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Lightning In a Bottle: A Book Series On the Most Important Rock Albums In Music History Album #83 the Guess Who Share the Land By Charlie Freak
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For far too long the Guess Who have been "written off", especially in America, as nothing more than a prolific singles band, but it does not come near to telling the whole truth. Two of... More > their outstanding albums have found their way into this Book Series, including American Woman & this stunning achievement, Share the Land. Every single song is of the finest quality, with many becoming Rock Classics. The music ranges from straight-ahead Rock & Roll, to the Blues, Jazz, R&B and even Country, plus the lyrics were written in the aftermath of the Massacre at Kent State University. Here, Burton Cummings was at his very best laying out most of the ways in which the Status Quo has us trapped into living our lives for the benefit of society and not ourselves...all the while looking up towards God and wondering why? This book digs deep into both the music & lyrics and helps the reader to understand why this brilliant collection of songs is so very important for humanity, especially today in this upside down world!< Less
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1000 Facts about Superheroes Vol. 3 By James Egan
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Spider-Man has fought Nazi bees. Batman has fought Superman at least 16 times. David Bowie nearly played Daredevil. The creator of Wonder Woman believed women should govern the world. Thor owns two... More > killer goats. The Justice League have teamed up with He-Man. Stan Lee devised Iron Man to show that he could make the least likeable character successful. Originally, Aquaman had to make contact with water every hour or he died. Storm was meant to be called Black Cat and had the power to turn into a feline. Robin killed three people in his debut comic. There is a pig version of Gambit called Hambit. Flash can punch a person a billion times per second. Wolverine allied with Captain America during World War II. Green Arrow has a Nuclear Bomb arrow. Silver Surfer’s surfboard is alive. Shazam popularized the phrase, “Holy moly!” The CIA tried to hire The Punisher to kill Osama Bin Laden.< Less
How to Start a Magazine: A Quick Start Guide to Magazine Publishing By Marilyn Lancaster
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Whether you’re interested in magazine printing, online publishing, commercial printing, a digital magazine, an emagazine, magazine jobs, how to publish a book, publishing software, or just... More > discovering how to make your own magazine, this book will guide you on your way to the exciting world of magazine publishing! Ever heard of someone named Helen Gurley Brown? Of course you have! I think anyone- and definitely every woman in America- knows who she is. I believe she single-handedly inspired the sexual revolution and liberated so many women from their conservative sexual bonds, and I think many millions of men have her to thank for it! She started her own little obscure magazine from her kitchen table many years ago, and look at the empire she built - “Cosmopolitan” is one the of oldest and most widely read women’s magazines in the world. God rest her soul, this book is written with her in mind and was inspired by her creativity and talent and business acumen!< Less
"Belated Love Letters to My Husband", A primer in the art of Mourning a Loved One By Regine Dubono
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These are love letters from a wife to her dead husband, to try to hang on to him for a while and let him know in her grief how much he meant to her and how he impacted the lives of those around him... More > positively including her own. In doing this, she pours her heart out to him, and also forges new strength to embolden her to go on with her life. A primer for recent widows and widowers or anyone in grief after losing a loved one. This recounting of the lifestyle she now leads as a single woman makes it a documentary of contemporary life of senior singles in America today. For she tackles every event she encounters from a grand daughter's High school graduation to New Year's eve and the temptation to kiss a stranger just because it's New Year's Eve. She also deals with health care and ER's and the homeless of many single disabled or unemployed persons, one of which at least she shelters for a while. Helping another person helps her out of her solitude and loneliness while providing some comfort.< Less
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The Birth of the Fourth United States(Book 1 of 2) By Xuanjun Xie
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This book expounds the birth of the Fourth United States. Every country has a fundamental change every seventy or eighty years. There have been three stages during the past 240 years since the... More > founding of the United States in 1776; and they can be called "three United States". The first United States was Washington’s independence. The second one was Lincoln's reunification. The third was Roosevelt's superpower. Now the fourth United States has been born. All the Ancient mythologies, medieval philosophies, and modern science believe that new things would be born of chaos and whirlpool. Although no one understand so clear what is the mission of the fourth United States that has just been started, the vision to Make America Great Again has caused deep impact. The finishing of 60 Presidencies means the starting of a new greater period. Will the changes caused by the birth of the fourth United States be greater than that by the previous three? After all, this is a era of globalization.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00