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Emotional Back-Draft: Understanding the Frailty of the Human Mind and the Strength of Eternal Spirit By Lisa S. Frank
Paperback: $12.95
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This book vividly describes an emotional and spiritual journey through the bipolar mind. The poems powerfully grip the reader to establish new levels of empathy and understanding for an age old,... More > perplexing illness. This literary tale truly illuminates the proverbial "fine line" between genius and insanity. Personal, yet universal insights offered will inspire, and the strength gained from triumph in the face of adversity can provide hope and assurance to others who suffer from a similar affliction.< Less
Echoes From Union Township By JD Eident
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Settle back with a cup of coffee and enjoy these simple rhymes of rejoicing and remembrance; celebrating rural life, times past, and a simple faith.
Dream Weaver By Annamarie Vickers-Skidmore
Paperback: $8.66
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Dream Weaver is a compilation of poems created through love and passion. Consisting of three sections dedicated to Fierce Passion, Love Lost and Eternal Hope. Delve into imagination and creativity.
To Die at the Age of Man By Brown, Jeffrey P.
Paperback: $10.95
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The Hindu states that selfishness is like toys along the path of life. Children without toys is sad. Sadder still are adults fixated at the same level. The greatest things in life often can't be seen... More > or explained, like love and passion. Herein you will find poetry that, like the Hindu suggests, looks above the horizon beyond the temporary, transient insignificant world to the eternal realm. To Die at the Age of Man is not what we were put here to be. There is more. Oh yes, so much more.< Less
Love Stronger Than Death By David M. Baumann
Hardcover: $24.00
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This book is designed to assure the reader of the certainty of the triumph of Jesus’ victory over death and grief. In the central portion the author writes as a pastor with more than forty... More > years of experience with the unexpected deaths of people of all ages, stages of life, and states of faith, as well as preparing terminally ill believers and their families for death in Christ. There are stories of those who at the time of death “looked up with expectation” as the day of their deliverance drew near. Tough and controversial issues are also addressed such as death by SIDS, turning off life-support systems, AIDS, suicide, and murder. In all these situations, the eternal love of God may be found, and consolation provided to the grieving. This book contains the greatest gift of the Christian dead to the living who long for it: a practical and powerful testimony of saving faith under circumstances which make it most believable.< Less
Jesus Lives In Me (Hardcover) By Cheyene M. Lopez
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This book has a rather simple meaning.It is that Jesus still lives in us everyday.We as Christians having been born again know without reasons and beyond any doubts that Jesus loves us,walks and... More > talks daily with us.All we have to do is pray and ask of him.Jesus still lives that he forgives us of sins on the cross.Jesus loves us all and yet lives again still today that we might receive him so we can have eternal life and joys in heaven.I wrote this book that you might have a relationship too with Christ Jesus our Lord. After all he died on the cross for us all and rose again from the grave.< Less
Salvation By Lewis Sperry Chafer
Paperback: $12.98
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This book is presented as a simple Gospel message and is in no way intended to be a contribution to theological discussion. It is evangelistic in purpose. The writer has hoped that this statement of... More > God's saving grace may be adapted to the spiritual understanding of the unsaved that they may grasp the way of salvation from these pages and so be led to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.< Less
What Can A Christian Expect When He Dies? By Dr. Dennis Parish
Paperback: $5.95
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This short book details what a Christian can expect when they die. Taken from the details and promises of the Bible, a great comfort and encouragement can be drawn for those who lose a loved one and... More > hope for those who are believers who are facing the end of life.< Less
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
“How many of you would be comfortable if the person next to you on a flight asked, ‘How do I become a Christian?’ Those who cAN give a simple, clear witness, please hold up your... More > hands.” I hope your hand went up. If not, this book will help you quickly learn how to give a personal testimony and a clear, simple, complete plan of salvation for when your time comes to share the good news of Jesus Christ with another. Pages 3 – 13 show you how? You can learn what you need in just a few hours.< Less
Sunshine @ Midnight By Nina Oteria
eBook (PDF): $0.99
A young poet shares her journey of faith through poems and musings that describe the human condition of apathy, heartache, oppression and sorrow. Wrestling with these emotions in faith, she brings... More > the reader with her to the place of grace, unyielding resolve and surrender to a God who loves without fail.< Less

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