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The Book of Raziel By Archangel Raziel
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According to legend, the archangel Raziel stands by God’s throne and writes down divine wisdom into a book he presented to Adam and Eve, after their expulsion from Eden. Since then, Enoch,... More > Noah, and Solomon have all been recipients of writings from this being, the angel of mysteries, whose name means “God’s secrets”. In this latest manifestation of The Book of Raziel, the archangel himself presents us with allegorical stories, visions, and descriptions of his earthly mission. For the first time, the angel’s own unique personality and his distinctive voice form an important component of his message.< Less
The Forgotten Books of Eden By Rutherford H. Platt
eBook (PDF): $8.99
This Illustrated edition of these Ancient Texts gives an account to the books of 20 of the original books banned from the Bible during the Counsil of Nicea in 325 AD. The missing books gives the... More > reader the detailed account of Biblical times as well as provide an invaluable glimpse into early Christianity. Contents: The First Book of Adam and Eve The Second Book of Adam and Eve The Book of the Secrets of Enoch The Psalms of Solomon The Odes of Solomon The Letter of Aristeas Fourth Book of Maccabees The Story of Ahikar The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs Testament of Reuben Testament of Simeon Testament of Levi The Testament of Judah The Testament of Issachar The Testament of Zebulun The Testament of Dan The Testament of Naphtali The Testament Of Gad The Testament of Asher The Testament of Joseph The Testament of Benjamin< Less
The Golden Age By Carl Theophilus Odhner
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The Story of the Most Ancient Church. CONTENTS: The Successive Dispensations -- The Origin of Man -- The Preadamites -- The Church of the Golden Age -- Physiological Characteristics of Primeval Men... More > -- Life in Paradise -- The Heaven of the Golden Age -- The Decline of the Golden Age -- The Age of the Patriarchs -- The Antedeluvians -- Noah and the Flood -- Legends of Creation -- Legends of the Golden Age -- Legends of the Fall and the Patriarchs -- Legends concerning Enoch -- Legends of the Flood. ILLUSTRATIONS AND DIAGRAMS: The Fall -- Noah in his Ark -- The Asherah, or Sacred Tree -- A Chart of the Ages -- The Involution and Evolution of the Word -- Swedenborg's Doctrine of Forms and Degrees -- The Assyrian Fish-god -- Chnemu modelling man -- The Fall -- Mexican representation of Eve, Cain and Abel, and the serpent.< Less
Success Power By Ayo Adebamowo
eBook (PDF): $3.11
From the inspiring stories of various individuals like Abraham Lincoln, Billy Graham, Albert Einstein, Apostle Paul, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Enoch Adeboye, Ralph Emerson, John Rockefeller and... More > numerous others are drawn helpful insights that will prove valuable in achieving desired success in all areas of life. Backed with scriptural facts, Success Power highlights certain cardinal requirements for success we often over look and which inevitably deny us of our legitimate entitlements in this adventure called life. The book is intended to motivate the reader to accomplish the dreams of their heart regardless of their present limitations.< Less
Rock Metaphysics By Darrell Jordan
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Study of the precious and semi-precious stones of the earth has commanded the attention of man from the mists of ages when according to Enoch, the angel Azazzel came to the earth plane to teach him... More > the use of them. Hence man considered the actual benefit to himself of these stones until his natural curiosity led him to study more deeply the marvel of their existence. There can be little doubt that the indicated use was talismanic, and that the pure wisdom of divine inspiration and a clear faith rendered man’s intuition so keen that he was quite able to know the virtue of various stones without chemical analysis.< Less
Cradles the Boat By Vittorio Lauro
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Culla la Barca è un romanzo di genere fantastico ambientato sull’immaginario pianeta Enoch L’autore ha già pubblicato altri romanzi aventi per oggetto il pianeta Enoch con... More > differenti case editrici e questo libro si colloca idealmente come il quarto libro della saga, anche se è pensato per essere avulso dal resto e fruibile anche per un pubblico che non conosca le opere precedenti. Allo stesso tempo esso è idealmente l'ultimo capitolo della saga di Enoch curato dall'autore che con questa opera passa il testimone L’opera segue le vicende di sei fratelli afferenti alla genia immortale dei Viaggiatori e di come essi, in maniera diversa l’uno dall’altro, gestiscano il loro rapporto con i mortali. Nel corso della vicenda un misterioso personaggio tramerà per porre fine alla loro esistenza e uno ad uno cadranno nella rete intessuta dal loro avversario lasciando solo all’ultimo di loro il compito di vincere questa battaglia per l’eternità.< Less
A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life. By A. D. T. (Adeline Dutton Train) Whitney
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Adeline Dutton Train Whitney (September 15, 1824 – March... More > 20, 1906) was an American poet and prolific writer who published more than 20 books for girls. Her books expressed a traditional view of women's roles and were popular throughout her life.Whitney was born Adeline Dutton Train in Boston, Massachusetts, the daughter of Enoch Train and Adeline Train (née Dutton). Her father founded a line of packet ships that sailed between Boston and Liverpool, a major port of trade and emigration.Adeline was educated at private schools; she studied at the school of George B. Emerson in Boston from 1837 to 1842. Excerpt from:< Less
Abyss By Rollin Miller
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This is a work of Christian fiction; a written fantasia if you will, set in the future during the time of the Millennial Kingdom on earth. During this period of one thousand years, Satan is chained... More > and imprisoned in the great abyss, until the day comes when he will be loosed but for a short time. Our hero is a man known only by the moniker of “scribe” who has been given the task by God to enter into the abyss and write Satan's story. This is an assignment which the scribe willingly accepts, but he does so with a little trepidation as well as the lingering question as to why he would have been chosen by God for such as task. The scribe is a mortal man, having survived the treacherous days of the great tribulation, living in the old city of Jerusalem, awaiting his yet to be received glorious body. He is joined by other characters in the story, primarily the Old Testament saint Enoch and an angel by the name of Paga. The unfolding story is a clash of words, the chaos of madness and the glory of God.< Less
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ENIGMATIC SUNRISE is a depiction of future events revealed in hidden mysteries. This book will clearly reveal the United States in prophecy, and its soon desolation. This book applies God's Word and... More > prophesies to contemporary manifestations. Also, revealed is the meanings of many of the misunderstandings of biblical symbols, and what they are relaying to the reader. ENIGMATIC SUNRISE will clearly reveal the beast and the meaning of its seven heads. The whore of BABYLON and its intended meaning, and a host of other symbols exposed for explanations. Revealed also will be the meaning of the Book of Enoch, and its application to this generation, as well as the Teacher of Righteousness and his presence among us. This is a must read book for everyone who has ever been curious concerning the future, as seen through the eyes of the Prophets. This book holds a plethora of new and challenging information never before explained. Mysteries revealed and puzzling questions answered through supernatural revelations.< Less
Holy Bible Saderingrad Literal Version By Robert Hunter
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SLV Holy Bible (Saderingrad Literal Version) That uses Sir Lancelot Breton's English Septuagint for the Old Testament and Young's Literal Version (With some KJV/Douay Rheims verses) for the New... More > Testament. It features a Apocrypha with books never seen in the Bible. The books within the Apocrypha are not canon and are here for historical reasons. Martin Luther was against removing books and supported the idea of putting books into a Appendix when they weren't considered canon. The books in our Apocrypha is: Gospel of Thomas, The Book of Enoch I-XXXVI, Apocalypse of Peter, Apocryphon of John, and The Gospel of Nicodemus and more. This Bible has the words of Christ in red (except Revelation and the Apocrypha) and a essential area with the ten commandments, Lord's prayer, act of contrition, and a Bible verse finder.< Less

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