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Top 10 Surprise Benefits of Exercise By Franklin Antoian
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Everyone knows the benefits of exercising. Exercising can help you look good, feel great, lose weight and even become healthier, right? In addition to all of the amazing benefits above,... More > exercising offers many more benefits, some of them surprising!< Less
Tai Chi For Your Health Benefits By Ruby Wellington
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This no-nonsense Tai Chi E-book gives you all that you know to know about the Benefits of using Tai Chi to improve your health, your well- being and every aspect of your Life. Use The Techniques of... More > Tai Chi, Tai Martial Arts and Kung Tai to Master The Art of Tai Chi And Enjoy The Health Benefits That All These Forms Of Tai Chi Have To Offer To You Each And Everyday!< Less
Exercise Your Way To Physical Health By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Although being healthy is really based on the unique body constitution of an individual,That is the reason why there is no definite menu for good health,Fortunately,what comes close is the... More > combination regular exercise and the consumption of healthy food. Most of the health programs now a days talk about coming up with a healthy diet coupled with exercise. Get all the info you need here.“Exercise Your Way To Physical Health” looks into The Importance Of Maintaining A Strong Body Today And Into The Future, Make Sure You Know Your Limitations prior to Taking on an Exercise Regiment,Why Stretching Is Important, Cardio Training For A Healthy Body, Strength Training For A Healthy Body, Do You Need A Gym Or Can You Train At Home, Outside Activities for Healthy Exercise,Exercises You Can Do Anywhere and The Benefits Of Learning To Exercise Correctly.< Less
Exercise & Physical Activity By US Department of Health & Human Services , NIH/National Institute on Aging
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Learn to age well with exercise! This easy-to-read Exercise & Physical Activity Guide from the National Institute on Aging is filled with useful information, tips on how to get started, sample... More > exercises, and real-life success stories to help you: Learn about the 4 types of exercise and how they can improve your health. Determine your current fitness level, set goals, make an exercise and physical activity plan, and talk with your doctor about increasing your physical activity level. Exercise safely, build up the benefits, and have fun! The Guide also has photos and detailed exercise instructions, worksheets to help you track your progress, and tips on eating a healthy diet. Table of Contents 1) Introduction 2) Get ready 3) Get set 4) Go! 5) Sample exercises 6) Healthy eating 7) Keep going< Less
Aerobic Exercise By Sven Hyltén-Cavallius
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Table Of Contents Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise Different Types Of Aerobic Exercises Wading In Water Aerobics Aerobic Breathing Aerobic Dance Aerobic Equipment Aerobic Kickboxing Step... More > Aerobics Aerobics For Kids The Best Types Of Aerobics How-Can-Aerobics-Help-You-Lose-Weight Aerobics During Pregnancy Aerobic Equipment The Beauty Of Aerobic Exercises The Need For Aerobics< Less
Whole Health By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $2.25
Introduction To Your Overall Health For You And Your Loved Ones. Engaging ourselves in physical activities is very important regardless of our age and status in life. This is because staying healthy... More > doesn’t need a requirement to be able to start. Exercising daily will help us improve our overall health and reduce the risk of any illness. There are few notable benefits if you engage in physical exercise. To name a few, here’s the list. 1. It can increase the strength of both bones and muscles 2. It can reduce body mass, keeping it lean and healthy while eliminating body fat. 3. It improves mental health. 4. It can significantly reduce the feeling of anxiety, stress and depression. 5. It supports a holistic approach to achieving overall health.< Less
Whole Health By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $3.99
“Whole Health” covers The Basics On Physical Health, The Basics On Eating Right,The Basics On Exercise,The Basics On Mental Disorders, The Basics On Stress, The Basics On Mental Health,... More > The Basics On Spiritual Health,The Basics On Inner Peace and The Benefits Of Maintaining Overall Health.Engaging ourselves in physical activities is very important regardless of our age and status in life. This is because staying healthy doesn’t need a requirement to be able to start.Exercising daily will help us improve our overall health and reduce the risk of any illness.There are few notable benefits if you engage in physical exercise.To name a few, here’s the list.< Less
Exercise Guide for Seniors By Scott Moore
eBook (ePub): $2.99
(14 Ratings)
An exercise training program that would be most suited for the aged would have to take into account the now more fragile state of the body condition, thus content of the exercise regimen should not... More > be too overwhelming and demanding physically and mentally. Having a good and consistent exercise routine has been shown to not only keep diseases away but has also shown to be instrumental in keeping the individual healthier both physically and mentally. Understand the benefits of regular exercising and its connection to staying in optimum health is another good motivating feature to focus on. Ill health is something everyone wants to avoid, and if exercising regularly keep this from unfolding, and then the aged individual would usually be more than happy to take up some form of active exercising. Encountering health< Less
Keeping It Real - Health Benefits of Indoor Plants, Which to Get and How to Care for Them By M Osterhoudt
eBook (ePub): $1.35
By bringing a little of the outdoors in, you and your family can reap numerous health benefits and live in a safer environment while decorating a room. So throw out those dust collecting artificial... More > plants and get back to nature with easy to care for indoor plants. This Ebook will enlighten you to all the health benefits of a simple indoor plant, which plants are easily grown inside and how to care for and maintain your plant.< Less
Guide to Health and Fitness By Megan Swimmer
eBook (ePub): $2.99
(10 Ratings)
What does the word fitness mean to you? To each person, its something different. To many it’s a word that brings on the cringe of pain, of doing something they simply hate and even something... More > they will avoid at all possible costs. But, that’s not necessary for most people. In fact, fitness can be enjoyable if you know how to make it be just that. Through this e-book, we will teach you several very key elements to keeping yourself fit. Each tip and tool given is something that you can do easily, without much help and with the ability to see benefits. Although many people start looking into fitness because they want to lose weight but fitness is not just about weight loss. You can work to improve your overall wellness and increase your lifespan as well as the quality of life that you are currently living. Throughout this book, we’ll point you in the direction of improving your overall health. For many that will mean losing weight. For others, that will mean improving other qualities of your life.< Less