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Valuta in the Cover: A collection of short stories By Roger Kalter
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Truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction it is said. These stories are an account of the true-life experiences spanning more than forty years of an ex-pat American living in Europe having grown up... More > in the USA. Learning about life from the standpoint of a naïve teenager to the wisdom of a well-travelled adult, the author recounts in an easy, conversational manner some truly amazing stories. Many times leaving the reader with the curiosity to know more, or just thinking about how such things actually happen.< Less
WA Anthology By Louise Charles
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Twenty nine short stories of ex pat life written by writers all over the world...
Travels with Gerry -- Blues Booze Cruise By John Oakley
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One of five short stories about a Rhine tour by two ex-pat Brits struggling with language, homophobia and a fatally-flawed sense of direction.
Tower of Tales By Alison Stuart
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Tower of Tales is a collection of short stories by award winning writer Alison Stuart. This eclectic mix of stories cover the travails of an expat life in Singapore and contemporary and historical... More > romantic stories.< Less
The Adventures of Gunner Wales By Dale Albert Johnson
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This is the latest collection of a series of short stories featuring an eccentric, polymath, detective expat who solves international crimes mostly based in modern day China. Spiritual thrillers in... More > the style of Charles Williams.< Less
Hand Gels & Steam Buns By Paul Slezak
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Hand Gels & Steam Buns is a compilation of short stories of some of the most bizarre situations author Paul Slezak found himself in while living and working in Hong Kong. While he was away he... More > would send regular updates to family and friends and when he returned to Australia people suggested he publish them as a series of short stories. So here they are ...< Less
Our Sporting Martyrs - Travel Tales from the Smog By Frank Beyer
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These tales from the smog are not only a rough ride through some of the biggest most vibrant upcoming smokestacks of our time, but also a cry for attention from the forgotten rust belts of another... More > era. We come across a couple breaking up because of dodgy seafood in a Shanghai market, a young teacher struggling to process his days with friendly people inside of banks and accounting firms against the grittiness of downtown Sao Paulo. Another older and more drained individual sends us an eerie dispatch from Qinghai province and a cynical journalist sways with nausea in a sports mad dictatorship. The characters are a mix of human and the inanimate, have and have nots: expats without the big contract, malevolent motorways, rocks, the homeless, students and the financial class. Here we find the realisation of living where the 21st century is really going to happen, despite lingering obsessions with New York and Paris.< Less
Postcards from France By Liz Terry
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In this book of comic short stories about her life as a British ex-pat living in South West France, Liz Terry has collected together a series that first appeared in the Aldrington parish magazine in... More > Brighton and Hove, where she grew up. Collected in memory of the editor of that magazine, who tragically lost his life to cancer in 2010, a donation from every book sold will go to St Barnabas House Hospice in Worthing.< Less
Those Czech Boys By Calvin Corvidian
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Those Czech Boys is a book of six longish homoerotic short stories inspired by Calvin’s residency first in Czechoslovakia and then after the so-called Velvet Divorce, in the Czech Republic.... More > While all the characters and events are fictitious, the ex-pat experience guarantees a never-ending string of meetings with remarkable men, their families, foibles and foreskins. Despite their unique characteristics, customs and quirks, Czech gays enjoy the highs and lows that are common to the experience of minorities everywhere. However, emerging from a repressive regime and flourishing as Central Europe’s most non-religious and tolerant society, the characters we meet between these covers exude a sexuality that has earned the nation a reputation as a goldmine of beautiful porn stars.< Less
Sinew of the Social Species By Ashim Shanker
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Meditations on Connections Lost (2003-2014): Poetry, short fiction, and autobiographical writing on transculturation, fragmented identity, and the disintegration of human connection in the midst of a... More > frantic search for individual purpose. Written in Japan over the course of the author's 11-year stay, "Sinew of the Social Species" includes such poems as "lesser animal" and "This Most Heartfelt Sacrilege," short stories such as "The Replacement Crier," and an assortment of other poetry and prose writings.< Less