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A FAIR By terry nabakowski
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A few of my favorites from the Spokane Interstate fair in Spokane, Wa. every September.
Fair to Flair Spring 2011 By Fair to Flair
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Fair to Flair Quarterly is not be a magazine in the traditional vein. It includes stories on current wrestling, groundbreaking journalism, and topical analysis, but curated in a way that you can... More > pick up an issue three years after its initial publication and enjoy it from cover to cover. We have a deep, complicated love for this art, and the words printed in its volume will be from the heart.  Fair to Flair Quarterly will not just be a bound compendium of positivity, however. Love is sometimes about pain, sacrifice, longing, and despair. Love is about longing as much as it is about gratification. And boy, do we long as wrestling fans. You know you do too. Love is about giving up the sensible and shooting for the impossible. We’ve all given up so much for this damned thing. It’s time we let the world know how we felt. < Less
Killhouettes By John Fair
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Macbre, Neo-Victorian silhouettes by John Fair
Retribution, a Screenplay By Chuck Fair
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Nature’s caprice strikes twice, rocking an Appalachian coal mining town. In Farmington, West Virginia, a methane explosion blows the top off of a mountain, killing 78 miners. Subsequently,... More > Congress creates the Miners Enforcement Safety Agency (MESA) to establish a standard of safety in the country’s mines. Immediately, a nationwide call goes out for veteran miners to police the mines. In the fiercely-independent Appalachian coalfields in the poorest locale in America--the same fields that drove out the United Mine Workers Local--recruiting inspectors is next to impossible, finding ones who will stand up to the mines’ lawbreakers is impossible. The impossible appears when AB Stahill, an ex-miner searching for the redemption and determined to find retribution for the death of his father and the derangement of his boyhood friend, uses MESA to give him the means to pursue his end.< Less
Hellpath 1859 By Chuck Fair
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Violence sweeps up a 19 year old boy, carrying him on a thirty-year odyssey that ends at Wounded Knee Creek.
Damnation Days of the Duck Doctrine By Chuck Fair
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Political spoof on contempary shenanigans told in a fictional memoir.
A Town of Plenty or Surrealistic Dogs By Chuck Fair
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A surrealist look at canines intertwined with humans; one hearty short story and one whimsical novella.
Deviants By Chuck Fair
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A thriller on the hard streets of Los Angeles, spilling onto the cement cages of maximum security prisons.
Right Into Wrong By Chuck Fair
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The decendents of Abraham clash for the glory of God after an ancient crucifixion nail traced to the cross of Jesus is discovered.
The Percolators By Chuck Fair
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A woman shatters the gender barrier, changing the most successful church in the Western Hemisphere--the Latter Day Saints. A union leader comes out of nowhere with nothing more than an oversized ego... More > gives the country its first six-hour workday.< Less