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EUCLIDIAN 2007 By William von Benken
Hardcover: $30.60
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Testing for the 2008 Euclid High Schools yearbook.
An Artist's Pornography By Matthew Kowalski
Paperback: $25.00
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Take a spin into the universe of redshift blue shift, as we ever spiral towards our destination without words speaking languages without words. A language of image and color, exploring geometries... More > through many minds.< Less
Traced Measurements And Other Paragraphs By Andrew Kuharevicz
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Instructions for enclosed Text: Traced Measurements and Other Paragraphs Caution: This text is prohibited in all spaces that wish to deny that circles rule the universe. If you believe in Straight... More > lines, Flat earths or boxes this is not for you. Instructions: To be performed with 1 to 5 people. Preferably on stage. Set metronome to 216. Each person begins to read at the speed matching the beat of the metronome that is fast enough for them. They may begin when they like. All shall attempt to read at first in unison. In this Collection of Paragraphs you will find words for... For Love. For Love. Yeah, this is for Love. For Words and sentences and words and octagons and spheres and non-Euclidian Geometry, for paragraphs. For the word Dang. For your Smile and don’t take anything in here too seriously. It’s just art. It’s just life. Breathe and enjoy reading. This is just an experiment anyway.< Less
Flatland By Edwin A. Abbott
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Edwin Abbott Abbott's satirical 1884 novella Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, is "on the surface" an examination of multiple dimensions. Its author, writing anonymously as "A... More > Square" takes us on a fantastical trip to a completely flat, two-dimensional world whose inhabitants are geometric shapes. These shapes think that the "planar" world of length and width are all that exist, until one shape discovers the existence of a third physical dimension, which ultimately is expanded to the concept of a fourth. As a given shape, one's class and intelligence is determined by one's number of sides. Men are depicted as polygonal, while women are straight lines (now hang on a minute!)... Flatland illustrates marvelously the difficulty a person or group might have seeing a greater reality, or different reality, than its own. In this world of "plane geometry" with "Euclidian Geometric" shapes, each dimension can only perceive the one below it - so if one has evidence of a third, what about a fourth?< Less