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Perfecto Mundo By Stephen Groom
eBook (PDF): $4.69
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Carl and Mandy Rutherford’s cruise around the Greek Islands turns into a nightmare as strange natural phenomena strike the earth whilst they are scuba diving off the island of Spetse. As the... More > days pass it becomes clear to them that they could be the only people alive in this part of Greece, perhaps in the whole of the Mediterranean or even worse................. As they venture further afield looking for other survivors and an explanation to what has happened whilst they were diving, things fall into place and the awful realisation of the truth dawns on them and the people they team up with. An epic adventure and a tale of the strength and resilience of the human race as the survivors of the greatest natural disaster to have struck the earth in millions of years battle for survival and to repopulate the planet – perhaps with a little divine intervention?!< Less
Ninja-Man S1V1 By Kevin Trujillo
eBook (PDF): $1.28
Ninja-Man Season 1 Vol. 1 is the beginning of the Ninja-Man series. Jack Spencer is an ordinary 16 year old boy who stumbles upon an ancient shrine on the outskirts of Warner City which gives him... More > incredible powers such as super strength, speed, and agility. However, Jack's life changes for the worst later on when his parents are murdered. Jack's uncle, Rudy, takes him in and reveals to him the secret of the shrine Jack found and the suit he had uncovered before his parents died. Now, Jack must become a hero in order to prepare himself for the epic battle foretold long ago that would decide the fate of all life. He must balance his high school life, love life, and super hero life all before bed time. Jack's life will never be the same again...< Less
Puk Time Stories & Business Lessons on How to Make it Happen in Myanmar By Jonathan Nichols
eBook (PDF): $4.95
Puktime is essential reading for anyone doing business in Asia. It highlights the opportunities and risks associated with a country that has existed in relative isolation for the past twenty years.... More > Largely untapped, Myanmar is a haven for those with the entrepreneurial spirit to get in at the ground level. It was not easy for Jonathan, he endured all that Myanmar and its people could throw at him. No matter how hard he fell, he kept getting back up. Nothing could keep him down. He has embarked upon a challenge of epic proportions. The business environment in Myanmar is particularly complex for the foreigner, it is ever changing and a constant battle. Rewards will only come through persistence and determination! Jonathan also displays a social conscience and is not blind to the plight of Myanmar’s “Have nots.” He is eager to make a difference in Business and to the local people at large. Unperturbed and showing no fear, Jonathan attempts to conquer any challenge that Myanmar puts in front of him.< Less
Syncritus By Vincent Gordon
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In a time long ago and yet very familiar, an enigmatic young warrior named Syncritus was caught between two worlds. The son of an oracle from an animist tribe, he is taken as a child to a famed... More > eastern city ruled by a "Sage King". After becoming a knight in the fellowship of The Green Sword, he returns to his mother’s village to find his destiny in defending the five tribes of the “Fertile Valley” from a mega-technic empire. Yet another country to the north is divided between three religious groups who are constantly at war and are now on the brink of catastrophe. When Syncritus discovers an engineering project that would threaten the ecology and stability of the whole region, colorful and intriguing characters from all of the nations involved find their lives becoming intertwined in a synchronous experience, culminating in an epic “battle of ideas” that is a parable of human history. Syncritus is a 2012 Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Award's "New Horizon" short list of distinguished first time authors!< Less
Guardian Dear By K. Matthew Grinstead
eBook (PDF): $7.00
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GUARDIAN DEAR is the story of powerful and dedicated Guardian Angels, locked in an epic struggle between dark and light. When evil attacks in the form of dark angels and demon princes, all that... More > remains to protect a little girl and her family is a colorful and fiercely devoted group of heavenly Guardians. Join Penelope, Junia, Darius, and a whole host of "Light Ones" as they battle evil forces in a timeless effort to defend their human charges against a rising demonic maelstrom. Along the way, they grow and learn from one another, and from the humans they are watching over. GUARDIAN DEAR brings to life an exciting new world in an action-packed and emotionally gripping tale of love, hope, and faith that will take your breath away while leading you to ponder some of life's great mysteries.< Less
The Last Magical Year By Gary Logan & Maria del Carmen Irizarry-Rodriguez
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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In a World War Two saga of war and romance, that includes the Above-Top-Secret breaking of the Japanese Navy Tactical Code, a Hispanic-American naval officer’s involvement in a forbidden love... More > affair with the young daughter of America’s most powerful, but bigoted, industrial baron, sets the young pilot on a path of destruction and culminates with the heart-pounding events surrounding our nation’s most crucial battle, the epic naval air encounter near Midway Island in the Pacific. We hope that your interest in our work will send you to the history books to better understand these significant events. But for now, please enjoy "The Last Magical Year." For more behind the scenes & discussions about "The Last Magical Year," visit our Facebook group: "El Rincon Criollo." Watch for "Weatherill Farm," the prequel to "The Last Magical Year," which will be available soon.< Less
The Angel of Marye's Heights By Anthony J Ziebol
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Would you risk your life to save your mortal enemy? Perhaps the only soldier revered on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, Richard Rowland Kirkland is arguably the most famous “common”... More > soldier of the American Civil War. His act of compassion at the battle of Fredericksburg in December of 1862 is both controversial and shrouded in mystery. Although this act is well known, the rest of his story, along with that of the 2nd South Carolina Infantry is not. In addition to Fredericksburg, this Angel of Marye’s Heights was present at some of most fierce fighting of the war and most iconic locations: Henry House Hill at First Bull Run, the Dunker Church at Antietam, the Peach Orchard and Wheatfield at Gettysburg and Snodgrass Hill at Chickamauga. For the first time, the true epic of Richard Kirkland is revealed. This is his tale of the struggle between darkness and light, of the fight to deny the overwhelming bloodshed from destroying that which makes us human.< Less
Simon The Fox By Martin Peter Kielty
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‘An epic tale of treachery, heroism, ambition and betrayal’ Douglas Jackson, Hero Of Rome series ‘A first-class story’ Robert Low, The Oathsworn series Highland Scotland,... More > A.D. 1688: The forces of the deposed King James prepare for battle with those of the new King William – which is of little consequence to Bolla, a beggar about to be murdered for sport. Saved by one Simon Fraser of Beaufort, Bolla finds himself dragged into a world of war and intrigue. Simon, seemingly a Jacobite, will stop at nothing to become MacShimi, the Clan Fraser chief. As those above him begin to be removed from his path the endlessly ambitious character becomes known as The Fox. Bolla can only try to stay alive as Simon’s dance of death and deceit leads Clan Fraser towards ­­­a dangerous, dramatic reckoning.< Less
Legend Upon the Cane By Keith R. Rees
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Legend Upon the Cane is the tale of the courageous chief of the Natchitoches Indians and the French explorer, Louis de St. Denis. Travel along with Chief Natchitos on this legendary and historic... More > adventure as he leads his tribe from the banks of the Sabine River to the lush area of the Cane River, where he meets the French explorers, led by Louis de St. Denis. Then, travel with them to the bayous of South Louisiana and Lake Pontchartrain where his tribe must flee to escape a terrible famine. It is a foreign land where they must learn to adapt, but also must learn to live alongside an unfamiliar tribe, the Acolapissa. Soon, they will face the ultimate challenge in an epic battle to win their freedom and bravely escape to their homeland. Upon their historic return in 1714 with the French settlers, they establish the oldest settlement of the Louisiana Purchase, Natchitoches.< Less
The War of All Ages By Jared Shipman
Paperback: $12.98
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It is the 15th century and The Islamic Ottoman Empire is tearing through Christian civilization, consuming all that stands in their path. With the recent fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire,... More > the threat against the survival of Christendom is at an all time high. And good leadership in Christian society is at an all time low. Now, only one obstacle stands in the way of the Ottoman Empire and the onslaught of Christian Europe; the Alpine region of Transylvania. Since no viable Christian leaders are left alive to defend the Wallach stronghold against the Ottoman Empire, the Stewart of Hungary is forced to entrust the fate of Christendom to one of histories most notorious barbarians…and no one could have foreseen the outcome. With some of the most fierce battles prior to the 20th century, this epic historical novel is a first-ever attempt to tell the true story of one of the most important, albeit forgotten turning points.< Less

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