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Ideas Matter: An Introduction to Political Ideologies By David Hubert
Paperback: $12.30
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Ideas Matter is a college-level introduction to modern political ideologies. Students are introduced to liberalism, conservatism, fascism and socialism, as well as to libertarianism, liberation... More > ideologies and environmentalism.< Less
Clean Energy Exercises By Robert Larsson
Paperback: $24.00
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These Clean Energy Exercises are designed to be a laboratory component of a four crediit general education science class. These labs are a survey of current energy resources and possibilities for... More > the future such as solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy and energy from nuclear fision. Students will learn to examine methods of energy production, efficiency of energy usage, and the economic, environmental, political, social and aesthetic implications of energy production by various methods. Topics include energy, electricity, biofuels, wind energy, hydroelectric power, solar power, and the human and environmental effects of energy use. Only a basic high school background in mathematics, chemistry, and physics is necessary. Calculations, when necessary, are explained in detail.< Less
Communicating Across the Divides In Our Everyday Lives By Don Schneider
Paperback: $24.95
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A psychological field manual for constructive dialogue about social and environmental concerns, and the progress of civilization. Why is it that some people don't seem to understand the urgency of... More > the challenges we face? Why is it sometimes so difficult to talk with them in ways that might lead to collaborative solutions? This book offers a fresh perspective on some of the psychological factors affecting our attempts to communicate with people we know about issues that concern us - such as where we're headed as a global civilization.< Less
Crisis, Economics, and the Emperor's Clothes By Frans Doorman
eBook (ePub): $4.50
Why isn’t society doing better economically, socially and environmentally? Why haven the advances of science and technology not led to more wealth, well-being and a brighter outlook for... More > humanity? This book argues the blame lies for an important part in the theory and practice of economics. Standard economics is based on poorly conceived premises and method, resulting in misguided policy prescriptions. These helped cause the 2007 crisis, inhibit economic recovery, foster future crises, and restrain society in addressing its social and environmental problems. The book shows that what is considered responsible economic, financial and fiscal policy puts society in an economic straightjacket that prevents the full development of its productive potential. It presents the outline of a new economics, a social science that can help generate the productive potential to create a dynamic, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable society.< Less
eBook (PDF): $0.00
An irreverent analysis of the present anomalies and inconsistencies in the economic, social, political and environmental policies or lack thereof in Australia. Although written specifically in and... More > for Australia, the (mostly outrageous) suggestions and recommendations such as the abolition of income tax would be applicable to any capitalist country.< Less
Jeshrub - The Book of Columns By A.N. Onymous
Paperback: $102.63
Prints in 3-5 business days
Also available in the $9.99 download below, this unusual "factual-fiction" novel was the centerpiece of this project before the foreboding yet encouraging fantasy story was polluted,... More > diluted, & convoluted by the additional political & environmental junk I added; the "real" literary treasure hunt, the postcard pages, the book burning, the calls to action, the reader-created-sequel submissions, the hidden clues to my identity, the convoluted run-on sentences, the improper punctuation & the 10% to charity in the name of the one who discovers my identity. You WILL know me when you find me! The 10% will go to any or all of the chArities MEntioned by the visitors to this site. Everyone is invited to participate in the Individuals Independent Media Movement. I will show you how to publish you're own book, etc., for free! By purchasing this book, you are supporting this new platform that even allows the "passionate inarticuluTT" to have their say. (Did you see the ID clue running through this paragraph?) A.N.O.< Less
The Common Sense Manifesto By Frans Doorman
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Common Sense Manifesto aims to contribute to sustainable development: the process aimed at creating a society that is economically and socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. It... More > offers the outlines of a Fourth Way: an alternative to right and left wing ideology that aims to rebuild economics to lead the global economy out of the 2007 economic and financial crisis, by using the world's productive potential for addressing society's social, environmental and economic problems. The manifesto summarizes the shortcomings of traditional economics and presents a framework for a new economics: a social science that gives better insight in how economies function. Moreover, a set of policies is sketched that will help unlock humanity’s productive potential for meeting society’s social, economic and environmental challenges.< Less
Y3K By Stan Kahn
eBook (ePub): $2.22
Y3K is a look back from the the year 2999 to the world’s looming social/ecological disaster – Entropy Gaia, the breakdown of all world systems – through the eyes of latter day... More > environmentalists. It describes a world brought to its knees by indifference to the planet’s health and welfare, and the new ecotopian world that develops out of its ashes. Y3K conjures up a view of how humanity can live lightly on the earth in a way that’s no less fulfilling than the image we now have of what it takes to be happy. Y3K is a road novel that nearly circles the world through many unique urban and communal settings. It is a novel of activism, of organizing and demonstrating, since even in a future ecotopia there will be those who wish to revert to the exploitation of the past (today). Y3K is a journey into the mind. It is a primer of spirituality and mysticism. Y3K is designed to open the reader’s eyes to the many possibilities of the future, both near term and long. It’s a fun ride; welcome aboard.< Less
Climate Resistance Handbook: Or, I was part of a climate action. Now what? By Daniel Hunter
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If you're wondering how to build a powerful, strategic movement that can make big wins for climate action, this is your guide. The Climate Resistance Handbook brings together a wealth of learnings... More > from the climate justice movement. It starts with breaking social myths about how social movements win. Then dives into campaign tools and frameworks you can use. It closes with how to grow your group and use creative, impactful actions and tactics. This book is full of stories of climate warriors from around the globe and historical movements. It's filled with practical wisdom and inspiration to make you more effective, more active, and ready for what's next.< Less
Paperback: $6.75
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As a result of poor public policy and fraudulent and underhanded corporate actions, business and governments have combined to create a world-wide economic collapse. This crisis has caused a widening... More > of the gap between the rich and the poor, record unemployment, a growing dissatisfaction of workers, an acceleration of the growth of a vast underclass, contributed to millions more children to be trapped in poverty and irreversible environmental degradation. Mr. Roger Martin's best selling book, 'FIXING THE GAME' offers a prescription on how to 'Fix' both the Business and Government Games. This essay underscores the importance of taking immediate action to 'Fix the Game'....NOW.< Less

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