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The “People Power” Makin’ Money Superbook: Book 4. Invention Guide (Create a Product, Protect It, Sell It) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Some people invent something and it takes off quickly but for most products, it’s an uphill battle because of marketing, getting it out there so people know it exists. If you have the luck of... More > a viral explosion where people are quickly enamored by your product, you’re blessed. There are great products in Asia and Europe right now that Americans would buy but nobody is marketing them here. I’ve seen them at trade shows. Even though these new products are great, they still have to be hustled and sold. The best way to be an inventor is to create something and approach either a big manufacturer or a department store and they buy it or license it from you but I tried this several times. I got no response back. People say it works. There are invention contests out there that give you publicity. I’ve known quite a lot of guys who thought they had great ideas. They probably were great ideas but it usually takes a lot of work to get it to market, even with kickstarter and the internet.< Less
Houses of Straw Houses of Wood By Michael Fjetland
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Do you know that every one of us depend on a five-thousand-year-old technology that kills or injures thousands of people every year, a technology that has never been upgraded until now? It is the... More > weakest link in every building, including structures built of the strongest steel. Yet most of us live in houses not much different than the one in the story of the Three Little Pigs. Do you know what causes houses to blow apart in a tornado or hurricane? Have you noticed the rash of break-ins? This book reveals a little known Green+Security™ technology that protects property and families from burglars, hurricanes, tornadoes, and shooters — while paying for itself in energy savings. This technology is illustrated with photos to provide insight. It is a fast, easy read, and free, compliments of the author. The author is a former 9 /11 terrorism analyst on TV.< Less
How DOJ Cover-Up of FBI Murders Enabled 9/11 Attacks By Rodney Stich
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This is a highly explosive documented description of how Department of Justice personnel received advance notice of several major and deadly al Qaeda attacks from a Mafia mole inside the al Qaeda... More > organization and then deep-sixth the information to protect a key FBI supervisor involved in a series of murders and a New York City Mafia capo known as "the killing machine." Possibly the worst combination high-level corruption and catastrophic consequences in the nation's history.< Less
Swallow Hole By Paul C Bown
Paperback: $7.26
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The Baxter children are gearing up for Christmas when a bomb explosion rocks their peaceful town. Undeterred they enjoy a Christmas river cruise, but the crew seem to be lacking the Christmas spirit.... More > They find the ship moored up river, and clandestine operations of a criminal gang linked with international terrorists. Before they can inform the police they plummet into a strange but deadly underworld of an unknown civilisation and pre-historic beasts. Can they protect the 21st century world from the onslaught of disease and the ravages of ferocious dinosaurs, while saving their own skins?< Less
Dilma Rousseff By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $28.95
Abortion issues, Bulgarian background, within a strong but complex character along with early decisions: treason, riches and a minor clash with the Vatican as predicted within Dilma's explosive... More > horoscopes. With three planets in Ophiuchus, the President is the queen of the AEon of Cetus II in that her literary talents help protecting cetacean fauna on a global scale. The Halloween queen has immediate issues within her own headquarters. Trick or treat as it might be, the November WW3 corvine moons spell imminent treason on behalf of the newly elected Brazilian President.< Less
The New York Consignment By Ann Marie Mcshane
Paperback: $9.85
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In the city that never sleeps, a New York cop Cole Reed and his partner are plunged into an explosive case, with Cole and Aimee in pursuit of Charlie Bronson and his drug empire. Two cases become... More > tangled; Aimee is placed in danger when she is an eyewitness to a shooting. Aimee calls 911, leaving the scene of a crime that attracts unwanted attention from two homicide detectives investigating meanwhile, NYPD are still pursuit in Aimee has a person of interest in another unrelated case. How can Cole protect his partner while Charlie Bronson is bent on retribution and revenge in stopping Cole from poking around into his business affairs. The consignment has arrived and freighted to its destination as Charlie Bronson’s international drug smuggling is explosively revealed and secrets are out in the open. Who can Cole trust now, has friendships are tested, loyalty and respect is in question.< Less
Media Piracy in Emerging Economies By Joe Karaganis, Ed.
Paperback: $27.95
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Media Piracy in Emerging Economies is the first independent, large-scale study of music, film and software piracy in emerging economies, with a focus on Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, Mexico... More > and Bolivia. Based on three years of work by some thirty five researchers, Media Piracy in Emerging Economies tells two overarching stories: one tracing the explosive growth of piracy as digital technologies became cheap and ubiquitous around the world, and another following the growth of industry lobbies that have reshaped laws and law enforcement around copyright protection. The report argues that these efforts have largely failed, and that the problem of piracy is better conceived as a failure of affordable access to media in legal markets.< Less
Federations Space Battle By Teo Barry Vincent
eBook (PDF): $12.34
Now imagine yourself a Unit Commander in control of four Spaceships, each fully equipped with Torpedoes, explosives that are shot in a straight path, and Phasers, destructive beams that strike at... More > 45° angles. You are battling another Commander who also has four Spaceships with the same weaponry. Federations Space Battle is an extraordinary futuristic 2 player board game that lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your skill. Customize the game by naming your own Federation and Spaceships. Compete in strategic positioning, protective shielding and weapon deployment of your Spaceships. Ages: 8 to 108. 80 Scoreboards included.< Less
Hardcover: $14.37
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The state is a social agent within internally-intertwined processes of social relations, i.e. political, economic and ideological. The glocal social agent must intervene and participate with its... More > varied historical roles to maintain, protect and (re)produce the social structure of capitalist society while mediating the class struggle. The glocal state functionality as the driving force has provided the guarantee and continuity of flexible capital accumulation with aim of social explosion and economic exploitation. On this basis Marxist theory of state arguably disagrees with the myth of neoliberal theory on optimum social economic development without close and strong involvement of the state which deserved to be corrected.< Less
Wrath A Family To Conquer By Navell Merkerson
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Wrath A Family To Conquer portrays a mom with two children. Anna meets, falls in love, and marries a wealthy businessman named Tommy. To her surprise, the man she married turns out to be far more... More > sinister than she could have ever imagined. The journey begins with the abuse of Anna and trickles down to her children. After the physical and emotional attacks on her oldest child Me'shal, combined with the frustration and humiliation of being mistreated and feeling downtrodden for so long, Anna has to find a way to protect herself and her family -- no matter how afraid she is. With her family pulling together and being strengthened by each other, the insurmountable conclusion is explosive!< Less

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