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SAM BACKHOUSE'S BIG BOOK OF RANDOM CRAP (BOOK ONE)... This book contains every little book of Random Crap (books 1-7) created from June or July 2012 to November 2013 all in one monster of a book.... More > The book contains comic strips, short stories, poems, doodles, childhood drawings, fake adverts, crowd scenes, crap jokes, crap puzzles, experimental comic strip pages and lots more... This book would make an ideal present for anyone who loves comics and British humour. The main characters I draw include L'il Shrimp, Gobby the boy who never stops talking, Peter the Pissed off Parent, Longface (the boy with the stretchy body), Mister Mad, Rude Dog, Pissed off Snowman, Eric Rose and his big nose, Professor Amazing, Supermarketman, Me (occasionally!) and lots of one off characters... Unfortunately due to certain explicit imagery within the book it is unsuitable for children. I give the book a certificate of 15 much like a film! Book trailer:< Less
sculptures book By Jean-Paul Daire
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Je suis gourmand de marbre et travaille essentiellement en taille directe, je vous propose de découvrir les travaux d'un artiste passionné (inscrit MDA). Lors d'un symposium sur le... More > Gypse en août 2008 j'ai découvert la pierre, je la travaille depuis avec gourmandise, principalement en taille directe. Depuis peu j'expérimente sur des volumes utilisant un langage figuratif classique qui rentre en confrontation au langage géométrique, une sorte de fusion ou confusion du modelé et de la géométrie. Mais qui parlent toujours de l'Homme, mon langage c'est les volumes avec pour complice la matière.< Less
Flight of the Maita Book sixteen Now You Tell Me! By CD Moulton
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"Written" from Thing's perspective. Experimental attempt to see from an alien viewpoint. The Mactowan story has been praised by several critics.
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Poetry Collection - Book I (Farsi) By Salim Ghazi Saeedi
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Poetry Collection - Book I includes poetry Iranian Salim Ghazi Saeedi wrote between 2010 and 2013 in Farsi: "Strings, Stuffings, Wanebook, The Book of the Creator, Heart-Write, O Friend!, O... More > Friend! vol ii". Salim's poetry is mostly abstract/philosophical and sometimes sermon-like. In his words, "I nearly always write poetry only in moments of despair, fear or paralysis. These poems are actually addressed to myself and their goal is self-treatment. If you find me writing poetry you could be sure about two things: I feel very bad and I will get well very soon." Salim Ghazi Saeedi is also a musician and short-story writer:< Less
(E-BOOK) Webdocs. A Survival Guide for Online Filmmakers By Matthieu Lietaert
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With over 800 copies of our “survival guide” printed edition sold in four months, this is the E-book version that was designed to provide journalists and filmmakers with some basic tools... More > required to develop their own webdocs or cross-media projects. The guide was reviewed by Tribeca Film Institute and Filmmaker Magazine. How to think in terms of interactivity? How to reach your audience? How to develop a successful funding strategy? How to pitch or crowdsource successfully? How does the web affect storytelling? To answer all these questions, this unique book brings together interviews with 30 world famous cross-media experts, producers or authors. “Webdocs are currently the most challenging and experimental field of visual story telling. No filmmaker can ignore this book. It gives you the tools to get started!” Heidi Gronauer - Director @ & About the editor : Matthieu holds a Ph.D. in Political Sciences and works as a consultant, producer and director @ Not So Crazy! Productions.< Less
Wanderer's Shadow: Book Two of Wizards and Faeries and Sequel to Halfway By Stephanie Void
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She thought she was safe, hidden from the tyrannical Wizardly Order. She was wrong. When a naked man washes up on the shores of Cemagna’s home, she knows it means something bad is happening.... More > And she is right—within 24 hours, she and her brother Temet are thrown headfirst into a world of wizards, war, underground monsters, and Magic-related human experimentation. But what she did not expect to discover is the real nature of the Wizardly Order, the prison-like organization all wizards are forced to join. She learns the dirty little secret its leaders are hiding, and they will stop at nothing to make sure she doesn’t repeat it. To make matters worse, her worst enemy, Duke Von Chi, whom she thought she was dead, turns up in the worst possible place: inside her mind, where she can’t escape him. If the Wizardly Order doesn’t get her first, the insanity the Duke is driving her to may succeed… This is book 2 of the Wizards and Faeries series and sequel to Halfway.< Less
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The "People Power" Love/ Lust Superbook: Book 64. Kinky Sex, Extreme Fetishes By Tony Kelbrat
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Because the sacredness of sex is all but gone in modern society where everything is available, at least for a price if not with consenting partners, so many people have to do increasingly more... More > bizarre things to get a thrill because in order to hit a sexual grand slam, you have to feel that you're breaking a moral code/ social taboo as well as feeling you've never done it before or rarely do this stuff for the added novelty effect which is why the bar keeps going higher in terms of experimentation with new "weird" things. Somebody once said that all this sexual acting out comes down to one thing. You don't have enough love in your life, you didn't have enough love as a kid and all this desire for kinky sex stuff is a smokescreen for your desire to be loved by somebody. I think this is a partial explanation for some fetishes and extreme sexual behaviors but I also know that a lot of people aren't that deep.< Less
The “People Power” Health Superbook: Book 3. Medical Knowledge, Topics & Ideas (Journals, Research, Websites, Events, Conferences, Tests, Find a Doctor, Vaccinations) By Tony Kelbrat
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The book Medical Books in Print contains a bibliography of the relevant medical books out there. The Medical Section at the library is #610-619 of the Dewy Decimal System, R in the Library of... More > Congress system. 610. Medical Sciences. 611. Human anatomy. 612. Human physiology. 613. Hygiene, fitness, diet. 614. Public health. 615. Therapeutics and pharmacology. 616. Medicine, diseases. 617. Surgery. 618. Specialized medicine, women, childbirth, children. 619. Comparative and experimental medicine. R, Medicine. RB, Pathology. RK, Dentistry. RT, Nursing. At #613, you'll find hundreds of books dealing with current health topics on everything from women's issues to nutrition, exercise, fitness, recreation, yoga, etc. For general medical textbooks that cover everything, popular medicine as they call it, go to #616.00 or RC81 at the library. There are a lot of healthcare books at #361-362.< Less

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