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Summary Exposition By Emanuel Swedenborg
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This work contains a summary of the doctrines of the Catholic and Protesant churches, and amazingly, from an analysis of the decrees from the Council of Trent and the the propositions of the Formula... More > of Concord of the Protestants, Swedenborg shows how the the basic underlying theology of these two branches of Christianity are the same. The main theological errors that have crept into Christian theology over the centuries are next discussed, which can be summarized as a belief in a Trinity of three persons, and that salvation comes from faith alone. The author next discussed the theology of the New Church, based upon visions he received over a period of 25 years. This work is from volume 22 of "The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem," a multi-volume work containing all the published theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg where all of the references and indexes are hyperlinked for ease of study.< Less
Exposition of Daniel By George Joye
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This is a facsimile reprint of George Joye's 1545 Exposition of Daniel.
An Exposition of Joel By Christopher Maddocks
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A verse by verse Exposition of the prophecy of Joel, with supporting studies.
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From the INTRODUCTION: "The articles here presented are modern and unhackneyed. Selected primarily as models for teaching the methods of exposition employed in the explanation of mechanisms,... More > processes, and ideas, they are nevertheless sufficiently representative of certain tendencies in science to be of intrinsic value. Indeed, each author is a recognized authority." Contents: THE EXPOSITION OF A MECHANISM THE LEVERS OF THE HUMAN BODY THE EXPOSITION OF A MACHINE THE MERGENTHALER LINOTYPE. PHILIP T. DODGE THE EXPOSITION OF A PROCESS IN NATURE THE PEA WEEVIL. JEAN HENRI FABRE. Translated by Bernard Miall THE EXPOSITION OF A MANUFACTURING PROCESSM MODERN PAPER-MAKING. J. W. BUTLER PAPER COMPANY THE EXPOSITION OF AN IDEA THE GOSPEL OF RELAXATION. WILLIAM JAMES SCIENCE AND RELIGION. CHARLES PROTEUS STEINMETZ BIOGRAPHICAL AND CRITICAL NOTES< Less
An Exposition Of Marxism By V.I. Lenin
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Lenin's short monograph on Marx with an exposition of his philosophical and economic system. (Fully bookmarked, with clickable cross referenced notes)
Exposition of Dogmas By N. M. Anfimov
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This volume is the translation from Russian into English of the Molitvennik i Izlozhenia Dogmat (Prayer Book and Exposition of Dogma), by N. M. Anfimov. Published 1912, Tiflis (Tbilizi, Georgia),... More > Russia. (Prayerbook section is not included). This is an exposition of many topics dealing with Deity, creation, purpose, Old Testament items fulfilled in the New Testament, attitude toward the state, with the early Molokan understanding of death and resurrection. Translated from the Russian into English.< Less
An Exposition of James By James Garriss
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James’ exposition begins with an introduction to the book of James, including the historical context, the theme of the book, and an outline. It then breaks the book of James into sections... More > suitable for studying, teaching, and preaching. Each section includes an explanation of the limits of the section, a translation from the Greek New Testament, an interpretation, a structural diagram, a textual outline, and a homiletical outline.< Less
An Exposition of the Mysteries By Mar Narsai
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An Exposition of the Mysteries (Pushaq Raze) is an explanation of the significance of the Eucharistic Service or Qurbana Qadisha. It is attributed to Mar Narsai (437-502 A.D.), the great... More > poet-theologian and teacher of the Assyrian Church of the East. This small, but valuable work was edited in the original Syriac by the late Qashisha Yosip d’Kelaita and printed with a translation into Assyrian at the Assyrian Press in Mosul in 1928. An English translation has been added to this reprint.< Less
Exposition of Me By Stuart Wickison
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An inspirational collection of emotional, perceptive and metaphysical insights into the very depths of our human nature...taking you on a captivating journey on which which will not leave you behind!
The Exposition of Mastery By Liliana Alam
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To achieve self-mastery is the ultimate aim of life. The spiritual battle between forces of Good and Evil wages war within the hearts of all men and women. What is this war? How to win it? and ...who... More > are the true warriors? What is, "Mastery"?< Less

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