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Self-esteem is merely loving and placing value on oneself. When a child accepts self, a good self-esteem is present. When a child does not accept self, does not like self, and tries to be like... More > someone else, a poor self-esteem exits. Changing a poor self-esteem is hard work; it involves creating a new way of looking at self. The expressions in this series are filled with deep sentiments and come from very sensitive hearts.< Less
What Do I Do? About My Self Esteem for Teens By Kisha Monique Morris
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What feelings and emotions do teens have about themselves that affect them in a positive or negative way? In this workbook and activity journal, teens will learn the concept of self-esteem, analyze... More > their personal strengths and weaknesses with a survey and also consider the role self-esteem plays in a healthy teenage life. Teens will learn how to understand what they are feeling and what is causing them to feel a certain way about themselves. As teens, they will learn how they can control what and how they feel about their mental health, self-image, self-esteem and overall success. With this workbook, teens will learn how to create a positive attitude that will help them to start living a more positive lifestyle for their future.< Less
The Self-Esteem of Hispanic and Latino College Students in the United States By Roberto Miguel Rodriguez
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The purpose of this paper is to summarize the present status of the Hispanic and Latino college students as a background information which may be relevant for an analysis of self-esteem and to... More > suggest directions for future research. A brief description of the Hispanic community and its most important groups will be made, as Hispanic and Latinos are broad terms which include several different groups, each with its own hopes and aspirations, as well as problems and difficulties which may affect the students' self-esteem. I will describe the information we have about the Hispanic college students, from their transition from high school to college, to their college participation and completion, to provide some background from which to select potential topics or areas of interest for future analysis or future research in the area of Hispanic and Latino college students in the United States and their self-esteem.< Less
The Self Help Bible - Volume 1 About Self Esteem & How to be Confident By Amanda Ball
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This concise, easy to follow guide uses a variety of powerful techniques, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)to give you a clear understanding of what Self Esteem is really all about.... More > Inside, you will find all the tools you need to help you raise your self esteem and increase your confidence quickly and easily. Read this if you want; More confidence, Higher Self Esteem, to feel better about yourself or to help others with their self esteem. This is Volume 1 of the Self Help Bible, a series of books designed to help you harness the power of your mind and to create the kind of life you really want.< Less
How To Build Self Esteem (from By Jobxray .com
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"Our attitude affects our thoughts and actions; a negative outlook coupled with the lack of confidence can quickly turn a perfect life into a horrid suffocating existence. The negative impact... More > of poor self esteem can be seen in all aspects of one’s life and if you’re going through this rough phase, your health, profession and relationships, all are bound to suffer. The good news is that this worldwide epidemic is identifiable and curable, and here's how... (More tips and answers at"< Less
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Self-esteem is merely loving and placing value on oneself. When a child accepts self, a good self-esteem is present. When a child does not accept self and tries to be like someone else, a poor... More > self-esteem exists. Some of these changes may consist of changing the outer appearance with a new hairstyle, shedding unwanted pounds and exercising to energize the body. A good self-esteem is having a healthy appreciation for self. Other relevant factors are values, morals, personal success, and self-confidence. Traits for developing a healthy self-esteem is included in this book series. In choosing these expressions, we have tried to bring about a variety of feelings and emotions that are common to all children and from a child's perception. Changing a poor self-image into a good self-image is hard. It involves a brand new way of looking at self. It can be uncomfortable for the child who has not thought good thoughts or positive thoughts about him or herself.< Less
You Deserve to be Happy: Clear the Pathway to Happiness and Esteem Workbook By Barbara Lane, Ph.D.
eBook (PDF): $7.95
Download this workbook now to help you focus and work through blocks to your self-esteem. Through reframing counterproductive feelings from the perspective of growth opportunities, you will begin to... More > change behaviors and make new life-enhancing choices that are conducive to self-esteem and happiness. *Most effective when used with the You Deserve to Be Happy audio program.< Less
Door 1 the Millennium Children: A Revolutionary Approach to Confidence and Self Esteem In Children By Jean Sheehan
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“STOP HURTING ME’! So many children today are suffering in low self esteem and have no confidence as they are not being recognized for their gifts, instead they are being judged for who... More > they are. Discover the four Millennium Children® personalities; their gifts, learning styles, health problems, body shapes and challenges. In this book you will discover more about your child. This information is necessary for harmonious relationships, raising children and helping them thrive in life.< Less
Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-Esteem E-Workbook By Brenda Silveira
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This workbook was created to help build confidence and increase self-esteem. It includes information and activities to help you get started on your own personal journey to find happiness and success.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Self-Esteem & Emotional Intelligence By Keith Gilbert
eBook (PDF): $4.95
Shyness, bullying – being bullied, hopelessness, depression, fear, anxiety, eating disorders – obesity, bulimia, anorexia…, loneliness, problems with body image, staying in less... More > than satisfying or even abusive relationships, hostility and violence, alcohol and drug dependence. Do you experience any of the above? This unique approach to developing Self-esteem and Emotional Intelligence can help you change these limiting emotional habits.< Less

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