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Explosions By Jennifer Frosch
Paperback: $8.50
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Explosions is a collection of poetry and short stories (including one play)
KARAOKE EXPLOSIONS (2009 Yearbook) By Goodtime Karaoke Explosion
Paperback: $48.20
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DoD Contractor’s Safety Manual For Ammunition and Explosives By Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board
Paperback: $25.94
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This Manual is reissued under the authority of and in accordance with DoD Instruction 4145.26 (Reference (a)) and, accordingly, is applicable to all contractual actions entered into on or after the... More > reissue date. The prior DoD 4145.26-M (Reference (b)), dated September 16, 1997, is hereby rescinded and superseded, yet will remain applicable and effective for contractual actions entered into on or after September 16, 1997 and before the reissue date. The Manual provides safety standards common to DoD and private industry ammunition and explosives (AE), operations, and facilities performing AE work or AE services under DoD contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, or other procurement methods. DoD 6055.9-STD (Reference (c)) establishes these AE safety standards and serves as the primary source document for this Manual. The explosives safety requirements included in this Manual are consistent with Reference (c) so that AE safety standards for DoD Components and DoD contractors are equivalent.< Less
Fishing With Explosives By Peter Cameron-Burnett
Paperback: $23.98
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Bang - and up they come. No mucking about.
Alphabet Explosions By Jen Selinsky
Paperback: $7.00
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"Alphabet Explosions" contains works which were written in the middle of the poet's college career in 2001-2002. They represent a broad range of material which questions concepts like life,... More > freedom, and aging.< Less
Information Explosion By Latanya Sweeney,
eBook (PDF): $8.99
In this book , I examine the tremendous growth in information being collected on individuals. From the examples provided in this chapter, it is clear that many details in the lives of most people are... More > being documented in databases somewhere. I provide examples that exemplify recent behavioral tendencies in the collection of person-specific data. These tendencies are: (1) given an existing personspecific data collection, expand the number of fields being collected; I term this the "collect more" trend; (2) replace an existing aggregate data collection with a person-specific one; I term this the "collect specifically" trend; and, (3) given a question or problem to solve or merely provided the opportunity, gather information by starting a new person-specific data collection related to the question, problem or opportunity; I term this the "collect it if you can" trend. No matter how you look at it, all three tendencies result in more and more information being collected on individuals.< Less
Dee's Explosion By Denice Martin-Thompson
Paperback: $10.00
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Dee’s Explosion is filled with poems of truth, pain and passion. This book releases the voice of a woman who wants to be heard.
Panty Explosion By Jake Richmond, Matt Schlotte
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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The most controversial game of the year is also one of the best reviewed! "Panty explosion is an oft-overlooked gem of horror and suspense drama" Thomas Weigel, e23 manager "The... More > game is smart, cool and elegant. Panty Explosion is a good game with some genius mechanics" -Jerry Grayson, creator of The Godsend Agenda "4 stars!" Play Panty Explosion and take the role of a Psychic Japanese schoolgirl! With the help of your friends you will endure high school, battle nightmarish demons, best rivals, achieve goals and explore the mysterious and terrifying world of modern Tokyo. You may be cursed with Psychic powers, or you may be left defenseless as a normal girl. It’s up to you to see that your Student survives both the supernatural and mundane horrors of the Japanese educational system! Panty Explosion is an alternative RPG for 4 or more sexy and brave players.< Less
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Explosive Voyage By Richard F Jones
Paperback: $10.29
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Somalian pirates, Semtex and sumptuous women are all included in this new novel by Richard F Jones. Six wealthy men, who were friends at university, embark on a celebratory retirement voyage to Hong... More > Kong aboard a luxury yacht. Trouble ensues by the time they reach Gibraltar. Innuendos about smuggling explosives and adultery abound throughout the Mediterranean part of their journey. Category four cyclones, corsairs, expensive horses and the Chinese, lead the story to its ultimate disastrous conclusion in Hong Kong.< Less