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Environmental Quality Management in Hospitality Sector By Dr meeta nihalani
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The environemntal quality management in hospitality sector relates to designing of servcie quality which can be eco-sensitive to build conservation and preservation of environment in a sustainable... More > way. The qulaity of destination is important to attract the vistors and so the hotels need to build quality of conservation programs of the guests and the local people living in the community.< Less
myrtle street By phil rossington
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In Search of the Yellow Dog By George L Potter
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Randall Oliver is a lawyer semi-retired from a Dallas practice now living in the rural Louisiana community where he grew up. His only active client is his former father-in-law dying of cancer but... More > wanting to drill his last wildcat oil well in an environmentally sensitive Louisiana swamp. Environmental activists, including Randall’s ex-wife, oppose the well and have enlisted Randall’s brother James, a candidate for Louisiana Lieutenant Governor needing to establish environmental credentials, as their spokesman. Why has James, a champion for civil rights all his life, brought a former Klansman into his inner circle of advisers? Has a radical environment group now resorted to murder to protest this well? What secret is Randall’s girlfriend hiding from her past that would lead to attempts on her life?< Less
Vitas By Patrick Law
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Commander Seán Ó Conaill left to find habitable planets on Canopus, one of two black-hole lightships to launch in the twenty-sixth century. Finding none, he ordered Gristelda, the... More > ship's computer, "to accelerate us until the Canopus has achieved the maximum she will do." Gristelda complied and he found himself returning to Earth, now called Vitas, 800,000 years in the future. Humankind was governed by the Society of Life, charged with maintaining the Order, in world inhabited by a few hundred million humans and the the Society. Separated from a primordial world by a Wall, after propounding a Slippery Slope Proposition, he was forced to cross over. But he was part of a greater plan set in motion by the Great One. What he did next would profoundly change the future of humankind, the Society, and all the intelligent habitants of the galaxy.< Less
Skincare and Aging Well By Zomer Publishing
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‘Sensitive skin care’ is governed by way of a few basic rules. But even before we explore the rules for sensitive skincare, it’s important to understand what a sensitive skin is.... More > Sensitive and painful skin is one which struggles to tolerate any unfavorable conditions (environmental/other), and which easily gets irritated on connection with foreign materials (including skincare products). For this reason, some services and products are especially labeled as sensitive skincare products. The degree of sensitivity can however vary from individual to individual (and depending on that, the sensitive skin care procedures vary too).< Less
Getting Home By J.R. Poulter, Muza Ulasowski
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Baby bear is curious, he goes where Mama said, 'Don't!' He finds himself adrift in a BIG, BIG ocean! Will Mama bear find him before his piece of pack ice melts? The story for early childhood/lower... More > primary, introducing children to notions of protecting the environment, animal habitats and global warming, was awarded the LiFE AWARD, Literature for Environment. REVIEW: "When an inquisitive little polar bear investigates the shenanigans of silly seals and orcas, he finds himself separated from his Mama and LOST! This tale tells more than the consequences of a littlie disobeying its parent; its underlying message is one that can be explored by all ages - the impact of Global Warming, a very real and sensitive subject that necessitates action from everyone who cares about our precious planet." Andrienne T. O'Connell, teacher, B.A., Grad. Dip. Ed., taught children from indigenous outback to multicultural city classrooms.< Less
Under the Shade of the See-Through Tree By Neil Cunningham
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This first collection of poems by Minnesota native Neil Cunningham features vignettes of people (and some non-human characters) who live and work in his hometown of Minneapolis; however, at least one... More > poem mentions Milwaukee and Fort Wayne, Indiana...and another poem tries to understand the career aspirations of the Atlantic Ocean. Readers looking for poems that express unusual sensitivity toward seemingly ordinary people and inanimate objects will likely appreciate the blend of everyday magic and antic neurosis in these poetic sketches. This collection of poems is a collaboration with illustrator and longtime friend Angie Single Rohlfs, both of whom are co-Supreme Directors of the world-renowned design firm Mass Global Mega Corp.< Less
Kill Fee By Julie Eberhart Painter
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When Penny Olsen’s uncle is murdered, she inherits fifteen million dollars, servants and his moldy mausoleum, a ninety-eight-year-old beach house on an environmentally sensitive property. But... More > who, in this town of genteel seniors would kill this beloved man and the editor of EARTH-be-WARE Magazine? Perhaps the same person or persons who are after Penny. What secret do Penny and Cole share that bonds them together—and almost tears them apart?< Less
Designing Nanosensors for Chemical and Biological Applications By Sergey Yurish
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The present book aims at providing the readers with some of the most recent development of new and advanced materials and their applications as nanosensors. Examples of such materials are ferrocene... More > and cyclodextrines as mediators, ionic liquid crystals, self-assembled monolayers on macro/ nano-structures, perovskite nanomaterials and functionalized carbon materials. The emphasis of the book is devoted to the difference in properties and its relation to the mechanism of detection and specificity.The chapters of this book present the usage of robust, small, sensitive and reliable sensors that take advantage of the growing interest in nano-structures. Different chemical species are taken as good example of the determination of different chemical substances industrially, medically and environmentally.< Less
Nanosensors: Materials and Technologies By Nada F. Atta
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This book aims to provide the readers with the most recent development of new and advanced materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, sol-gel films, self-assembly layers in presence of surface... More > active agents, nano-particles, and conducting polymers in the surface structuring for sensing applications. The chapters of this book present the usage of robust, small, sensitive and reliable sensors that take advantage of the growing interest in nano-structures. Different chemical species are taken as good example of the determination of different chemical substances industrially, medically and environmentally. A separate chapter in this book will be devoted to molecular recognition using surface templating. This book will find a large audience of specialists and scientists or engineers working in the area of sensors and its technological applications. It will also be useful for researchers working in the field of electrochemical and biosensors since.< Less