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Testosteroned Child. Sad. - Or the Dawning of a New Renaissance? By Lene Rachel Andersen
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The Trump presidency is the symptom of something much bigger and it is not the first time it has happened. Our meaning-making has not been able to keep up with technology and globalization. We... More > navigate an increasingly complex world using models that were developed for industrialization—at a time when traditional industry is disappearing. This kind of mismatch between our real world and our understanding of it has happened before. The Reformation, the French Revolution and World War II were results of old epistemologies reaching their limit and new ones not able to emerge without a bloodbath. Given that we have the knowledge we have, can we avoid the bloodbath and go straight to the peace negotiations? Can we develop the culture, education, aesthetics, and institutions that we need in order to handle the complexities of the 21st century? Based on recurring historical patterns, moral and developmental psychology and complex-systems theory, Lene Rachel Andersen analyzes the current state of Western politics.< Less
The Circle of Life By James David Audlin
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THE CIRCLE OF LIFE presents traditional oral Native American sacred teachings from the Iroquois, Lakota, and other traditions. The author has been receiving these teachings from elders since his... More > youth. The wisdom embraces cosmology, ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, sociology, psychology, healing, dream interpretation, and more. Audlin calls himself neither a spiritual teacher nor an authority, but a conduit through which these oral traditions can be presented meaningfully to people in a modern world. He outlines universal principles common to many traditional peoples worldwide. The Red Road is available to all —regardless of religion or ethnicity — willing to follow its paths. These paths, however, are often not easy and require deep personal and spiritual commitment. Audlin says in his introduction: “If this book serves any purpose, let it be to help us bring the Sacred Hoop of All the Nations back together again, so we and all that lives may stand as one in silent awe before that Great Mystery.”< Less
Vernal Equinox By Virginia DeCourcey
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Vernal Equinox is a cycle of seven poems by Virginia DeCourcey, written in a single creative burst when she was about twenty-five. They were unlike anything she had written before, or would write... More > again. She considered them flawed, but discovered that all attempts at revision only weakened them, so she decided to leave them as they were first written. ~~ She was born and raised on a small cattle ranch in northern Wyoming. After her father’s death when she was six, she moved with her family to Colorado Springs. Her first publication was an epistemological study on the nature of learning which appeared in the Rampart Journal of Individualist Thought when she was 16. In the same year she wrote a regular column for the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph. She graduated with honors from Rockford College, majoring in classical studies and philosophy. Later she studied the conservation of rare books and manuscripts at the Univ of Chicago and journalism at the Univ of Minnesota. She died in 1986 at the age of 36.< Less
Rasjonalgaudismen - Filosofien for Individuell Frihet Og Rasjonell Lykkemaksimering By Sverre-Henning Brorson
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Rasjonalgaudismen er et helhetlig filosofisk system med metafysikk, epistemologi, etikk og politikk: Metafysikk: Metafysiske forestillinger er skåret ned til det absolutte minimum som er... More > nødvendig for at videre epistemologisk progresjon ikke skal bli ubestemmelig / meningsløs. Epistemologi: Epistemologien baserer seg på strikt logiske, rasjonelle og vitenskapelige prinsipper. Etikk: Alle menneskelige handlinger er egenlykkemotiverte, mens den etiske retningslinjen er konsekvent å bruke optimale rasjonelle vurderinger, dvs. å maksimere sannsynligheten for å generere størst mulig sum av egenlykke gjennom livet etter grunnleggende sett de samme prinsipper som naturvitenskapen baserer seg på. Politikk: Rasjonalgaudismen påviser eksistensen av naturgitte rettigheter og dermed det filosofiske grunnlaget for all sann rettsvitenskapelig legitimitet. Boken viser også at ethvert annet legitimitetsgrunnlag enn det Rasjonalgaudistiske nødvendigvis må møte en selvmotsigelse.< Less
Dostoevsky and Chekhov: Aspects of Architectonics and Poetics By Natalia Zhivolupova
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The semantic axis “Dostoevsky - Chekhov” in culture is devoid of the stable certainty of a binary opposition, since it shows a rich spectrum of meanings. The perception and artistic... More > development of the Dostoevsky phenomenon by Chekhov is a truly unlimited theme, demanding clarification of a number of key aesthetic “parameters,” which are determined in turn by the ratio of the epistemological attitudes of the writers, the principles of creative writing that they adopt, which form the problem of genre evolution (from the dominant genre of Dostoevsky’s “big novel” to the objective “antinovelism” of Chekhov’s genre system), and many others. The articles of this collection analyze the assimilation by Chekhov of the artistic “impulses” received from Dostoevsky, the origins and direction of artistic and philosophical evolution “toward Dostoevsky.”< Less
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On the occasion of Ghadir-i Khum the Holy Qur'an addresses the Holy Prophet and says: O Messenger, declare what is revealed to you from your Lord. If you will not declare, it would be as though you... More > have not conveyed My Message. Allah protects you from men. He does not guide the unbelieving people. (Surah al-Ma'idah, 5:67) And the Holy Prophet said: For whoever I am his Leader (mawla), 'Ali is his Leader (mawla)." Since then numerous books were written about Wallayat from religious point of view This work takes a philosophical approach towards Wallayat-e-Haq (GOD) , wali-e-Wallayat (Imam Ali AS) and Islam. This book discuss issues in epistemology and the relationship between reason and religion< Less

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