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Friends of the Editor Literary Review / Fall Equinox 2005 By Kaci Elder, Ryan Forsythe
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The Friends of the Editor Literary Review (F.O.E.) is a heterodox, cross-disciplinary review dealing with cultural landscapes, public-sphere phenomena, imperialistic heterogeneity, post-colonialism,... More > post-feminism, post-post modernism, eco-anarcho-marxist critiques of the late capitalism cultural impasse, humanist responses to neo-conservative embellishments, ideologies of the American Empire, third wave feminist diaspora, amalgamated nationalisms of underdeveloped /Third World/ lesser-developed bio-regions, dialectical deconstruction of the transcultural sphere, and things you did when you were a kid. Please see our full line of merchandise at< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Fall Equinox 2009 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Autumn - glorious foliage, a cup of tea by a crackling fire. Photos embrace you. A dappled hacienda in Mexico, drifting clouds in Switzerland. A delicate jellyfish dances through the deep blue. Poems... More > echo with a longing for Prague and shattered fragments of loss. Stories bring hope in a myriad of guises. One woman resists her 'doll house' prison. Another revels in an interracial love. A woman who had given up on finding a partner tries one more time. A play draws us into the loss of dreams - and the birth of hope - in a quiet nursing home. Real life proves even more inspiring. The death of a beloved dog provides wings to set the owner free. A tragic car crash fills the victim with a fresh enthusiasm for life. Wide-open doors in Lebanon draw fresh breezes on a wedding day. Jewelry artist Shahasp Valentine inspires: "Create what you love, love what you do. It’s hard work to be sure but there’s nothing more satisfying than creating something from nothing and watching it grow and blossom."< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Fall Equinox 2010 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Autumn nurtures us with a swirl of vibrant colors, a snuggling of comfy sweaters, and a cupping of hands around warm, fragrant tea. Poems draw you in with flying geese, butterscotch leaves, unruly... More > gusts of wind, rolling thunder, sparkling cobblestones, misty clouds, lavender scented steam, and kaleidoscopes of emotions. Artwork reveals a fog-enveloped pier, a rustic covered bridge, an ancient rock arch, traditional rooftops in France, and a glowing sunset in Hawaii. Fiction stories envelop us in the world of a manipulative husband, a litter of kittens, and a wife who struggles to be secure. Non-fiction lures us into a dusty attic, cringes from an alcoholic father, holds us tenderly during the passing of a beloved cat, and visits with the revered Eleanor Roosevelt. Fantastic wood carver Janel Jacobson, who turns tiny pieces of wood into exquisite works of art, shares her inspiration with us: "What you can do, or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. --Goethe"< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Fall Equinox 2008 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Autumn - appreciating the results of hard work. Our photos display the satisfaction of reaching your destination, the serenity of a Japanese garden, the ease of a resting alligator. Enjoy a golden... More > sunset and a snoozing swan. Our poetry conveys imagery of waving corn stalks, indolent cats, the sweet smell of cinnamon and apples, an arrow of geese heading south. Stories imbue fragrances of golden marigolds, a mystery laced in answering machine messages, a tale of a quiet diner, and a quest for dinosaur eggs.Crossing into modern day reality we have a stunning tale of a wife who weathers abusive husbands and perseveres. Equally inspiring is a woman who volunteers in Vietnam with orphans.We celebrate a discussion with Karen Allen - amazing actress, phenomenal fabric artist. Her message to all artists is this: "As James Taylor says in his song, ‘the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time’. If you’re doing something you love to do, you’re going to enjoy the passage of time."< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Autumn Equinox 2011 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Autumn with its rich, vibrant hues inspires us to breathe in the richness of life. There are the exuberant images of whales waving hello against the mountains of Antarctica. Then there are the tiny,... More > 8mm beauties which radiate an ethereal glow. Poetry paints the air with its mosaic of sounds. We are seduced by the wail of a saxophone and haunted by the images of a woman struggling against cancer. A sister comes to term with her fractious relationship with her sibling. Fiction twists our emotions as an expectant mother fears the worst. A lonely woman craves the grace of dancers' delicate movements. Non-Fiction aims the spotlight on the experiences of our community. A grandmother struggles with the loss of her beloved mother. A tour guide in Alaska enriches visitors with knowledge of the Tlingit culture. Life is not a effortless sail from one coast to another. It is often stormy with fierce squalls and periods of dead calm. Every moment has something to teach us, if we would but stop and listen.< Less
Wooded Walk Upon the Advancement of the Autumn Equinox By Andrew Feazelle
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‘Wooded Walk Upon the Advancement of the Autumn Equinox’ is a short piece for clarinet and pianoforte of approximately four minutes and twenty seconds of length, written in the late... More > summer of two thousand and thirteen by the composer Andrew Feazelle. Reflections of Bax, Vaughn Williams, and Walton are displayed as the composer describes a walk – companionless; perhaps comfortless – along a deep wooded path, cooled from the advent of the fall season. Brief moments of excitement, of romance and nobility do occur, yet there is always present the capitulation and reconversion to darkness. The sun is of little warmth, what little there is through the leaves actively dressing for the equinox, that but wisps of chilled air, dilute with the smell of chimney smoke, keep the walker roused, contriving thoughts of a hot, savory meal and a fireplace to have it by. {Artwork by J.A. Grimshaw and compliments of Wikimedia Paintings.}< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Autumn Equinox 2012 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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The Autumn Equinox is the fulfilment of our dreams and the fruits of our labors. Farmer's markets are overflowing with succulent vegetables. Tangerine butterflies and golden leaves soothe our... More > soul. Poetry celebrates this arrival of delight. We savor the beauty of painted skin, peer through the subtle wrapping of fog, and watch the shadows of ourselves walk before us. Non-fiction soaks us into the world of a teenage girl's crush on her teacher. We hear about a joyful new addition to a family. Fiction draws us along on twists and turns. A couple loses themselves in projects when life becomes too painful. A widow takes a fresh look at the world. Bethany Hamilton is a beacon of bright, unadulterated joy for living. After a shark attack left her without her left arm, she could have retreated from the world. Instead she leapt back on her surfboard, took on every new challenge, and became an inspiration to us all. Her message to us - "I would encourage you to just LOVE LIFE!"< Less
Mabon Ritual 2005 By Daniel Griffith
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This work contains an example of only one ritual performed by the Hearth of the Turning Wheel, an independent Pagan celebratory group based in Derbyshire. It is an example of our evolving liturgy... More > and we offer the content as a torch and as an inspiration to our fellow seekers.< Less
2011 Calendar- You Are Harmony! By Dr. Seshatms Ma'atnefert
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REVISED 2011 Calendar "You Are Harmony! .... Take Time to Harmonize ..." captures the extraordinary. View spectacular pictures of stars, galaxies and nebulae. Explore the universe and... More > witness the most spectacular and mysterious depths of the cosmos. Be harmonized, inspired and empowered with quotes and proverbs from the sages of the ancient to the wise of the modern day. Images are credited to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Revisions include dates and times of all the new and full moons, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. *Also available is "You Are Harmony" Calendar Booklet with descriptions of the images and other intriguing information.< Less
The Satanic Inquisition Issue #2 By Various Contributors
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The onslaught of the Satanic Inquisition continues unabated from the cells of California in Issue #2 Fall Equinox 2005.