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ECommerce to Social Commerce By Ajit Singh
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The electronic commerce (or e-commerce) can be broadly defined as “the buying and selling of products, services and information conducted by electronic means”. Even today, several... More > years after the Internet revolution, this area continues to rise discussions and to leave a sense of confusion and misunderstanding, also because of the many disciplines involved and the multiple contexts in which the term is used. Therefore it is necessary to further clarify the different themes developed around the electronic commerce, analyzing characteristics, approaches and classifications in order to have an overall view. This is the right premise to look at future developments of this phenomenon. In fact, taking advantage from new Web 2.0 tools, as well as from social media impact on everyday life, the e-commerce is evolving toward a new form of commerce, the social commerce. A particular application of social commerce is represented by F-commerce, otherwise known as electronic commerce via Facebook.< Less
Dimensions in Commerce and Management By Dr. Mahalaxmi Krishnan
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This book titled “Dimensions In Commerce and Management” for the B Com students covering the emerging issues and developments as per the autonomous syllabus of F Y B Com, S Y B Com and T... More > Y B Com, as approved by the Board of Studies members and Chairman, University of Mumbai. This book is a one stop reference book for newly introduced topics in the autonomous syllabus thus complimenting the published text books. The book is written in simple, lucid language easy to read and understand.< Less
Atlanta: A Twentieth-Century City By Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
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The "People Power" Business Superbook: Book 5. Business Knowledge 1 (Business Information – Education – Subjects - Websites, Business Info By State, American Local Chambers of Commerce) By Tony Kelbrat
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Most public libraries have good business sections. Visit your local library. Get to know its resources. In addition to books, many libraries offer free workshops for business owners. Ask the... More > librarian for current copies of zoning regulations. Read books in your field (computers, health care, crafts, etc.). Read about business skills (advertising techniques, financing, etc.). Look for good business magazines. There are a wide variety of local and national business organizations out there. They offer everything from camaraderie to group rates on health insurance. A periodical directory lists magazines in many different topic areas so you could network your way into the information you're looking for that way. Some databases are: Business Dateline Ondisc Business Index Business Newsbank Predicasts F&S Index Wilson's Business Abstracts The Business Periodicals Index describes magazines and journals in the business field.< Less
Insanity: Four Decades of U.S. Counterdrug Strategy (Carlisle Paper) (Enlarged Edition) By Lieutenant Colonel Michael F. Walther et al.
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In the 4 decades since President Richard Nixon first declared war on drugs, the U.S. counterdrug strategy has remained virtually unchanged—favoring supply-reduction, law enforcement, and... More > criminal sanctions over demand reduction, treatment, a d education. While the annual counterdrug budget has ballooned from $100 million to $25 billion, the availability of most illicit drugs remains at an all-time high. The human cost is staggering nearly 40,000 drug-related deaths in the United States annually. The societal impact, in purely economic terms, is now estimated to be approximately $200 billion per year. The global illicit drug industry now accounts for 1 percent of all commerce on the planet approximately $320 billion annually. Legalization is almost certainly not the answer; however, an objective analysis of available data confirms that: 1) the United States has pursued essentially the same lawed supply-reduction strategy for 40 years; and...< Less
Redox Reactions By scholars learning
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1. Oxidation: is a process which (i) involves addition of oxygen or any other electronegative element, or removal of hydrogen or any other electropositive element, or ii) Involves loss of electrons.... More > That is why oxidation is also called de-electro nation. 2. Reduction is a process which involves addition of hydrogen or any other electropositive element, or involves removal of oxygen or any other electronegative element, or ii) involves gain of electrons. That is why reduction is also called electro nation. 3. An oxidising agent or an oxidant is a substance which (i) supplies oxygen or any other electropositive element, or ii) Can readily accept electrons from other electrons from other substances. That is why oxidising agents are electron-acceptors. Examples: KmnO4, K2Cr2O7, HNO3, H2O2, KCIO3, F2, Cl2, Br2, I2 etc. 4. An oxiding agent after carrying out oxidation itself gets reduced.< Less
Papers Relating to an Act of the Assembly of the Province of New-York For encouragement of the Indian trade, &c. and for prohibiting the selling of Indian goods to the French, viz. of Canada By Great Britain. Board of Trade
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En tant que tôlier, le salaire minimum garanti dans le commerce ça n'existe pas. Les congés payés, ça n'existe pas. Le treizième, voire le quatorzième... More > mois, ça n'existe pas. Les congés maladies, ça n'existe pas. L'allocation chômage, ça n'existe pas. J'ai tellement de taxes que je me fais l'impression d'être un mécène de la caisse de retraite, de parrainer l'U.R.S.S.A.F., de commanditer la complémentaire, d’être un bienfaiteur du polyvalent. Et moi, faire dans le volontarisme, ce n'est pas mon genre. Surtout ! quand il s'agit de mon pognon. Ils doivent me prendre pour un philanthrope du carnet à souches tous ces maquereaux patentés. — Mais, en tant que patron, cela vaut le coup, vous aurez une bonne retraite, reprit Blain en riant. — On voit que vous n'êtes pas dans la partie inspecteur. Si je plaçais à la banque l'oseille demandée par les organismes et bien en fin de carrière, au lieu de finir en retraité misérable, je serais un rentier heureux.< Less
U. S. Trademark Law - Rules of Practice & Federal Statutes By U. S. Patent & Trademark Office
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(a) The Act as used in this part means the Trademark Act of 1946, 60 Stat. 427, as amended, codified in 15 U.S.C. 1051 et. seq. (b) Entity as used in this part includes both natural and juristic... More > persons. (c) Director as used in this chapter, except for part 11, means the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. (d) Federal holiday within the District of Columbia means any day, except Saturdays and Sundays, when the United States Patent and Trademark Office is officially closed for business for the entire day. (e) The term Office means the United States Patent and Trademark Office. (f) The acronym TEAS means the Trademark Electronic Application System, available at (g) The acronym ESTTA means the Electronic System for Trademark Trials and Appeals, available at< Less
The Foundation of America By Elberon Partners
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The Foundation of America: 76 Historical Documents and Texts contains the 76 documents which the United States was built on, including: Pre- Revolutionary: The Magna Carta The First Virginia... More > Charter The Mayflower Compact The First Thanksgiving Proclamation The 1754 Albany Plan of Union The Resolutions of the Stamp Act 1775 – 1800: Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” Speech The Declaration of Independence The Articles of Confederation The Constitution of the United States The Bill of Rights 1800 – 1860: The Missouri Compromise The Monroe Doctrine The Compromise of 1850 The Kansas-Nebraska Act 1861- 1865: The Emancipation Proclamation The Gettysburg Address 1870 – 1910: The Interstate Commerce Act The Sherman Anti-Trust Act Theodore Roosevelt’s Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine 1911 – Present: President Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points The Truman Doctrine President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address< Less

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