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Beowulf By Leo Ruickbie
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"LO! Praise of the prowess of people-kings of spear-armed Danes, in days long sped, we have heard, and what honour the athelings won!" - The Old English epic of Beowulf in the original... More > Anglo-Saxon and with an English translation, plus introductory material and appendices. Based on the scholarly editions of Klaeber and Gummere with a full list of names and detailed notes. A dramatic account of the hero Beowulf's battle against the monsters Grendel, Grendel's Mother and the dragon. And an important source for English literature and historical pagan culture. Compiled and edited by the historian and sociologist of witchcraft and magic, Dr Leo Ruickbie. NOTE: The cover previews shown here are reduced in image quality, the actual covers of your book are pin sharp high resolution.< Less
Guardian Dear By K. Matthew Grinstead
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GUARDIAN DEAR is the story of powerful and dedicated Guardian Angels, locked in an epic struggle between dark and light. When evil attacks in the form of dark angels and demon princes, all that... More > remains to protect a little girl and her family is a colorful and fiercely devoted group of heavenly Guardians. Join Penelope, Junia, Darius, and a whole host of "Light Ones" as they battle evil forces in a timeless effort to defend their human charges against a rising demonic maelstrom. Along the way, they grow and learn from one another, and from the humans they are watching over. GUARDIAN DEAR brings to life an exciting new world in an action-packed and emotionally gripping tale of love, hope, and faith that will take your breath away while leading you to ponder some of life's great mysteries.< Less
Beyond Identity By Joseph Cash
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This is a conspiracy adventure with a big difference, exploring the nature of truth and reality. Intimate yet epic, spiritual but deeply human, this novel takes us deeply beyond identity....(For... More > adults and mature teens)// "What if you knew about the most significant step for humanity since the development of speech? And what if there were people who did not want others to know about it? Steve O’Rourke is a management consultant who, in between trips to the bar and discussions on spiritual philosophy, dreams of being a rock star. When he meets an old acquaintance, the motivational speaker Suzanne Ruach, it seems as if he has another chance at a missed romantic opportunity. But the story soon turns darker. Suzanne’s family secret will eventually threaten their relationship and their lives as a quest for truth brings them in conflict with conspiratorial forces. It appears to be a battle where victory may cost them everything they have and everything that they think they are."< Less
The War of All Ages By Jared Shipman
eBook (PDF): $3.00
It is the 15th century and The Islamic Ottoman Empire is tearing through Christian civilization, consuming all that stands in their path. With the recent fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire,... More > the threat against the survival of Christendom is at an all time high. And good leadership in Christian society is at an all time low. Now, only one obstacle stands in the way of the Ottoman Empire and the onslaught of Christian Europe; the Alpine region of Transylvania. Since no viable Christian leaders are left alive to defend the Wallach stronghold against the Ottoman Empire, the Stewart of Hungary is forced to entrust the fate of Christendom to one of histories most notorious barbarians…and no one could have foreseen the outcome. With some of the most fierce battles prior to the 20th century, this epic historical novel is a first-ever attempt to tell the true story of one of the most important, albeit forgotten turning points.< Less
Big Brother 2014: A Play in Twelve Scenes By Scot Lahaie
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BIG BROTHER 2014 is a techno-savvy blend of theater and media that takes its inspiration from George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984. The play is set in a not-too-distant future in a declining America... More > where political apathy has led to the rise of a secret organization whose express purpose is to control the nation through technological superiority. Big Brother’s immediate goal is to make America ungovernable by pitting its citizenry against itself until Marshall Law can be declared, effectively destroying the democracy from within. A young hacker named Spartacus mounts a one-man cyberwar against Big Brother, who in turn unleashes the full resources of the organization against him. The epic battle of wills that plays out across the Net ignites a grassroots uprising that promises to rekindle the flame of American democracy.< Less
Through Fire 6 Thlaxaca: Blood of the Blood Sun By Richard Hernaman Allen
Paperback: $21.68
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Though the killings by the “Nameless Ones” cease, a rebellion in eastern Kardakan is put down brutally. Rakvir Stagarnik is sent on a mission to preserve peace, but the Thlaxacan ruler... More > who resisted war is murdered and his successor leads his people against all the “Otherworlders”. Rakvir breaks their northern army and, by walking through fire, persuades the Thlaxacan temple-priests that the solar eclipse did not mean “Angry Thlac”. He demands that the priests dissuade their followers in Kardakan from further violence. Unfortunately in a final battle, death awaits one who least deserves it. Peace returns to an exhausted world and Rakvir and his family pick up the threads of their lives. The sixth and final volume in the epic “Through Fire” “Thlaxaca: Blood of the Blood Sun”, is set in a distant planet, not too dissimilar from our own. Richard Hernaman Allen, a former Commissioner of HM Customs & Excise, wrote “Through Fire” over a period of thirty years.< Less
Fragment Earth - Identifying Evil By Robert Skyler
eBook (PDF): $9.99
An epic adventure into madness, this series of short stories explores the chains that bind the human spirit to the repetition of survival. History, written by the winner rarely records the events... More > described as they truly took place. Sanitized and simplified is their lesson's loss to protect or condemn us? At the end of World War II, besieged in his bunker, his fantasy crumbling around him, Hitler makes his escape. Southward he flies for one last chance, one final stand and one more lesson history forgot to teach us. Information alone holds no truth within itself, until part of its whole is overlooked, ignored or removed, whereafter even the obvious can be understood, accepted or denied. The United States, and the Soviet Union, divided by perspective but united in battle, find at the end of one war the beginning of the next; the printed word's march toward ultimate power, provided only by the distance it could cover.< Less
God with Us By John Longworth
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Tom’s encounter with King James I has unforeseen consequences. Romance, heartache and war ensue, but can the peace of this Nantwich briner be restored, when he finds the mystifying ‘great... More > melting mountain’? Can his nation and loved ones be restored to peace as he plays his part through the monumental events of the English Civil War? In this history-told-through-story epic, walk through the streets of this 17th Century Cheshire town; witness the tearing down of the ancient Sandbach crosses; share the fear and pain of lives afflicted by the Black Scourge; visit a Cheshire Prophet; discover the strategies of war in Europe and in the Civil War; meet the celebrated Oliver Cromwell on his rise to power; witness the execution of King Charles I; live through the events of the battles, both national and personal, that draw together in this absorbing and accurately researched story of the times.< Less
Surviving In America: Under Siege 2nd Edition By Paul Andrulis
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"Pure instinct made Joe take a flying dive to the ground behind a nearby woodpile located a few steps from his truck. An earsplitting explosion followed hard on the heels of his mad dive, the... More > blast itself followed by parts of his truck. Hot shards of glass and pieces of metal fell from the sky like demented and dangerous hailstones. A mile away, at the next farm, the Captain looked back at the echoed boom with a crooked smile. 'Gotcha!' he exclaimed as he crossed out Joe's name on the list of names and addresses he was carrying." Welcome to an America as you have never known it, where your worst fears and concerns are not mere conspiracy theories. They are real. Join Joe Anderson in this epic battle to Survive in an America that is Under Siege.< Less
The Tesla Testament By Eugene Ciurana
Paperback: $15.61
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The deadliest weapon in history was invented over a century ago. It's more powerful than a nuclear blast and more lethal than all biochemical weapons. Its blueprints disappeared in the 1940's through... More > US government action. The Tesla Testament is about how the most sinister terrorist group in the world, called Enbeaath or Rebirth Alliance, has unearthed the plans to rebuild it. Former undercover agent Francis Montagnet finds himself in a race against time to recover the plans and to stop the terrorists before they use the weapon for killing millions, including the leaders of the free world. Aided by the brilliant doctor Varenka Ulyanova—the Enbeaath leader's ex-lover—Francis outwits and outruns the terrorists across two continents. The final face-off is an epic battle for the survival of the free world and for the love of the beautiful Dr. Varenka.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60