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Frugal Foods and Stylish Recipes II You Have a Degree Eat on a Higher Tier Have a Dinner Party By Harold Almon
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Welcome to Frugal Foods and Stylish Recipes II a world where you can Show You Have a Degree and Eat on a Higher Tier Have a Dinner Party This book is a guide to a world where everything is presented... More > to elevate your sense of sophistication and choice of food selection and consumption and in consideration of your wallet, and your new station, congratulations. I know for some, this is practice for what is to come. Still, have a dinner party. Discover fun ways to select foods and eat stylish dishes placed on your table in courses instead of in piles. For this the book was written. “Hello,” let us begin.< Less
Frugal Foods and Stylish Recipes Buying and Eating Foods with Style on a Dime Etiquette Lessons for Couples and College and University Students Why Are You Hungry By Harold Almon
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Welcome to a world of Frugal Foods and Stylish Recipes Buying and Eating Foods with Style on a Dime Etiquette Lessons for Couples and College and University Students; a world where everything is done... More > in consideration of your sense of sophistication and your wallet. Discover fun ways to select foods and place stylish dishes on your table. This book was written for two reasons. 1.The rule has always been, more than, “Saving money on buying food can be fun.” The best part is Eating it in style and giving back: sharing it with someone. 2. Stylish recipes are a way to say, “Welcome to the neighborhood,” and that, “I would like an introduction, to share a meal with you, and reciprocity. Frugal food selection and creative preparation are what is best done for such occasions. Both can be done with flair, consideration, and distinction. You may share drink, atmosphere, food, honor, and enjoy each reason why a person accepted your invitation. Before there is a need to say, “Hello,” to someone, let us begin.< Less
A Sex Lesson By Laurie Woods
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How to make love like an expert Its not what you do, It’s how you do it!! Delicious love making should flow like in a dance Crikey have I got something for you Doing what comes... More > naturally There’s an old saying… “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Program your way to ecstasy “You’re not over the hill if you’re over 50, don’t be laaaaazy, find ways to strengthen your sexual relationship with your partner,” A complete sex lesson. Effortless from one position to the other. You put a lot of effort into learning to dance. Why not a good sex lesson it should not just happen. Even after a lot of study there are many pitfalls. This is why at 86 years of age I have put together this open thesis on the subject of sex. A sex lesson at any age is a great enhancement for a happy life. Sex is almost always good but studying this thesis of good sex at any age could greatly improve your sex life.< Less
How to Make Your Piano Sing Like a Violin By Larry Greenfield
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ABOUT THE AFFORDABLE PAPERBACK EDITION: "An awesome contribution," writes William F. Buckley, Jr. of this book. Think of all the things you have done with your hands today: washing,... More > dressing, eating, etc. All of these actions seem commonplace, because we possess the remarkable feature of opposable thumbs. Playing the piano, however, is different -- not only from a myriad of life activities, but also from playing other musical instruments. Playing the piano, in fact, is one of the few things in life which requires the thumbs not to act in opposition to other fingers, but to act in concert (no pun intended) with them. To access the dexterity and sensitivity in the thumbs, to bring the thumb muscles into delicate balance, you must do something to offset the restrictions imposed by the piano: an exercise specifically for the thumbs. You have only to try it to feel the dramatic difference this technique will make in your touch. (This new paperback edition is economically priced for 2012 and following.)< Less
Eating & Exercising in Alignment with Your Hormones: A Woman's Guide to Looking and Feeling Her Best All Month Long! By Tracy Minnis
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How would you like to have the knowledge to look and feel your best by eating and exercising the way your body prefers during it's three natural cycles that occur in the month? Well,now you can. All... More > the information you need is right here in my book. I have broken down the most valuable tools for you to use as a guide to achieve your best physique and feel great! I have been the same size now for 18 years and can still wear my soccer uniform that I wore on my team when I was twelve years old! I've turned my passion for fitness into my career as a holistic personal trainer to help women achieve their goals. I also have an AA degree with an emphasis on Nutrition, am a certified Sports Nutritionist and a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management coach. I am constantly researching new information to share with my clients and readers like you!< Less
How to Develop a Good Memory for Names, Faces, and Facts By Robert Nutt
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Completely reformatted in 2011! This is NOT a scanned or photocopied edition. This classic title's format has been built "ground up" for readability and clarity. Large 8-1/2" by... More > 11" edition. You WERE NOT Born with a Poor Memory! Remembering is a process that must be learned, just like walking, talking, eating, telling colors apart, distinguishing sounds, and telling time. You learned these when you were a child, and now you can perform them without effort, without being conscious of the mental processes involved. You can learn the process of using your memory just as thoroughly and when you do you will have in your power a hundred times the knowledge and experience you actually put to use now. Anyone can do it. "How to Develop a Perfect Memory" will show you how! With its easy-to-read lessons, tips and tricks, and fun memory exercises, "How to Develop a Perfect Memory" will be helping you to improve your memory, especially for names, faces and facts, in no time!< Less
Alkaline Body: Nutrition That Makes Your Body Alkaline By Christopher Teller
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If you are sick and want to know how to get well, in this Alkaline Body e-book you now have all the information you need to get rid of disease. Are you ready to discover the nutritional tips that... More > you need for great health? Nutrition information is simple and easy to understand. Get only the key secrets and ideas that a nutritionist keeps to himself as he consults with you on diet and supplements. Start reading each nutrition lesson and nutrition tips and discover how to eat healthy like a nutritionist. These secret nutrition tips are what you need to understand what nutrition is all about. If you have been struggling on how to eat healthy, then these lessons will give you the last bit of insight you need to organize your nutritional thinking. Can you live without the benefits of fruits? I’m sorry to say you can’t. In fact the ideal diet would contain 80% fruits and vegetable and 20% protein and fats.< Less
Holiday meals By Amanda Carrington
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Holiday meals made easy and right down to the budget.Holiday season is a great time to spend with your friends and family and throughout the year.Have a wonderful christmas with these holiday... More > specials and eat just about the whole kitchen if u like.Nothing in this world would be better than to spend the holidays with the people you love, and cheerish and have a wonderful meal.Although it is christmas, like never before seen a snowflake falling from the sky.Or a snowman built outside with the kido's.What a great day this will be to cook a meal like this holiday meals offers you, and have a cup of hot chocolate afterwards with the kids, and a great christmas movie.About all this book provides is instructing lesson on how to make great holiday meals.Enjoy your christmas.peace.< Less
EGGS How Many By Jerry DeShone
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Doug liked eggs and he had to have them every day of his life, so he thought. From 1 year old to 15 years old he eat eggs , two at a time and then it happened one day NO EGGS, Doug bulked and he... More > even cried , but to no avail there just wasn’t any eggs around that day. Doug decided to solve the problem he would raise chickens to get his precious eggs and he never in his infinite mind ever thought it was going to be work. Boy did he learn a lesson and he even learned to like it and he ended up doing something --GUESS WHAT--Read on and enjoy our little story of --- “Eggs How Many” and see if you agree with our conclusion.< Less