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The Exciting History of Auto Racing By Ross R. Olney
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Two teen-agers back in early day France probably started it all by "borrowing" their Dad's "horseless carriages" and seeing which could go fastest. That was when highly respected... More > doctors were certain that you would die if you moved faster than sixty miles an hour. The human body simply couldn't survive at that speed. Now, racers routinely go two hundred miles an hour, and drag racers go more than three hundred miles an hour in only a thousand feet. Auto racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is daring, dangerous, and exciting, and the winners often become millionaires. This book aimed at young adults is full of stories about racing as it describes the progress from the two kids to modern racing. The author has participated as a driver, photographer and journalist for many years, and has written a number of books on the subject.< Less
The Exciting History of Auto Racing By Ross R. Olney
eBook (ePub): $1.99
It all started with a couple of teen-agers back in the late 1800's. Each "borrowed" his dad's horseless carriage and they chugged off to see which was fastest. Today auto racing, still a... More > dangerous sport, draws millions of fans to a wide variety of races with a wide variety of race cars all the way around the world. This book covers Formula One, IndyCars, NASCAR, NHRA, SCCA, and all the others, and how it all started. And where it might be going.< Less
The Exciting World Of Sports By Zach Reichle
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This book is about the history of sports and about modern day sports.
Spading Up Ancient Words: The Exciting Story of the Archaeology of Words and the Alphabet By Erich A. von Fange Ph.D.
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Dr. von Fange has written a number of interesting books and articles about the ancient world, including such topics as dinosaurs, cave man, ice and stone ages. This book is an exploration of an odd... More > collection of ancient signs that we call the alphabet, and the unexpected history behind some of the words we use every day. How did the skull of an ox (upside down) showing its horns become our letter A, and did you know that 'B' is the floor plan of ancient homes? And the wavy letter 'M' is water? Why do alphabets have useless letters when the same sounds are already there? Why are the vowels placed so strangely among the consonants? Old alphabets served not one but three purposes. Let this book help you explore some of our ancient world! A few comments on Dr. von Fange's writings: Highly informative, scholarly, and lucid; some of the most fascinating material I have ever run across - I have devoured them several times already; a wealth of thought-provoking information.< Less
"Amazing and exciting facts"- on the system of 10 best practices in history, astronomy, medicine, crime, and health. One of the most important features of the book is that its information is 100% correct. By Mohamed Bayome
eBook (PDF): $8.99
on the system of 10 best practices in history, astronomy, medicine, crime, and health. One of the most important features of the book is that its information is 100% correct.
The Exciting, True, and Adventurous Slave Narratives of Three Fugitive Slaves: William W. Brown, John Thompson, and Henry Watson By John Thompson et al.
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It would be an unprecedented act to send into the world a work of the magnitude of this volume, without a preface; and I am glad to avail myself of the opportunity, which custom not only allows but... More > prescribes, to say something of the work before you. Its history is as follows: It was suggested to me about two years since, after relating to many the main facts relative to my bondage and escape to the land of freedom, that it would be a desirable thing to put these facts into permanent form. I first sought to discover what had been said by other partners in bondage once, but in freedom now, and from what States they came. I found many of my brethren from other and remote States, had written on the subject, but scarcely any from Maryland. I am aware that now, when public opinion makes it no martyrdom to denounce slavery, there are multitudes of men that grow bold, and wield a powerful weapon against this great evil; and even school boys daringly denounce a system....< Less
The Black Terror, Nemesis of Crime: All 17 Chapters of the Original Black Terror from the Classic ‘Exciting Comics’ from the Golden Age By Jonathan H. McAuley
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Black Terror is a fictional comic book superhero who originally appeared in Exciting Comics #9, published by Nedor Comics in January 1941. Some Black Terror stories were written by Patricia... More > Highsmith before she became an acclaimed novelist. The character has been revived by various publishers over the years, including AC Comics, Eclipse Comics, America's Best Comics, and Dynamite Entertainment. His secret identity was pharmacist Bob Benton, who formulated a chemical he called "formic ethers", which gave him various superpowers. He used these powers to fight crime with his young sidekick, Tim Roland, together known as the "Terror Twins". This book contains every chapter of The Black Terror published in Exciting Comics during the 1940s. ENJOY!< Less
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Florida is one of the greatest places on earth! It is so abundant with beauty, that it has record numbers of tourists flocking to its beaches and cities every year from around the world! Florida has... More > a lot more to offer than just an exciting couple of weeks long holiday trip, it has culture, history, religious history and Native American Indian history that is unique throughout the United States, yes even for the entire world! The Spanish, the British, even the French all made their mark on this paradise-like state, that is rich with historical sites. From the prehistoric era to the fight for freedom of the Seminole Wars, all this and more is covered in this enjoyable book!< Less
Us History: Greatest Challenges of History By Ora Dillard
eBook (ePub): $3.99
At school and at the university you learn history, whether you like it or not. Some of us become excited and read piles and piles of history books and usually get best results in writing history... More > essays. Some consider this to be nonsense, used only to waist our time.< Less
History of England By JAMES ANTHONY FROUDE
eBook (ePub): $2.99
JAMES ANTHONY FROUDE History of England James Anthony Froude was born at Darlington, England, April 23, 1818, and died on Oct. 20, 1894. He was educated at Westminster, and Oriel College, Oxford.... More > Taking Holy Orders, he was, for a time, deeply influenced by Newman and the Tractarian movement, but soon underwent the radical revolution of thought revealed by his first treatise, the "Nemesis of Faith," which appeared in 1849, and created a sensation. Its tendency to skepticism cost him his fellowship, but its profound pathos, its accent of tenderness, and its fervour excited wide admiration. Permanent fame was secured by the appearance, in 1856, of the first two instalments of his magnificent work, "The History of England, from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Armada," the last volume appearing in 1870. This treatise on the middle Tudor period is one of the most fascinating historical treatises in the whole range of literature.< Less

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