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My Battle with Cernunnos By Shaun Prario
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This book is a metaphor for the drug-addicted lifestyle. Written by the author of Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction, this former 20 yr. hardcore addict brings you along for an epic... More > adventure. The narrative within features the main character abiding in the pits of hell while searching for an escape. But there's only one sovereign force able to defeat Satan in the end.< Less
The Battle of Point Pleasant By Livia Nye Simpson-Poffenbarger
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This publication covers the epic Battle of Point Pleasant, contains an extensive roster and includes over 100 biographical sketches of the men who participated in the battle. The author, Livia Nye... More > Simpson-Poffenbarger, was a newspaper publisher, activist and founder of a chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Despite criticism from some historians that the Battle of Point Pleasant was the last in the colonial frontier wars, the author created a campaign for Point Pleasant that, ultimately, led to the establishment of the Tu-Endie-Wei State Park and the erection of the monument at the battle site. Her efforts also secured a resolution from Congress, which officially named Point Pleasant as the first battle of the Revolutionary War.< Less
THE BATTLE OF OTOK (Hardcover) By Jeremy C. Schwendiman
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This book has already been hailed as one of the greatest epic fantasy novels of the 21st century. It is a compilation of 1)a journal of the authors experiences while living in Croatia, 2)a political... More > satire 3)a story of true and eternal love, and 4)a fantasy volume of characters deep within the imagination. Aleric was the son of a common zveri herder. However, due to fantastic circumstances, he finds himself in the midst of political turmoil on the island of Mir and an encroaching war. He joins a secret society known as the Maritonic Knights. These knights must travel to the island of Otok and save it from falling to the new and dark doctrines of war.< Less
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Legions of Battle Fantasy Rules By Mark Sims
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Legions of Battle are a set of Fantasy wargame rules designed to allow you to fight epic battles between a vast array of creatures and races. The basing system has been designed so that fantasy... More > armies used for other rule systems can be fielded without any need to rebase figures. The design concept pits units against each other rather than individual figures and this is reflected in the ‘mass battle’ feel of the rules. Having said that what is a Fantasy Game without an Elric, Gandalf or Conan? Heroes or Legends, Magicians and Monsters all play their part in your army. Some are powerful enough to take on entire enemy units themselves, others controlling the battle, using their magical ability or leading units into combat. The unit design and points system allows you to create pretty much anything you fancy and remains consistent throughout all races and units. The rules have been designed to allow you to customise armies and create your own fantasy settings by using Legions of Battle< Less
The Rise of Nazil: Complete Epic Fantasy Trilogy By Aaron-Michael Hall
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Before Nazil’s rise, came its destruction. The battles fought in The Rise of Nazil were the presage of an impending war. A war not for land, wealth, or power, but for the souls and fates of... More > the mortal world which hung tethered to a brittle filament, separating the Nether from the mortal. As the gods continued to weaken, the demons began their rise. What began with Mah’saahc’s awakening in Seed of Scorn, slithered across Faélondul, devouring some, and possessing others, incessantly seeking the Blood of Oisin needed to breach the threshold between realms. The Benoists’ sacrifices and tribulation penetrated the familial bond that once held them together, destroying the allegiance integral to protect both their family and Faélondul. If the coming darkness cannot be pierced, Faélondul will fall. Once the final battle ensues, neither combatant can win…without dying.< Less
Creator, A Superhero Epic 2nd Edition By Jaime Mera
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An alien race teeters on the brink of civil war by treacherous royal blood with an assassination attempt on the queen, sole ruler of the Argonian Empire. Earth is the target of their salvation if... More > they can transfer the queen’s essence into a unique human, but that human will die in the process. On Earth, Richard Octavian is a superhuman and immortal who lives in the shadow of society as a university student but, is thrown into leading a newly formed superhero group that alters the battle field making Earth the center for galactic peace.< Less
Ace Bailey Versus Roger Crozier: Epic Poetry By Martin Avery
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Ace Bailey Versus Roger Crozier: Epic Poetry is a book about two great Canadian hockey legends from Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. This is a book that boys will enjoy! It looks at the legends... More > and then the author imagines an epic battle between the two superstars. Avery also connects his own story to the legends as he comes from the same place as the two stars and they were big influences in his life.< Less
Dorset (UK) to Cape Town - an epic journey By Nigel Thacker
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A travel report of a journey through Africa, driving the full length of the Continent from North to South. Adventures involving secret agents in Libya, being impounded at an Egyptian border post,... More > battling through the Sudanese desert, and travelling through the heart of Zimbabwe. What shines through are the remarkable people that they meet, and the incredible sights along the way. Fully illustrated with superb full-colour photos.< Less

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