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Exotic Ducks Calendar 2018(Standard) By Mike Crawley
Calendar: $12.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
Exotic Ducks Calendar 2018 is a standard A4 calendar and contains 13 images of colourful and rare ducks from around the world. The cover image is of a Red Shoveler from Southern South America. The... More > remaing images are; January: Philippine Duck (Asia), February: Chiloe Widgeon (South America), March: Ferruginous Duck (Eurasia), April: Red Crested Pochard (Eurasia), May: Mandarin Duck (East Asia), June: Puna Teal (South American Andes), July: Ringed Teal (South America), August: Muscovy Duck (Central Americas & Mexico), September: Carolina Duck (North America), October: Madagascar Teal (Madagascar, Africa), November: Baer's Pochard (Russia, China & Japan), December: Laysan Teal (Hawaii). The last 3 ducks are critically endangered species. All the images were photographed by the author Mike Crawley FRPS.< Less
Wildlife of Florida: Lizards By Fiona Sunquist
eBook (PDF): $2.49
Wildlife of Florida Lizards is the premier guide to Florida's native and non-native lizards, with large, beautiful photographs showing each lizard in detail. Descriptions are brief, with enough... More > information to learn about each species without being overwhelming. With this guide you'll finally be able to identify those long-tailed, scaly creatures you've seen scurrying about in your backyard and around Florida. And discover how one snake look-a-like is actually a legless lizard! Download the book and start exploring. Please be sure to visit the companion site at< Less
The Care and Feeding of 25 Popular Exotic Animals & Exotic Pets – Animal Facts On Chinchillas to Crocodiles and the Tortoise to the Tiger, and Every Exotic Pet in Between By Rebecca Greenwood, Malibu Publishing
eBook (ePub): $8.97
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Owning an exotic pet is a big decision for anybody and should be given a deep thought before it's taken. Firstly, what species of exotic animals you want to adopt as pet should be decided upon.... More > Then, understand the qualities, needs, and problems related to the particular animal like humans are different from the other, so are animals. But only when an in-depth study of the individual animal is done its true personality can be determined. The owner should also understand that some animals even after perfect training grow up to be more aggressive and undisciplined and on the other hand sometimes abused animals grow up to be perfect pets.< Less
Wildlife of Florida 2011 By Fiona Sunquist
eBook (PDF): $19.99
"Wildlife of Florida" is an introduction to the incredible biological diversity of the state of Florida. Beginning with its position as a peninsula that extends from the temperate zone into... More > the tropics, the book weaves together the environmental factors that combine to make Florida's ecosystems so diverse and yet so vulnerable. With over 350 pages of text and hundreds of photos, the book takes you on a tour of Florida's white sand beaches, crystal clear springs, and moss-draped live oak hammocks. You'll discover the critical role played by the gopher tortoise in Florida's sandhills, learn about the beetle-baiting behavior of burrowing owls, and find out the best places to watch scrub jays and learn about their unique behavior. Special sections on manatees, the Florida panther, black bears, and wading birds illustrate some of the state's endangered species and their challenges. The book also addresses threats on biodiversity, with references included for further research.< Less
Immediate Intake Care of Small, Unusual & Exotic Pets By Beth Randall
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This booklet is intended to assist shelters, rescues and humane societies that deal mainly with cats and dogs on the immediate care and appropriate placement of small exotic and unusual pets,... More > thereby increasing the likelihood of successful adoptions and ensuring the health and well being of these pets. Understandably in overcrowded stressed shelters these animals may be hurried out the door to anyone claiming to know about them just to get them out of the way. We hope this booklet will help well meaning rescues provide appropriate care from the moment the animal arrives and to utilize the resources we are providing to find proper placement with knowledgeable owners. All companion animals deserve the best of care from a teeny mouse to a Great Dane. This information does not pertain to any wildlife, every animal referenced here is assumed to be breeder or store bought and cared for specifically as a pet.< Less
Wildlife from the Hot Spots By Michel Gagne
Paperback: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Using the meticulously detailed artwork he created for the trading card game, Xeko, artist Michel Gagné takes us on an incredible pictorial journey through some of the "Biodiversity Hot... More > Spots". There, you will meet the most unusual, endangered, exotic and unbelievable creatures that populate our world.< Less
Minnesota Wildlife Ecological Approach By James Schultz
Paperback: $27.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
See description under same title in ebooks. Also go to for more information. Excellent text book for those who want to know how it all works. Much more than another... More > identification guide, the book's purpose is to help the student understand the basic concepts of wildlife biology, ecology and more. Great for the wildlife enthusiast, manager, hunter, ecologist, naturalist and for the classroom. Written by a teacher of 32 years for students. Easy to read and understand for middle school through college. Covers: basic ecology, endangered species, un-endangered species, biomes, succession, wetland ecology, upland ecology, waterfowl biology/ecology, mammal biology/ecology, exotic/invasive species, how to manage your land using Minnesota native plants. Includes over 1000 beautiful pictures, graphics, charts and lists to help the student understand the concepts taught in the book. Book is printed on 50# paper to reduce the cost. For higher quality pictures use higher quality paper .< Less
African Dreams By Linda Goodrow
Paperback: $28.57
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Africa - The very word evokes feelings of mystery, the exotic and even a sense of romance. I was off on the trip of a lifetime, my dream trip, the one I never thought would really come true. But... More > come true it did, and it was more than I could ever have imagined or hoped for. Come on a photographic tour through Eastern Africa and share my dream.< Less
Amazing Animals By Amethyst Alexandre
eBook (PDF): $30.00
Learn how amazing animals in their natural habitats live in a very exotic way. Jellyfish, Mole Rats, and all those other animals that are interesting in their own ways. Read this book to find out... More > about all those other animals!!!< Less
2018 Photography Calendar By Sathish Jothikumar
Calendar: $16.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Let this calendar filled with landscape and travel imagery inspire you to travel around the world. From the Pacific coast of the US to Asia, this calendar will take you on a journey from mystic... More > Japan, through the rugged mountains and ancient civilizations of Central Asia, the Arabian splendor of Morocco and the diverse landscapes of the US. And remember, this calendar is for a good cause - all proceeds will get donated to NRDC and WildAid. When the planet's ecology is facing multiple threats, be it climate change, wildlife exploitation and poaching, pollution, we need a protector, and NRDC works tirelessly to safeguard the place we live. I truly believe in its mission to protect our planet. Illegal wildlife trade has had a serious impact on the populations of many endangered species. While there are efforts to curb poaching, WildAid believes in attacking the demand side of the equation by persuading consumers and strengthening enforcement. I do hope that they succeed in their mission.< Less

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