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Establishing a Permanent Exo-Earth Terrestrial Base By James Martin
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This proposal is specifically designed to outline the requirements of a future exo-planetary mission to Mars. The root exo- in this research refers to the region outside of Low- or Medium-Earth Orbit... More > that is generally used for current space missions; thus a lunar or Martian surface-base would satisfy this requirement. The proposal focuses on the human factors, including psycho-social behaviors and space medicine; technical requirements, such as life support and communications systems; and mission planning/execution components of a long-duration space mission. Furthermore, the study will analyze the potential future applications of an exo-planetary surface-base in terms of commerce, defense and exploration, including a near-future space tourism.< Less
Flipspace:Astraeus Event, Missions 7-9 By John Steiner
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Flipspace: Astraeus Event, Missions 7-9 Shades of Jade The Mockingbird crew is pulled off their training schedule when a distress call from their sister ship, the Magpie reaches Earth from the... More > Kuiper Belt.Survival throws the crew into crisis mode and pushes them all to their limits. Close Encounters For Their Kind Recouping from their losses, and breaking in replacements, Colonel Rama is briefed for a mission that potentially violates exo-solar planetary research treaties. Rediscovered among archives of a telescope considered lost in the prior century, the data includes surface changes on the alien world that may suggest intelligent life. Raging Pacific After years, the once-broken terrorist group, Golden Fist of Pacifica reemerges. Using a new bioweapon, the GFP seize control over a corporate board of directors, and through them possession of the mult-e-nomic platform, Pacific City. This time NATO is required to act and the Mockingbird crew is put on alert status.< Less