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Falling Apart By Cassidy Wynans
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Miranda Dawson's life already came tumbling down when her brother Brayden disappeared, now to add more drama her sister, Harper, received the dreadful news that she has cancer. Almost a year after... More > her brother disappeared she began receiving phone calls from the mystery man who kidnapped her brother.< Less
Thing falls apart By Achebe Chinua
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Thing falls apart the writer Nigieria Chinua Achebe written in 1958. The novel is set in the late 19th century with the tragedy of the main character of Okonkwo and the Ibo culture colonialism being... More > invaded, devastated. The author closes with the story incredibly poignant death, guilty of Okonkwo.< Less
Corruption: Things Falling Apart By Kelly NGYAH
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Like sweetened candies that slowly and unnoticeably foster caries, so is the corruption phenomenon within a society. Assessed biblically, circularly and through other legal perspectives corruption... More > seems to be an ethically derogatory issue which influences the human being towards an assured regression process. It entails most human societal actions that degenerate societal morals and peace are rooted in the premise of one corrupt act or the other. Given that all human beings are born corrupt, is it possible for us to deny our true selves in order to adapt to morally modest societal standards? The study previews the contemporary view of corruption and personifies the phenomenon into a motherhood structure that lives to assure human perdition. It examines the negative impacts of political and economic corruption on poverty, education, human health, and development. It also views the phenomenon as a practical societal evil to institutionally eliminate or live with as a necessary evil.< Less
How We Fall Apart By Rick Marlatt
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Selected from over 40 manuscripts as the winner of SCP’s first ever chapbook contest, How We Fall Apart is a verbal feast of explosive metaphors and startling imagery. Full of questions,... More > memories, winter landscapes and a sly nudging towards transcendence Marlatt’s debut collection is as silly, deep, beautiful and enlightening as a hard bop on the head from an old Zen master’s staff.< Less
Families Fall Apart......................... By Krsnanandini Dasi
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This short story gives a hint of the emotional turmoil and devastation that occurs when families breakup.
The big story falls apart By Glenn Martin
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This book is a reflective journey through the disintegration of the “big story”. The big story is the one we live inside of, the one that gives us the certainties and continuities of our... More > lives. The disintegration occurred in Sydney in the late 1960s, amid social and personal turmoil, and led to the narrator's flight to the country. He finds a place to settle, gives up books, begins to garden. Gradually he reclaims the centre, and gradually he re-engages with society, although there is tumult in that too. But there is love, there is music, and there are visions of life with spirit and with ethics. The narrator talks his way through, remembering, recounting, rejecting, resolving. There are four parts to the story – Disintegration, Renewing, Onward and Reframing. The book is the fourth book the author has written as part of National Novel Writing Month, where the project is to write a book of at least 50,000 words in one month.< Less
SHALUKU's World Falls Apart By Gebre Mekonnen
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An African village that chases away the wild animals that live around it and destroys their habitat and brings upon itself an environmental disaster. Told through the eyes of two guinea fowl. Read... More > blog at< Less
Zen and the Art of Falling Apart By C.R. Asher
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A experimental, and unique collection of free verse by C.R. Asher.
Notes On Achebe's Things Fall Apart By Joseph Mbele
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This is a study guide on Chinua Achebe's famous novel, "Things Fall Apart." I decided to publish it after noting that an earlier and shorter online version was popular among students and... More > teachers around the world.< Less
You Enter, and it All Falls Apart By Martin Willitts Jr.
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You Enter, and it All Falls Apart by Martin Willitts Jr., is a petite collection of 19 love poems.

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