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Fair to Flair Spring 2011 By Fair to Flair
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Fair to Flair Quarterly is not be a magazine in the traditional vein. It includes stories on current wrestling, groundbreaking journalism, and topical analysis, but curated in a way that you can... More > pick up an issue three years after its initial publication and enjoy it from cover to cover. We have a deep, complicated love for this art, and the words printed in its volume will be from the heart.  Fair to Flair Quarterly will not just be a bound compendium of positivity, however. Love is sometimes about pain, sacrifice, longing, and despair. Love is about longing as much as it is about gratification. And boy, do we long as wrestling fans. You know you do too. Love is about giving up the sensible and shooting for the impossible. We’ve all given up so much for this damned thing. It’s time we let the world know how we felt. < Less
Killhouettes By John Fair
Paperback: $12.00
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Macbre, Neo-Victorian silhouettes by John Fair
My French Rebel By Marla Fair
Paperback: $10.95
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Charlotte Burington’s life has taken a turn for the worse. As the daughter of a veteran British General sent to the Colonies to fight against ‘those damned Rebels’, she finds... More > herself exiled to the 18th century provincial town of Darby, Pennsylvania, where life couldn’t get any duller! Until one day her little sister Augusta makes a startling discovery which will propel Charlotte on an exciting and dangerous course that will alter her life and her destiny forever. "And then she saw him. Like something out of one of the novels she had read when she was at school – the ones her mother forbade."< Less
Goodnight Robinson By Marla Fair
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Phoebe Greenway never imagined when she landed her dream job as an historic interpreter in an 1800's house in Ohio, that her fascination with one of the home’s former occupants would change her... More > destiny. One stormy night while locking the museum, Phoebe is startled by a figure on the stair. Her pursuit of it teaches her the truth of the old adage, ‘Be careful what you wish for… You just might get it.’ Spanning one hundred and sixty years and the length and breadth of America, GOODNIGHT ROBINSON is a tale of an impossible love set against the back-drop of 21st century Ohio and 19th century California.< Less
Retribution, a Screenplay By Chuck Fair
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Nature’s caprice strikes twice, rocking an Appalachian coal mining town. In Farmington, West Virginia, a methane explosion blows the top off of a mountain, killing 78 miners. Subsequently,... More > Congress creates the Miners Enforcement Safety Agency (MESA) to establish a standard of safety in the country’s mines. Immediately, a nationwide call goes out for veteran miners to police the mines. In the fiercely-independent Appalachian coalfields in the poorest locale in America--the same fields that drove out the United Mine Workers Local--recruiting inspectors is next to impossible, finding ones who will stand up to the mines’ lawbreakers is impossible. The impossible appears when AB Stahill, an ex-miner searching for the redemption and determined to find retribution for the death of his father and the derangement of his boyhood friend, uses MESA to give him the means to pursue his end.< Less
Outside Intervention By Chuck Fair
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A stageplay in two acts. An apocalyptic event leaves the fate of the establishment dependent upon a criminal trial conducted by hardcore prisoners.
Bonjour Men of France By Chuck Fair
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A new world materializes over a ship’s bow where every inch is unknown, where savages roam, where danger lurks before every footstep, a place where untold wealth justifies each step into the... More > unknown. In 1535, French adventurers battered by three months at sea sail up the formidable Saint Lawrence River disturbing a savage way of life and unknowingly rile an ancient god. They find ramparts of trees sheltering a shadow shifting, foreboding milieu, tangles wherein each capricious footstep takes the voyager deeper into an unforgiving labyrinth. The era’s most ferocious savages wait to waylay the Frenchmen; beyond the savages, Atotarho, the Most Fearsome Spirit waits to retaliate for the intrusion. The French newcomers put up a wall around four flimsy dwellings at Quebec. They hunker down, isolated from a war distracted homeland, starving and beset by raging internecine wars. They cannot distinguish fact from myth: is Atotarho the deformed ogre of ancient legend or a debonair youth?< Less
Messieurs et Mesdames Permit Me the Honor to Introduce Myself By Chuck Fair
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The Old World has invaded the New, but no one in either world could conceive the New World would invade the Old. But in France it has happened with a vengeance: The invader is a debonair, deadly... More > Deity known as Atotarho who owns a most peculiar appetite. Adopting the French aplomb, he confounds the marquee players during their civil war, tossing pubescent King Louis XIV, his cousin la Grande Mademoiselle de Monpansier and Count Frontenac for a loop. Old World drama is on second stage compared to that being played out in the unsettled lands of New France. Iroquois decimate French settlements along the Saint Lawrence River; Algonquin destroy English settlements along the Hudson River. The French wipe out Iroquois villages. Count Frontenac plots to wipe out Atotarho who caused him grief in France. The unpredictable Deity knows time is on his side. In an era when life has little security, the mystery of who will destroy whom is lost in the mystic mist covering New France.< Less
Hellpath 1859 By Chuck Fair
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Violence sweeps up a 19 year old boy, carrying him on a thirty-year odyssey that ends at Wounded Knee Creek.
Damnation Days of the Duck Doctrine By Chuck Fair
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Political spoof on contempary shenanigans told in a fictional memoir.