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Space Prison By Tom Godwin
eBook (PDF): $2.55
(3 Ratings)
AFTER TWO CENTURIES.... "The sound came swiftly nearer, rising in pitch and swelling in volume. Then it broke through the clouds, tall and black and beautifully deadly--the Gern battle cruiser,... More > come to seek them out and destroy them. Humbolt dropped inside the stockade, exulting. For two hundred years his people had been waiting for the chance to fight the mighty Gern Empire ... with bows and arrows against blasters and bombs!" "Space Prison" is an epic tale of survival. After war between Humans and Gerns erupted, a human interstellar ship with eight thousand colonists is captured. Half of the group is left to die on a hellish planet called Ragnarok -- a planet of high gravity, impossible temperature extremes, murderous wildlife, and no usable resources. "Space Prison" covers the two-century history of this stranded colony, and describes its survival and how it eventually adapts and thrives.< Less
Edge of Infinity By Jeremy Reimer
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Edge of Infinity is a story about a human-crewed, space-based carrier in the year 2397. The crew, along with their alien allies, must battle a mysterious invading force that threatens to end all... More > sentient life in the galaxy. A LITTLE BACKGROUND: A few years ago, I noticed an absence of really classic space opera in the Sci-Fi market and decided to write my own. I was inspired not only by classic fiction by Issac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, but also by television shows of my youth like the epic Robotech: Macross Saga and by computer games like Wing Commander. The first novel is titled Edge of Infinity. You can read the book for free at but if you enjoy it, please consider purchasing a DRM-free eBook or paper copy!< Less
Dark Pilgrim Rising By R. Peter Ubtrent
Paperback: $25.00
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the Emperor has been assassinated. The Lord Marshall Bhagavan is desperately attempting to keep the Greater Noble Houses from tearing apart the Imperium as they battle for the vacant throne. The... More > Church of the Blessed Prophets, trying to regain their ascendency over humanity and the Imperium, are attempting to also seize the vacant throne. Non-human species who have suffered under the yoke of the Imperium see their chance to break free. Enter into this world Ailanthus and Tethys, friends all their lives and it has been that friendship that has helped them survive the twenty years imprisonment in the infamous penal colony of K'ar Krack'a. Now that their one chance to escape has come, they question the coming together of coincidental events and struggle to make sense out of a world that seems to be falling apart around them. Thus begins book one of the Dark Pilgrim series, an epic tale of brutality and faith, greed and compassion, and love and sacrifice.< Less
The Shattering By Van Allen Plexico
Hardcover: List Price: $49.95 $34.97 | You Save: 30%
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Aliens, gods, demons and men battle across a thousand worlds as the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance! Marcus Ezekial Tamerlane appeared destined for lofty rank in the First Legion of the... More > Empire. But then the Emperor dragged him along on a journey into a nightmare realm a universe away from our own. What he and his high-tech super-soldiers find will shake the Empire to its foundations, and unleash dark demonic forces that not all the armies in creation can hold back... This 700-page hardcover omnibus edition collects all three volumes in the epic saga of THE SHATTERING: Legion I: LORDS OF FIRE Legion II: SONS OF TERRA Legion III: KINGS OF OBLIVION "Intrigue, betrayal and plenty of action." --Doug Dandridge, author of the Empires at War series. "Dune as written by Robert E. Howard." --Ron Fortier, author of the Capt. Hazzard series. "Plexico is the master of Space Opera." --Pulp Fiction Reviews.< Less
Voyage Into the Unknown: Volume Five By Collin R. Skocik
Paperback: List Price: $15.96 $7.98 | You Save: 50%
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With the Earth destroyed by a supernova, the Space Star Silver Streak moves outward into the heavens, a self-sustaining starship housing thousands, settling colonies on other planets . . . moving... More > outward into the deepest, unknown reaches of space . . . The latest chapter in the epic Voyage Into the Unknown saga features twelve more stories in which Captain Richard Cameron, Frank Johnson, Jack Hasta, and Philippe Stargazer face some of their most daunting challenges yet. Jack Hasta is replaced by an alien duplicate. The Darian Empire has grown powerful enough to conquer the Hyrons. Two rivals on a primordial planet battle over property rights, and Cameron must decide who is right. A fledgling colony unravels when a fanatic band director is named its governor. These are just a few of the newest stories in the ultimate adventure, as the Silver Streak plows ever deeper into mysteries of the universe!< Less
E.D.F Chronicles : The Krenaran massacre By Ian J. Smethurst
Paperback: $13.29
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It is 2071, and humanity is in its infancy on the great galactic stage. Busily colonising planets and systems, feeling perfectly safe and secure in their own little corner of the galaxy, and... More > completely oblivious to the myriad of other alien cultures that exist. That is; until several civilian mining vessels start to disappear, which leads Michael Alexander and Nikolai Vargev into a threat which could wipe out all of humanity, and a dilemma for Michael? He must choose between the devotion he holds for his family, and his devotion to his duty? Follow Michael and Nikolai's adventure as they travel to far flung distant worlds and embark on a desperate battle for survival against all odds and a far superior enemy in this the first of the chronicles of the E.D.F and an epic conflict that spans the stars themselves.< Less
Will's Downfall, Book Two: "Why Did They Have To Ruin Such A Perfectly Good World?" By Eric May
Paperback: List Price: $23.68 $16.58 | You Save: 30%
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William Barker has finally grown up. A once curious boy has now become a rather stubborn and irritable man. It's a good thing that he's still got his wife Cleo to hold him by the reins, or he'd... More > surely be behind four well plated steel walls! But don't even think for one second that the world has become a happy and welcoming place. One would be a fool to believe that everything is alright and peachy; that this "happy couple" is not wrought with relationship battles, an alien invasion, a little trip into the world beyond and much more. The second chapter in this epic saga has finally come, and with it are revelations that will melt away all expectations. The world of Will's Downfall is getting even stranger, as the downfall itself edges ever closer... This is merely the calm before the storm.< Less
Worlds Without End: The Prophecy (Book 3) By Shaun Messick
Hardcover: List Price: $39.95 $27.97 | You Save: 30%
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The destinies of three worlds and the Chosen One rest upon three ancient gold tablets written in the pure language of God. Now, good and evil collide in an epic battle for control of the galaxy and... More > the souls of mankind. The ageless war for the souls of mankind rages on in the third installment of the Worlds Without End series. After the presumed death of the Gnols’ supreme leader – Koroan Chast, Dorange Gar seizes command over the other military overlords with the assistance of an ancient, supernatural being. Their goal is to find the golden tablet of Earth. This relic, combined with the relics of Terrest and Gnolom, will give untold power to whoever possesses them; enough power to dethrone even God, Himself. But before Dorange and his new ally can look for the ancient relic on Earth, they must first destroy the remaining human resistance on Terrest. Meanwhile, a child is born on Terrest to the transfigured parents of Jake Palmer and Celeste Chast. Is this child the chosen one?< Less
The Chaos of Unity - Book Two of The Sslithax Heresy By R. Peter Ubtrent
Paperback: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Nathan, Celeste, Thousand-Deaths and Rhegium find themselves taken from certain death and transported to a Xanthian Deep-hauler, where they learn, much to their chagrin, that they are to be used for... More > the fulfillment of an eons-old battle between universes, used to correct a wrong committed in the future that will, if they are successful, render their lives non-existent. Separated into pairs and forced to retrieve lost time-devices for The Unity, our heroes discover that what they have been told is not necessarily the truth and when they discover the truth, they will see for themselves that their sacrifice is the only way to stop an inter-universe war that will destroy both Humanity and the Sslithax in its drive to recover the lost time-devices. From the ancient ruins of Old-Earth to the massive Generation ships of the Demon-Spawn, The Chaos of Unity is the epic conclusion of the best science fiction book series the Sslithax Heresy.< Less
Ninja-Man S1V1 By Kevin Trujillo
Paperback: $8.78
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ninja-Man Season 1 Vol. 1 is the beginning of the Ninja-Man series. Jack Spencer is an ordinary 16 year old boy who stumbles upon an ancient shrine on the outskirts of Warner City which gives him... More > incredible powers such as super strength, speed, and agility. However, Jack's life changes for the worst later on when his parents are murdered. Jack's uncle, Rudy, takes him in and reveals to him the secret of the shrine Jack found and the suit he had uncovered before his parents died. Now, Jack must become a hero in order to prepare himself for the epic battle foretold long ago that would decide the fate of all life. He must balance his high school life, love life, and super hero life all before bed time. Jack's life will never be the same again...< Less

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