of me to publish a narrative of them, which might perhaps be interesting. M. Alexandre Dumas was publishing, under the title of “The Thousand-and-One Phantoms,” a romance, one of the principal personages of which, in a voyage to the Philippine Islands, must have known me when I was residing at Jala-Jala, in the colony that I founded there. It must be evident that the lively romancist has ranked me in the category of his Thousand-and-One Phantoms; but, to prove to the public that I am really in existence, I have resolved to take up the pen, under an impression, that facts of the most scrupulous veracity, and which can be attested by some hundreds of persons, might possess some interest, and be read without ennui, by those especially who are desirous of learning the customs.< Less
Tales From Post Apocalyptia (Volume I) By R.H. Scott
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The Major: Captured freedom fighter Sam is approached in her cell by a man who claims he can free her from her imprisonment, on the condition she help him catch her former mentor, the infamous... More > "Major". Sam must choose which is more important to her: her freedom, or her old loyalties. Paradise: A young girl finds herself captured and put to work in a mine as a slave. When her identity is discovered by her fellow prisoners, talk of revolution begins to spread among their ranks. But there are dangers besides the watchful eyes of the facility's guards to contend with. Sophia and the Red Kite: Retired bandit turned Gentleman Thomas runs away from his aristocratic life following the death of his young wife, and in his quest to find himself, lands himself in the midst of a battle where he is forced to choose between his own skin, and doing the right thing. Ennui: Our protagonist makes her way to the infamous city, looking to settle an old score, but she is not prepared for what awaits her there.< Less
Cabin Fever: Classic American Western Novel By B.M. Bower
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There is a certain malady of the mind induced by too much of one thing. Just as the body fed too long upon meat becomes a prey to that horrid disease called scurvy, so the mind fed too long upon... More > monotony succumbs to the insidious mental ailment which the West calls "cabin fever." True, it parades under different names, according to circumstances and caste. You may be afflicted in a palace and call it ennui, and it may drive you to commit peccadillos and indiscretions of various sorts. You may be attacked in a middle-class apartment house, and call it various names, and it may drive you to cafe life and affinities and alimony. You may have it wherever you are shunted into a backwater of life, and lose the sense of being borne along in the full current of progress. Be sure that it will make you abnormally sensitive to little things; irritable where once you were amiable; glum where once you went whistling about your work and your play.< Less
Butterflies By David Lewis Paget
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Perhaps your life is humdrum, banal or unimaginative. On your return from the daily ritual, you have nothing exciting to shake off that feeling of ennui. Well you have now, once you've taken the... More > plunge, and purchased this book. Whole new worlds will open before your eyes, characters and situations will enthrall and delight you. Improbable scenarios will light up your mind, and engage your imagination. Too good to be true? Not at all. These works, the latest in a series of narrative poems from the Australian Poet David Lewis Paget have been called brilliant and compulsive reading. None of your freeform psychobabble here. These are strange tales, conveyed in strict rhyme and metre from the eccentric mind of one of the greatest living storytellers. Sixty four of these tales are yours for the asking in this eleventh volume of his narrative works. Wipe the cobwebs off that wallet, and get your copy now! It won't break the bank.< Less
LE CHEVAL MAGIQUE By Violette Marsan
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Lili découvre un cheval magique :ça va changer son été car chez sa mamie elle s'ennuie.
L'ami imaginaire de Lola By Justine Macqret-Dumaine
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Parfois, lorsqu'il n'y a pas école, Lola s'ennuie. Elle aimerait bien avoir un ami imaginaire.
Poèmes pour l'âme tome 6 By Nalie Portier
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Certitudes, incertitudes Arbre mon ami Naissance La lumière Plonger au cœur du temps Quand l’union fait la force Le dessein de mon... More > cœur L’ennui La libellule Le tambour Ose être qui tu es Alchimie Accords Toltèques, La mésange Se sentir libre Mon cœur dans son écrin Séparation Je me pose un instant Le vent se lève Lorsque je m’interroge Troublante perspective Quand je crée de mes mains Fête de la musique Altruisme Week-end Force est de constater Poèmes pour l’âme Les croyances limitantes Hypnose Les réponses La commémoration Eveil spirituel Mon enfant intérieur Découvrir un prodige La cité des anciens Et si tout est écrit J’ai comme la nostalgie En attente Ma chambre La vie m’a dit< Less
la page d'a coter Chap 2 By Maxime Ingels
eBook (PDF): $1.30
Après une rencontre inattendue, Samuel espère passer sa soirée temps attendue, le plus normalement possible. Première soirée, premiers... More > ennuis.< Less
Dans mon frigo "Marre d'avoir froid!" By Fédo
eBook (PDF): $3.21
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Recueil et inédits: Les aventures délirantes des habitants du frigo de Fédo. Oublier l'ennui et le sérieux avec 69 sketches survitaminés.

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