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Les Isles errantes By Jean Cloutier
Paperback: $16.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Le titre même du recueil laisse deviner une grande errance... Errance amoureuse dans laquelle la douleur et la joie se fondent et se confondent, errance des sens qui voguent d’un corps... More > à un autre, d’une époque révolue à un avenir annoncé, errance des images poétiques à la dérive qui très souvent sont énoncées dans un discours épousant la prose.< Less
Gulliver's Travels By Jonathan Swift
eBook (PDF): $1.30
"Jonathan Swift utilized his novel Gulliver's Travels to showcase his political and social criticism. Each part in his extensive fictional travel memoir exhibits a slightly unique view as to how... More > Swift felt England could change for the better.." Our fairy tales project continues with this important ebook. A rich appendix by Paul Hessel and Marie Laffont. Don't forget our Pinterest board< Less
Life of Chopin by Franz Liszt By Paul Hessel
eBook (PDF): $1.32
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The second eBook that is part of one of the most important projects of Errant Editions:"Emotional and musical Landscapes" Edited by Paul Hessel.
The adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain
eBook (PDF): $1.27
This text is part of the Fairy Tale tale Project, by Errant Editions. We immediately felt the need to dedicate one of our projects to fairy tales These are texts in in public domain for the most... More > part (there will alo be some original fairy tale, there will be time to introduce, explaine and propose them), texts enhanced by an appendix consisting of links, videos, pictures or short essays about the author or the importance of the fairy tale< Less
Chamber Music with photographic appendix By James Joyce
eBook (PDF): $1.62
A true classic. Offered by Errant Editions Editions with an appendix of selected photos, it is the second piece of the mosaic that will become, at the end, the JoyceProject. Edited by Paul Hessel.
Poems. By Thomas Eliot
eBook (ePub): $2.53
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Some of the most important poems of Eliot in an edition enriched by links. Edited by Paul Hessel,who is working on an important essay on the poet's whole work, which will soon be published by Errant... More > Editions< Less
Pinterest is a dream? By Angelo Ricci
eBook (PDF): $1.30
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Pinterest is a dream? Is it a symbol? Is it an icon of our imagination or is it simply a social network? And how is it possible to combine Pinterest with the world of books, writers, publishing or... More > even the world of literary blogs? With this brief and important text about Pinterst and its use, Angelo Ricci, author of highly successful ebooks as "Borges aveva un tumblr,"or "Viva Tumblr!" started "Social Media Landscapes". It is one of the most important project of Errant Editions. Short texts able to focus on everything related to social networks, social media, and the web as a whole Small prices, delicious taste, satisfying, interesting facts about our "digital life." This is the english translation of the italian eBook "Pinterest è un sogno?" Angelo Ricci, writer, blogger,digital explorer,literary critic, cofunder of the Errant Magazine is the coordinator of Social Media Lanscapes< Less
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner By Samuel Taylor Coleridge
eBook (PDF): $1.29
Coleridge was educated at Christ's Hospital, London, At this time hewas an ardent non-conformist and in 1796 preached throughout the West Country, deciding, however, not to become a minister. In... More > 1797 he met William Wordsworth and for the next year and a half lived and worked closely with him, collaborating to produce the Lyrical Ballads. In 1798, Coleridge set out for Germany, where he studied Kant, Schiller and Scheling. On his return he moved to the Lake District to be with the Wordsworths, but suffered from his failing marriage and an increasing dependence on opium. He also fell hopelessly in love with Wordsworth's future sister-in-law, Sara Hutchinson, the inspiration for his love poems of this period, and separated from his wife in 1807. In 1816 he lodged in the London household of a young surgeon Dr James Gilman. The publication of Christabel in this year assured his reputation( taken from by Paul Hessel for Errant Editions.< Less
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man By James Joyce
eBook (PDF): $2.46
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The most interesting things to look at, in Portrait of an Artist, are the moments that catalyze Stephen Dedalus (largely Joyce's autobiographical stand-in) in his transformation from child to artist.... More > In five chapters, we're taken through Stephen's early childhood in Ireland and confinement at boarding school, his dalliances with theater and hiring prostitutes, his retreat from sensory excess into religious devotion, his retreat from religious devotion into aesthetic, ascetic excess, and, ultimately, his retreat from Ireland and fellowship in favor of destiny.( This novel, had a "huge influence on novelists across the world",and was ranked by Modern Library as the third greatest English-language novel of the 20th century. This is an illustrated editions with images, links and critical appendix edited by Paul Hessel< Less
Jacob's Room By Virginia Woolf
eBook (PDF): $1.92
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Shortly before starting the book, Virginia said she was after "a new form for a new novel ... " The book is a "fictional biography" of Woolf's brother, Thoby Stephen, who had died... More > in 1906 of typhoid, and it was Woolf's first experiment with the style by which she would soon become famous. When she was done, Woolf felt sure of her direction, though not of her achievement: one diary entry expresses confidence "that I have found out how to begin (at 40) to say something in my own voice"In a letter that Christmas she reaffirms that her fragmentary, impressionistic, questioning style is right for her The critics gave the book qualified praise, though some sided with John Middleton Murry's judgment that her abandonment of conventional story-telling had "brought the novel to an impasse," and that Jacob's Room, like Eliot's The Waste Land, as was Joyce's Ulysses, would be forgotten in ten or fifty years' time.. Steve King Edited by Paul Hessel and Francesca Mazzucato with an appendix of vintage covers and images< Less

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