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Did Jesus’ Death Atone for Our Sins? By Donald Werner
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We often hear that Jesus died to pay the price of our sins, or Jesus was the ransom for our sins, or Jesus died in our place, or Jesus died as a blood sacrifice. But are these all accurate? There... More > have been throughout history multiple theories on the atonement - and the oldest is ignored by the current church. And then the question comes up, do we really need an atonement? If our sins are forgiven and forgotten through repentance, as God promised, is an atonement still needed? And if so, did God want a human atonement? Did God ever want any blood sacrifice? Were any sins ever forgiven without blood being shed? And if they were, why not mine? These questions are all answered by the Scriptures and the results may surprise you, as they did me.< Less
Are We Saved By Faith or Works or Both? By Donald Werner
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Salvation is by the grace of God, through faith. Paul said that so no one will argue it. But there questions has to be what is 'faith'? Is it just a mental agreement with facts, or does it include... More > obedience? Most Protestants will say it is 'head knowledge' and excludes all works. But is that what Jesus thought? Is that what the Bible says? Paul quotes the Old Testament in regards to Abraham's faith, but is the definition of faith in the Hebrew language and culture the same as it is in the New Testament Greek language and culture? These and may other questions will be answered in this book, and answers may change your understanding of salvation and God.< Less
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This book reveals what will happen if our governments continue in the direction they are headed. All of this is according to Gods Word. America is on a downward spiral to hell if they don't change... More > their ways and repent of their evil ways. God created us in His own image and gave us a free will. Just what does this mean, in His image? God breathed the breath of life (our spiritual body which gives us our life that will live for eternity) into man which came from God Himself, from His spiritual body and into our physical body in which he made out of the dust of the ground. We were made into a physical body, a spiritual body and our body also contained a Holy Spirit within. We were made in the image of God because of the Holy Spirit, perfection with a will of our own. The Holy Spirit was what made us in the image of God as I will explain in this book.< Less
Forbidden Study By Bruce Reimer
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Forbidden Study is an objective view of the Bible. The main focus of the book is in proving that Christianity is not Biblically based but rather evolved over time. The author will also set out to... More > disprove the Bible. Although there are many books available on this subject most use history to invalidate the Bible. This is easily refuted by the religious community who consider the Bible to be the last word on history. Forbidden Study will use the Bible to refute the Bible. Other subjects include the Pagan origins of Christian ideals and principles as well as the starving in Africa.< Less
Where Christianity Went Wrong By Wayne Blakesley
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In just a few short years after the last of Jesus’ disciples had died (who were almost all Jews), almost all of the Christian leaders were now Platonic Greek philosophers. These were convinced... More > that the previous Christians were too simple-minded to understand the principles they (Platonists) were expounding. All future Christian leaders were required to study Greek philosophy as a basis for their study of the Old Testament Scriptures. They were interpreted allegorical, so that they would not conflict with accepted Greek philosophy. Over the years, these false doctrines became so deeply imbedded, that eventually no one recognized them as false, and believed that they represented Bible truth. This paved the way for drastic changes and errors in fundamental belief. In just a very short time, Christianity had changed so much that the Apostles would not have recognized it. These errors are still with us today. The practical effect of all this was that Greek Philosophy replaced the teaching of the Bible.< Less
Religous Affections By Jonathan Edwards
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What is the nature of true religion? And what are the signs of the virtue and holiness that is acceptable in the sight of God? There is probably no one point that professing Christians disagree about... More > more. In this major work, 17th century theologian Jonathan Edwards answers the question by exploring the differences between true and false religion, true and false converts. He does this by showing the evidence of the saving work of the Holy Spirit, in those who are truly soundly saved.< Less
Mohammed's Beheading Scheme for Sex By Donald Trump
eBook (PDF): $9.70
This work uses the Koran and hadiths to prove that Muslims are waging a futile permanent terrorist campaign for a false god. That false god is none other than a mad Arab prophet called Mohammed.... More > Based on this knowledge we can go forward by convincing Muslims that they should desist from their silly notion that killing others will gain them prostitutes in heaven.< Less
Restoring Lost Truths: Biblical Truths That Will Keep the Elect from Being Deceived By Donald Werner
eBook (ePub): $4.79
Since the 'church' has abandoned its' Hebrew Roots, False teachings are in our mainstream churches today and they are destroying the faith given to us by Jesus and carried on by His apostles. Over... More > the centuries precious truths have been replaced by non-biblical church tradition, doctrine and creeds. You will be amazed, shocked and astonished as I was, to see what the scriptures call the great apostasy happening before your very eyes...The Main stream churches are following the lawlessness of the Beast, worshiping a god unknown before the 4th Century, just as Revelation tells us.< Less
SaTaN, It's Time to Take Back My Spiritual Birthright By Dr. Rev. Eugene C E Edwards
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Satan, It's Time To Take Back My Spiritual Birthright is a book that shows from beginning of creation until now Satan has desired to make a mess on the lives of God's Children. It addresses present... More > day issues that plagues the lives of believers and give us the opportunity to reclaim our spiritual birthright from the enemy and gain entrance into God's kingdom as we seek His forgiveness and repent of our sins - known and unknown. Life is too short for us to live it radically without allowing God to set it on course. Only one life will past and what done for Jesus Christ will last an eternity. The Bible reminds us that we shall live and not die if Jesus Christ is the centre of our lives.< Less
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Witness for yourself just how dirty it get behind closed doors, of what many people would call Church. Pastor Fitzgerald master minds the biggest operated business, as he distorts the Bible to his... More > advantage, and makes a billion dollar empire from every lie he has told. Threatened by a man that goes by the name of Levi-Ven-Yisrael telling everyone the truth, there is no limit to what Pastor Fitzgerald does at all cost, to have whatever he wants. Find out how money, drugs, greed, and power, turns Derrick Fitzgerald and his associates, into the biggest business brain ministries, using the Church as a front, and local police agencies, to empower the most monstrous ministry that anyone has ever seen. Meanwhile, Fitzgerald wife gets tired of being misused and abused. What will she do to get back at her husband?Is there a limit to what she will do to get even, and settle the score?< Less

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